17 Tips For Parents To Deal With Anxiety In Children

Magical tips to deal with anxiety

In the previous article, We discussed Anxiety In Children. Possible Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children. Here, We will discuss tips and tricks for parents to deal with anxiety. Some of the magical tips and tricks for parents to deal with the anxious child are as follows:

1. Talk With Your Child To Deal With Anxiety

Talk to deal with anxiety

This is one of the best strategies to deal with anxious children. Whenever your child feels restless, talk with them. Let them spell out all the things. What are they feeling? Why are they panicking? What is affecting them so much?

2. Listen To Your child First.

Listen to your child

Before yelling or coming to any reaction, I always try to listen to my child before concluding. As sometimes, we react before even knowing the correct tantrum behind. So, We should always listen to the anxious behavior of our child.

3. Stay Calm And Composed

Calm to deal anxiety

This is the key to deal with anxious children. Whenever you are calm with your children, you can focus on them, listen to then love them. And then you can come to a common decision to deal with the problem or situation.

4. Fearlessness To Deal With Anxiety

No worries be happy

As parents, We should always understand the fears and worries of our children. What is the main reason behind their trouble and anxiety? If we will understand the real cause. We can positively act and prepare our children to overcome their fears and worries. You can take the help of your child therapist if required.

5. Praising Is Magical

Praise to deal with anxiety

Praising and encouraging words works wonder in any situation. Every human being on this earth loves to be praised. If we say Wow!you have done a fabulous job! Maybe they have not done it correctly. Sometimes this way of tackling will boost a child’s confidence to do it best, and they will find an alternative to reach the goal.

6. Positive Thoughts To Deal With Anxiety

Positivity to deal with anxiety

Positive language is the best way to treat any argument or situation. If your child is feeling anxious, try to come to the cause, and then gradually, you can always help your child with positive words or thoughts to boost them up.

7. You Are Secure

Feeling safe and secure

Let them sense the feeling of love and care all around. Children should know that they are loved and care for. Give them frequently hug to release their anxiety. The physical touch and sense of parents turn magical for their little ones.

8. Distract Them

Bubble play to distract them

Sometimes distracting them with the situation helps the anxiety In children. Suppose if the child is super angry and is facing heightened emotion. Distract his thoughts. Let him do something he loves to do can help. Like for example, can we play your favorite game for some time?

9. Have A Sip Of Water

Hydration to boost

When your child is stress or uneasy, you can encourage him to have a sip of water and do a backward counting. Sometimes in this way, it causes to cool the temper.

10. Breathing Excercise To Deal With Anxiety

Breathing exercise

You can exercise breathing with your child. Tell him to match the breadth of yours with his. Or we will have a breathing exercise to cool and relax.

11. Do Something They Loves

Try to convince them when they are not feeling ok. Listen to their worries. Ask them what they want to do? What can we do to make you feel better? In this way, we can distract their mind from negative to positive, and they can focus on doing what they love to do?


12. Feelings


Let the kids spell out their feelings. Let them be free to express their feelings if they feel sad, happy, angry, or sad. It is necessary to know their thought s and feelings. Let them know it’s ok to nor feel ok sometimes. It’s completely normal.

13. Stop Punishing


It’s ok if sometimes the child is in stress and cannot even attempt the task given by you. Be gentle with them. It’s ok if they cannot do it perfectly. You can praise the positive things he did. Instead, you give harsh punishments. It’s the wrong way of tackling anxiety in children.

14. Patience Is The Key To Deal With Anxiety

Patience to deal with anxiety

Children should learn patience. Here, I want to say we as parents should teach our children to tolerate their anxiety issues. Let them face the stressors. The concerns which are troubling them. This way, they will naturally learn to face the problem. I am not saying anxiety levels will drop to nil, but, for sure, this approach helps.

15. Ignoring Policy Will Not Go A Long Way

Ignorance is bad

Suppose if you believe in ignoring or just postponing the things for the time being. Unfortunately, this policy will not work with a child’s anxiety. You have to properly address the concern; instead of just ignoring the issue, please make sure you and let your child face the real problems to overcome it. In this way, in the future, children will learn to face instead of running away.

16. Aim Should Be Clear

Set goals to deal with anxiety

As parents or anyone in this world don’t want their child to be sad or anxious. Our goal is to overcome the triggers, which causes anxiety not to disappear as we should learn how to bear anxiety issues. So our children can learn to manage stress and anxiety appropriately.

17. Therapist Help

Doctor consultation

Remember, Children’s anxiety is not a sign of bad parenting. You can always consult your child therapist if required. Do all the sessions and sitting to ensure help as therapists can support your child in all aspects. With counseling, as time passes, they feel positive and can overcome fear and worries. And, It definitely helps in a positive journey ahead.

Be A Partner In Handling Anxiety

The best approach is to be a friend and a partner to your child. This approach works magically for parents and their kids to overcome and face the anxiety issues. Please feel free to share your ways of handling anxiety in children. I would love to hear from you all in the comment box below. Be gentle and patient! Happy Parenting!

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