35+ Creative Shape Poem (History, Benefits And Types Inside)

shape poem

Children have a lot of fun things they may learn that can help them in a variety of ways just like Shape Poem.

Heart Shape

Early exposure to poetry significantly impacts a child’s ability to write, read, and listen.

Shape Poem offers teachers and parents a fun approach to encourage their students to learn poetry since it is creative.


What Is Shape Poem?

Basic Shapes

Also known as concrete poems, shape poems are words to form the shape of an object

In essence, it adopts the form of the data you are writing about.

With such information, you might, for instance, create the shape of a star or a hand.

Children’s shape poems are quite helpful in terms of enhancing their language and vocabulary abilities.

In addition, you may design objects and learn about various object forms and their properties.

Kids may improve their reading and writing abilities as well as their general understanding of a certain form or thing.


History Of Shape Poems


Alexandria of the third century B.C. was the first person who started shape poems in Greek.

It was written on objects such as an ax handle, a statue’s wings, an altar—even an egg.

George Herbert (1593–1633), an English poet, pioneered an Elizabethan trend that used form poetry exclusively for the page.

Two examples are “Easter Wings” and “The Altar,” poems that are, well, written in the shapes of wings and an altar, respectively.

The initial intent of concrete poetry was to use words abstractly without making any references to recognizable forms.

However, as the movement grew in popularity in the 1960s.


Benefits Of Shape Poem

Triangle shape poem

Once you get going, shape poems are enjoyable, and your kids will surely gain from this imaginative exercise.

Here are several ways that form poetry will help your kids develop more positively:

  • These foster creativity since children must use imagination while arranging their words into shapes.
  • The more they practice their form of poems, the better their reading and writing abilities get.
  • Children’s vocabulary grows as they read and compose more shaped poems.
  • Children learn how to rhyme through reading and composing poetry.
  • Increases creativity and writing practice by boosting confidence in one’s abilities.
  • Poetry may allow kids to express themselves more effectively.


Tips To Create Shape Poems For Kids

Heart Shape

Some tips to create shape poems for kids are mentioned below:

  • Explore different themes and ideas on things that you want to write about.
  • Choose the shape that you want to create a poem on.
  • Arrange the words in the form of a shape in a systematic way.
  • Provide different topics to the children so that they can think of writing poems.
  • Read out poems loudly so that children can understand the words more clearly.
  • Encourage children to read poems regularly for better understanding.
  • Explore things around you to come up with interesting topics to write about.
  • Choose the shape so that you can fit the information properly.
  • Use simple and understandable language to write poems.
  • Choose words carefully while framing the sentences in the poem.
  • Encourage children to choose their topics for poems.


Types Of Shape Poems

Rainbow shape poem

There are two sorts of shape poems. You may either arrange the words to fill the shape or use them to draw the form’s outline.

Both of these painting projects are enjoyable and call for various abilities. A lengthy poem cannot fit within a shape’s outline.

However, large words might not fit inside a form. As a result, when writing form poetry, word choice is crucial.


How To Write A Shape Poem

How To Get Inspiration To Write

A few pointers on how to introduce youngsters to shape poem might be quite helpful.

Some of the fundamental principles to bear in mind when instructing kids on how to compose poetry are as follows:

  • Consider the many topics and suggestions for shape poems that you may use, then jot them down.
  • For the kids to work on for the first time, pick the simplest and funniest shape.
  • To better grasp diverse writing styles and topics, read several poems to the kids.
  • Every day, encourage the kids to read a different poem.
  • For various subjects, get inspiration from the everyday items in your environment.
  • Make sure the shape you select can fit in the essential information.


Sample Shape Poems For Kids

Building toys

It’s clear in certain form poems why the author picked a particular illustration to correspond with the lines.

It also adds to the movement’s originality and free-spiritedness.

In other cases, the reader must go deeper into the text’s symbolism to discover the image.

The admiration for the creativity that this discipline creates grows as a result. Enjoy a few instances.

I am a square
You can find me everywhere
All my sides are the same
Squatty is my name!

Ice cream is a sweet dessert,
which is made up of milk and sugar.
All the kids love to eat ice cream,
that are larger and bigger.

There are many flavors of ice cream
that we all like to eat.
We wait for the occasion,
so that someone gives us a treat

Dewdrops on the ground
Teardrops on the face
Raindrops falling from the clouds
I am the drop shape

Trees are important to us because
It provides oxygen to all.
Many beautiful trees benefit you must recall.
Trees provide food and shade for
all living things.
Many of us tie ropes
and use it like a swing.

