80 Cool Druid Names for DND Fans (With Meanings)

Druid male and female

Druid names are given to people associated with the Druids, an ancient and high-ranking class of spiritual leaders, priests, magicians, religious figures, and intellectuals in the Celtic and Gaulish cultures.

Moreover, their practices are inspired by other cultures as well such as the Romans and Greeks.

The word “Druid” comes from the Celtic word “druides,” meaning “knower of oak” and is a popular term among Dungeons and Dragons players.

Druids names channel the connection with nature, spiritualism, and healing. Hence, we bring you a list of Druid names.

Male Druid Names

Druid names

  • Aelarion – “Radiant light” or “Shining with brightness.”
  • Ariael – “Lion of God” or “Lion-like angel.”
  • Ashwyn – “Friend of the ash tree” or “Ash tree companion.”
  • Branagor – “Raven of the wilderness” or “Wild raven.”
  • Caelum – “Sky” or “Heaven.”
  • Drakonius – “Dragon-like” or “Dragon spirit.”
  • Eldermoon – “Wisdom of the moon” or “Moon’s elder.”
  • Ember – “Small piece of burning coal” or “Glowing fragment.”
  • Evergreen – “Always green” or “Eternally fresh.”
  • Faelan – “Little wolf” or “Young wolf.”
  • Hawthorne – “Thorny hedge” or “Thorn tree.”
  • Nightshade – “Deadly plant” or “Poisonous herb.”
  • Oakenshade – “Protective shade of the oak tree.”
  • Ravenwood – “Dark forest inhabited by ravens” or “Raven-filled woods.”
  • Skye – “Sky” or “Heaven.”
  • Stormdancer – “One who dances in the storms” or “Storm performer.”
  • Thalion – “The one who is steadfast” or “Courageous.”
  • Thistle – “Spiky plant” or “Prickly herb.”
  • Vaelendir – “Forest guardian” or “Protector of the woods.”
  • Wyrmbane – “Dragon slayer” or “Defeater of serpents.”

Female Druid Names

Beautiful female

  • Arianwen – “White, fair, blessed” or “Holy silver.”
  • Astrid – “Divine strength” or “God-like strength.”
  • Avelyn – “Little hazelnut” or “Wished-for child.”
  • Brighid – “Exalted one” or “High goddess” (Celtic goddess of poetry, fire, and wisdom).
  • Ceridwen – “Blessed poetry” or “Poetic enchantress.”
  • Elowen – “Elm tree” or “Friend of the trees.”
  • Emberlyn – “Little ember” or “Small glowing light.”
  • Eowyn – “Horse joy” or “Joyful horse” (inspired by the Tolkien universe).
  • Faelynn – “Fairy grace” or “Graceful fairy.”
  • Gwendolyn – “Fair bow” or “White ring.”
  • Isolde – “Beautiful” or “Fair lady.”
  • Lunara – “Moonlight” or “Moon goddess.”
  • Nerys – “Lady” or “Noblewoman.”
  • Rhiannon – “Great queen” or “Divine goddess” (Celtic goddess associated with horses and the moon).
  • Rowanwood – “Reddish-brown wood” or “Tree with red berries.”
  • Seraphina – “Burning one” or “Fiery angel.”
  • Seren – “Star” or “Celestial being.”
  • Sylvaine – “From the forest” or “Forest dweller.”
  • Willowyn – “Willow wind” or “Graceful as the wind.”
  • Yavanna – “Fruit giver” or “Giver of fruits” (inspired by the Tolkien universe).
  • Ysabeau – “God is my oath” or “Devoted to God.”

Gender-Neutral Names

Druid stone monuments

  • Arden – “Great forest” or “Valley of the eagle.”
  • Bayou – “Marshy body of water” or “Wetland.”
  • Caelan – “Mighty warrior” or “Powerful like a wolf.”
  • Ember – “Small burning coal” or “Glowing light.”
  • Fenn – “Marshland” or “Bog.”
  • Grove – “Small group of trees” or “Wooded area.”
  • Halcyon – “Calm” or “Peaceful.”
  • Juniper – “Evergreen shrub” or “Young child.”
  • Linden – “Lime tree” or “Shield of lime wood.”
  • Skylar – “Eternal life” or “Scholar.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Beautiful female magician

Who is the most famous druid?

Legendary druids
  • Merlin—from the Arthurian legends.
  • Mug Ruith—blind druid in Irish mythology. For a complete list click here.

How do I choose a druid name?

After discussing the vision quest, some Groves prefer to have an Elder suggest a name instead, and receiving a name from an Elder can be a powerful experience. However, it’s not always possible to have an Elder handy, so some people may have to choose their own name. Source

What is the Celtic name for a druid?

Did Druids have names?

Among druids and bards, Cian is a popular name that has endured for centuries.

Who is the druid god of the earth?
Is Merlin A druid?
Yes, all signs point to Myrddin being a Celtic druid. Source

Who was the druid King?
Chief Druid King Arthur Pendragon gets court date over Stonehenge parking fees | Stonehenge | The Guardian.
Who is the druid god of magic?
The Dagda

Is there a druid God?

Even though Druidry has no set pantheon of deities to which all Druids adhere, it is often described as polytheistic. Source

Can druids be female?
For an ancient community, Druid women were also treated as equals to men in many ways. Source
What is a druid leader called?
The Archdruid, according to Caesar, the leader of the druids

What is the Greek word for druid?

δρυΐδαι (druḯdai).

Who is the most famous Irish druid?

Mug Ruith.

Who is the druid god of death?



Evidently, in modern fantasy settings and role-playing games, a lot of names are inspired by Druid culture.

Moreover, the names are unique and evocative with endless possibilities, reflecting your own knowledge of variety and fine culture. 

These names carry their own unique meanings and can add depth and significance to your Druid characters in various storytelling, gaming or role-playing scenarios.

But, they also make up amazing names for little ones! Hopefully,  you liked the list we compiled! 

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