50 Most Popular Hungarian Surnames (With Meanings)

Hungarian Surnames

Hungary, located in Central Europe, boasts a rich history and vibrant culture. Budapest, its capital, straddles the Danube River and is known for stunning architecture like Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament. And, Hungarian surnames are infused with cultural significance and meaning.

The country’s cuisine includes goulash and chimney cake. Moreover, Hungary has contributed to science, art, and sports, with famous figures like physicist Leo Szilard and swimmer Katinka Hosszu. It is thermal baths and folk traditions also draw visitors.

How Do Hungarian Surnames Work?

Hungary View

Hungarian surnames typically follow the Western pattern with the family name appearing last. In some cases, surnames are based on occupations, characteristics, or locations.

Now, the concept of ‘double-barreled’ surnames, where two family names are combined, is common. Women often take on the suffix “-né” followed by their husband’s surname after marriage. Moreover, reforms in recent years have allowed more flexibility in Hungarian surname choices.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some popular Hungarian surnames with their meanings!

Hungarian Surnames With Their Meanings

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  1. Nagy – Meaning “big” or “great,” indicating a person’s stature.
  2. Szabó – Meaning “tailor.”
  3. Horváth – Indicating a “Croat” person.
  4. Varga – Referring to a “cobbler” or “shoemaker.”
  5. Kiss – Meaning “small” or “little.”
  6. Molnár – Denoting a “miller.”
  7. Takács – Meaning “weaver.”
  8. Lakatos – Indicating a “locksmith.”
  9. Szilágyi – Originating from the Szilágyság region in Romania.
  10. Mészáros – Referring to a “butcher.”
  11. Papp – Likely originating from the occupation of “priest.”
  12. Molnár – Denoting a “miller.”
  13. Pintér – Meaning “innkeeper” or “publican.”
  14. Katona – Signifying a “soldier” or “warrior.”
  15. Csonka – Meaning “mutilated” or “crippled.”
  16. Orbán – Derived from the name “Urban” or “Orbanus.”
  17. Pap – Likely originating from the occupation of “priest.”
  18. Mészáros – Referring to a “butcher.”
  19. Sándor – Equivalent to the name “Alexander.”
  20. Fazekas – Meaning “potter.”
  21. Simon – Derived from the name “Simon.”
  22. Szűcs – Referring to a “furrier.”
  23. Csizmadia – Referring to a “bootmaker.”
  24. Győző – Signifying “victorious.”
  25. Kocsis – Derived from “kocsi,” meaning “carriage driver.”
  26. Bakos – Referring to a “tanner.”
  27. Magyar – Denoting a “Hungarian” person.
  28. László – Derived from the name “Ladislaus.”
  29. Udvaros – Meaning “courtier” or “servant.”
  30. Pál – Equivalent to the name “Paul.”
  31. Faragó – Referring to a “carver” or “sculptor.”
  32. Czeglédi – Originating from the town of Cegléd.
  33. Váradi – Indicating a person from a “fortress” or “castle.”
  34. Török – Denoting a “Turkish” person or origin.
  35. Vámos – Meaning “village headman” or “mayor.”
  36. Máté – Equivalent to the name “Matthew.”
  37. Berkes – Referring to the town of Berkes.
  38. Sárközi – Indicating a person from a “muddy place.”
  39. Földi – Meaning “earthly” or “of the land.”
  40. Gulyás – Referring to a “herdsman” or “cowboy.”
  41. Hajnal – Signifying “dawn.”
  42. Fodor – Meaning “curly-haired” or “frizzy.”
  43. Barta – Referring to a “bearded” person.
  44. Bán – Denoting a “ban,” a noble title in medieval Hungary.
  45. Torma – Meaning “horseradish.”
  46. Kántor – Indicating a “choir leader” or “singer.”
  47. Czibor – Referring to a “goatherd.”
  48. Varga – Referring to a “cobbler” or “shoemaker.”
  49. Kerekes – Referring to a “cartwright” or “wheelwright.”
  50. Várkonyi – Signifying a person from Várkony.

Some Trivia About Hungary

Hungary Flag

Question: What is the capital city of Hungary?

Answer: Budapest.

Question: Which famous river flows through Budapest?

Answer: The Danube River.

Question: What is the name of the Hungarian Parliament building, known for its impressive architecture?

Answer: The Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház).

Question: Which historic Hungarian castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and often associated with Count Dracula?

Answer: Buda Castle (Budavári Palota).

Question: Which thermal bath in Budapest is one of the largest medicinal bath complexes in Europe?

Answer: Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

Question: Which Hungarian mathematician is known for his contributions to geometry and his eponymous “axioms”?

Answer: János Bolyai.

Question: Which Hungarian-born actor won an Academy Award for his role in the movie “Life Is Beautiful”?

Answer: Roberto Benigni.

Question: What is the name of the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula One race track?

Answer: Hungaroring.

Question: What is the traditional Hungarian spirit made from fruit, often consumed as an aperitif or dessert?

Answer: Pálinka.

Question: What is the name of the Hungarian folk art style known for its intricate and colorful floral motifs?

Answer: Matyó embroidery.



Hopefully, you enjoyed the list of Hungarian surnames enough to make an informed choice!

Hungarians take a lot of pride in their naming traditions and rightfully so, for each Hungarian surname carries its own special meaning.

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