It never complains but
only takes care of us.
There are many other benefits,
that you might like to guess.

Snowflakes big, snowflakes small
They are unique, one and all
Put out your hand or catch them on your tongue
Have fun making snowmen whether you’re old or young

Octagon is my name
Eight sides have I
A stop sign has the same shape
Count my sides!

Sparkle sparkle, I am a diamond
I look just like a kite
If you think I am just a square
With two corners pulled out tight!

Red as blood
Orange as fall leaves
Yellow as the sun
Green as a leaf
Blue as the sky
Indigo as a petal
Purple as royalty

The seagulls squawk noisily in the breeze.
With such a happy life, what could they possibly be moaning about?
If I were a seagull, I’d never stop singing.
I’d play with the sandpipers and swish through the wind.
And, when night fell, I’d dance under the moonlight and dream of tomorrow.

I am a cute circle
My name is Roundy
I am never straight
My outline is always bendy!

Halloween is the most awaited festival,
that are celebrated across the world.
People like to wear spooky clothes
with their hair messy and curled.

Christmastime is near.
Soon, we’ll wrap the house in lights
and watch it sparkle in delight.
Oh, how I love this time of year!
I mailed my list to Santa.
I just know he’s going to grant me my only wish,
a pup named Trevor who will stay with me forever.

A home is where the heart is
And my home is the same
My loved ones live here with me
And it is filled with love and light
Who wouldn’t love to live here?
I know I do
My friends come here often
And they love it too!

Rhombus is my name
A square and I are the same
But I lean over with all my might
Like a kite

This is my hand
Reaching out to yours
Let’s hold hands
And walk together

We felt the rain, wind, and hail, and
Then the thunder and lightning came.
The winds gathered up and began to spin
Like a spinning top, sucking up dust like a vacuum cleaner.
The twister went around and around, like a merry-go-round.
The gusts of air were picking up dust.
It continued to roar,
Destroying everything
Along the way.
Soon it was

A car isn’t just a machine
That takes us from place to place
It is magic in motion
Created by moving parts
Coming together and moving in tandem
Such magic created by human hands
Isn’t it wonderful?

Flower, flower, colorful and bright
Always brings happiness on sight
Red and yellow, purple and blue,
With a lovely smell, I attract you!

Parallelogram is a funny name
But I am a simple shape
Just a rectangle
Tipped over to the side

I’m about to have a baby sister.
I can’t wait to kiss her.
Dad wants to name her Joan.
That only makes Mom moan.
If it were me, I’d name her Celeste.
Because, my little sister, will only have the best.

See the star
It shines so brightly
It twinkles and glitters
Through the night
The shining stars
Make you want to take flight!

A circle on the top
A circle at the bottom
Two circles for eyes
And a triangle for the nose
This is how to make a snowman
When it is snowing outside
Hide behind it
And “boo” anyone who passes!

A heart am I
Full of love
Draw me with a point on the bottom
And two humps above!

My dog is the best pet animal,
Who loves me the most?
He likes to spend time,
And travel with me to the coast.
My dog loves to eat what is prepared at home.
Their hair is so curly,
That they don’t like to comb.

Coiled like a spring
I am a spiral
Which is my start and which is my end
I do not know
I go on and on

Oh! Look, a leaf!
So fresh and green
Do not pluck it
That would be so mean!

What happens when
A circle is pulled on two sides?
An oval it becomes!
And looks like an egg besides

A circle is so awesome!
It can be anything!
A moon in the sky
A wheel on a car
A pizza in the box

Richard is my name
I am a rectangle
Two sides are long, and two are short
And 90-degree angles

Stars so bright
Shining through the night
Giving us all their light
If I could reach out and touch them, I might

I am a triangle
I have sides three
I can be big or small
I am so good, look at me!

I am a hexagon
Do you know how many sides I have?
Count them one-by-one

A rainbow has so many colors
So bright and cheerful
From red to violet, these colors range
When the rain and the sun come together
It comes to brighten the gray sky!

Square is my name
My shape is my fame
Anyone can draw me
Just keep all sides the same!

Look at an egg
Is it a circle?
No, it’s an oval
And that is me!



Black circle

One of the most entertaining methods to impart some fundamental knowledge to your kids while encouraging their creativity is through shape poetry.

Poems rhyme, making them simpler to recall, and adding fascinating shapes to the poems.

This way kids will find them far more engaging than non-poetic texts.

Try form poetry the next time you’re searching for a fun approach to impart to kids fundamental knowledge about a subject.

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