50 Most Popular Jamaican Last Names With (Their Meanings)

Jamaican last names

Jamaican last names, like most cultural last names, form a historical, cultural, and familial identity.

Moreover, Jamaican surnames carry influences from African, European, and other places while also connecting them to ancestry, heritage, and familial origins.

We bring to you a list of some popular Jamaican last names.

Jamaica is located in the Greater Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea.

And, with a capital located in Kingston, Jamaica has a rich cultural and historical value associated with its geographical location on the map.

75 Jamaican Last Names

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  1. Anderson – “Son of Andrew”
  2. Baker – Occupational name for a baker or bread maker
  3. Bennett – “Blessed” or “favored”
  4. Blackwood – Refers to a dark or wooded area
  5. Butler – Occupational name for a servant in charge of the wine cellar
  6. Campbell – “Beautiful field” or “crooked mouth”
  7. Clarke – Occupational name for a scribe or scholar
  8. Cole – Derived from the Middle English word “col,” meaning “charcoal”
  9. Collins – “Victory of the people”
  10. Crawford – “Ford of crows”
  11. Davis – “Son of David”
  12. Dixon – “Son of Dick”
  13. Douglas – “Dark river”
  14. Gardner – Occupational name for a gardener or landscaper
  15. Gibson – “Son of Gib,” a medieval form of Gilbert
  16. Hamilton – “Beautiful mountain”
  17. Harris – Derived from the Germanic name “Hariric,” meaning “army ruler”
  18. Harrison – “Son of Harry”
  19. Harvey – Derived from the Breton name “Haerviu,” meaning “battle-worthy”
  20. Henry – Derived from the Germanic name “Heimric,” meaning “home ruler”
  21. Hunter – Occupational name for a hunter or someone who hunted for a living
  22. Jackson – “Son of Jack”
  23. James – Derived from the Hebrew name “Ya’aqov,” meaning “supplanter”
  24. Johnson – “Son of John”
  25. Jones – “Son of John”
  26. King – Refers to a king or someone who acted like one
  27. Marshall – Occupational name for someone who looked after horses
  28. Mason – Occupational name for a stoneworker or bricklayer
  29. McDonald – “Son of Donald”
  30. Miller – Occupational name for a miller or someone who operated a mill
  31. Nelson – “Son of Neil”
  32. Palmer – Occupational name for a pilgrim or palm bearer
  33. Parker – Occupational name for a gamekeeper or park keeper
  34. Phillips – “Son of Philip”
  35. Richards – Derived from the Germanic name “Ricard,” meaning “brave ruler”
  36. Robinson – “Son of Robin”
  37. Rose – Derived from the flower name “rose”
  38. Simpson – “Son of Simon”
  39. Smith – Occupational name for a metalworker or blacksmith
  40. Stewart – Occupational name for a steward or overseer
  41. Taylor – Occupational name for a tailor or someone who made clothing
  42. Thomas – Derived from the Aramaic name “Toma,” meaning “twin”
  43. Thompson – “Son of Thomas”
  44. Ward – Occupational name for a guard or watchman
  45. Watson – “Son of Walter”
  46. White – Refers to the color white or someone with fair hair or complexion
  47. Williams – “Son of William”
  48. Wilson – “Son of Will”
  49. Wright – Occupational name for a worker or craftsman
  50. Young – Refers to someone who was young or youthful.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s a common Jamaican last name?

Rank Surname Frequency
1 Brown 1:41
2 Williams 1:46

For a complete list please click here.

Where do Jamaicans get their last names?

You can still see the British influence on Jamaican last names to this day, as mentioned earlier. Source

Why do some Jamaicans have English surnames?

Since Jamaica is a Commonwealth country and most slave owners were British, English last names are prevalent.

What are Indian last names in Jamaica?

Mangaroo, Babooram, Sirjue, Partab (Pratap), Bhoorasingh, Mykoo, Maragh.

What is Jamaica’s native name?
What language do Jamaicans speak?

What nationality is Jamaican?

The majority of the population (90 per cent, 2006 Census) is of Jamaica is of West African origin. Source

How do Jamaicans say hello?

How do you say I love you in Jamaican?

Are Jamaicans considered British?
Jamaica was a British Colony up until its independence on 6 August 1962.
How do Jamaicans say goodbye?
Lickkle more‘ Meaning ‘see you later’ or ‘goodbye’.


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Now, Jamaican last names signify cultural bonding, and heritage and are influenced by religion or given as nicknames.

However, the meanings of the names can vary depending on the context and historical origin.

Hopefully, you liked this list of Jamaican last names we compiled for you!

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