9 Blood Type B Diet Food List

Blood Type B Diet Food List

People with blood type B can follow the Blood type B food list. One of the naturopathic physicians named Peter D’Adamo described the blood type diet in his book published in 1996. He also described how the blood type diet helps people in living healthier, long live with ideal weight. The theories are there mentioning the relationship between blood type and digestion and other aspects like body weight, energy levels, and diseases. But there is no proper studies are revealed yet. Here we are today to find out the best blood type b diet food list.

Eating food based on your blood type can improve your immune system. There is a blood type B food list is recommended by some nutrition experts and doctors. Let us see in detail about the blood type B food list. Add physical exercise to stay fit and strong.

  1.  Dairy

Breast milk

These products are full of nutrients and proteins. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt are good for health. But ice cream is not allowed.

2.  Oil

Olive oil treatment for breast sagging

While considering oil, olive oil is the best, and all other oils including:

  • corn oil
  • peanut oil
  • sesame oil
  • sunflower oil is not good for blood type B.

3.  Nuts

Nuts to increase height in children

Walnuts are the recommended nuts for blood type B. It is rich in fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The other nuts like cashew, pistachio, peanut, sesame, and sunflower seed are not good for blood type B. Beans and lentils should not include in the diet.

4.  Grains

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Grains are energy-packed but for blood type B millet, oatmeal, rice, spelt, wasa bread, and brown rice bread are accepted. Other grains like wheat, Barley, Kasha, wild rice, are not suitable for blood type B.

5.  Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are packed with nutrients. Should eat large quantities of veggies such as cauliflower, beets, carrots, and Brussels. All kinds of green leafy vegetables can consume by people with blood type B except tomato, avocado, pumpkin, radish, and sprouts. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C, D, and B6 and good for enhancing the immune system.

6.  Fruits

Apple Fruits to eat during pregnancy

Fruits are a good source of nutrients and minerals. Pineapple, banana, cranberry, grape, papaya, and plum are suitable fruits for blood type B. Should avoid fruits like pomegranate, starfruit, coconut, and persimmon.

7.  Spice or additive


Spice items like ginger, curry, and cayenne pepper can add to the diet of blood type B. Almond extract, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, and corn syrup should remove from the blood type B food list.

8.  Beverages

Tea and their benefits

Beverages are good for health and packed with multi-nutrients. Peppermint, green teas, raspberry leaf, and sage are good for blood type B people. Blood type B people should avoid other beverages like aloe, red clover, skullcap, distilled liquor, and soda.

9.  Coffee


One cup of coffee daily by blood type B people will have a lot of health benefits.

Above given blood type B food list is recommended by the expert as the best diet for blood type B. But there is no exact evidence from any studies on blood type-based diet is more effective. It is good to consult a doctor or nutrition expert before going for a blood type diet.

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