100+ Catchy Nicknames for Isabella (Latest List)

nicknames for Isabella

Isabella is one of those names that can take on many different nicknames depending on the individual child. The cool aliases that parents use to address their little angel Isabella reflect the full range of their feelings and intentions For Nicknames for Isabella.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a cute moniker for your daughter, friend, or sister named Isabella, then look no further than this fantastic list of nicknames for Isabella.

It may seem impossible to find a nickname for your little Isabella that she will like when she’s a teenager, but there are a few possibilities.

There are a plethora of endearing short forms of Isabella’s name that are perfect for people of all temperaments.

Nicknames are just as much a part of who we are as our given names, if not more so because they are an additional name based on our characteristics.

Isabella is a lovely female name that can be shortened to many amusing forms. Find some adorable pet names and clever nicknames for your little one in this article.

Isabella: It’s Meaning and History


This fashionable moniker is thought to be an Italian or Spanish form of the name Elizabeth.

The Hebrew female name Elisheba is the root of both of these names. All of its forms share the meaning of “loyal to God” in some form. Since the Middle Ages, when they were first used, Elizabeth and Isabella have been two of the most common female given names in the English language.

According to various popular name lists, however, Isabella has risen dramatically in popularity over the past twenty years.

For over 13 years running, this name has been among the top 10 most popular baby names listed on the Social Security Administration’s website.

It’s possible that well-known fictional characters like Kristen Stewart’s (Isa)Bella Swan from the “Twilight” series, William Shakespeare’s Isabella from “Measure for Measure,” and Jane Austen’s Isabella Thorpe have contributed to this trend.

Unlike Sam or Jordan, which are both equally appropriate for either a boy or a girl, this name has only one male equivalent: the Arabic name Isa.

The female given name Isabella has been frequently substituted for the more common Elizabeth for many years. The Hebrew Elisheba is the source of this Spanish and Italian form of Elizabeth. The Middle Ages saw its inception, and by the 13th century, it had spread from Spain and Italy to France and finally England.

There were several Isabellas who served as queens in the royal courts of England, France, Portugal, and Hungary. Isabella, when interpreted in English, means “God Is My Vow.” Therefore, this age-old moniker alludes to a significant religious and biblical connection that stresses the value of human life and God’s control over it.

The popularity of the Name Isabella

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Isabella was a moderately popular name in the first half of the 20th century, but it fell dramatically in the 1940s. After 1990, however, Isabella started to see increased usage once more.

It entered the list of the top 100 names in the United States in 1998. It debuted in the top 10 in 2004, spent 2007 and 2008 in the runner-up spot, and finally ascended to the pinnacle of the charts in 2009. The name’s rise to fame is in part due to the success of the film “Twilight,” in which Bella Swan plays a central role.

Up until 2011, it was the undisputed king of the hill, but now it sits in second place. According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella dropped from the top 5 most popular girl’s names to the 7th most popular in 2020.

Before learning about the list let us lean in tiny bit detail of Isabella’s Name:

Question And Answer

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What is short for Isabella?

Bella, Izzy, Izzie, Iz, Isa, and Belle are the short for Isabella.

Is Izzy a nickname for Isabella?

Yes, Izzy is one of the common nicknames.

Is Isabella a pretty name?

As the Italian word Bella means beautiful so for sure Isabella is a pretty name.

What name matches Isabella?

Few good names goes with this name are:

  • Isabella Avery.
  • Isabella Brooke.
  • Isabella Christine.
  • Isabella Emilia.
  • Isabella Eve.

What is the prettiest Italian girl name?

You will be surprised to know Isabella is one of them.

What is Isabella in Spanish?

My God is bountiful. God of plenty. Devoted to God is the meaning of this name in Spanish.

Is Isabella Russian?

No Isabell is a name of Spanish origin.

What name sounds like Isabella?

Some common names sounds are:

  • Bella.
  • Ava.
  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ella.
  • Isabelle.

What color is the name Isabella?

Pale grey-yellow. Isabelline (/ɪzəˈbɛlɪn/; also known as isabella) is a pale grey-yellow, pale fawn, pale cream-brown or parchment colour. Source

What is the French version of Isabella?


Is Isabella rare name?

Isabella has been consistently popular, remaining in the top five since 2006, and in the top 50 since 2000 according to Social Security Administration data. Source

How many ways can you spell Isabella?

Isobel, Isabel, and Isabelle are some of the different spellings of the same name.

How do you say Isabella in Italy?

Is Isabelle and Isabella the same?

 Isabella the Italian one and Isabelle is the French version.

What middle name goes with Isabella?

Isabella Andrea Isabella Louise
Isabella Ann Isabella Marie
Isabella Blake Isabella Meredith
Isabella Claire Isabella Mia
Isabella Clara Isabella Michelle
Isabella Colette Isabella Monroe
Isabella Dawn Isabella Nicole
Isabella Erin Isabella Noelle
Isabella Esme Isabella Quinn
Isabella Fleur Isabella Rain
Isabella Grace Isabella Raquel
Isabella Harper Isabella Reese
Isabella Irene Isabella Sky

Enough! Now its time to dive into the list:

Cute Nicknames for Isabella


  • Abby
  • Ibby 
  • Bells
  • Bellsy 
  • Lala 
  • Bee
  • Bella-boo 
  • Izzy B 
  • Elle
  • Easy-peasy 
  • Bellzie 
  • Bella bear
  • Isabelly

Creative Nicknames For Isabella

10 Tips To Promote Creative Thinking In Children

  • Zella
  • Bellsy
  • Abby
  • Ibby
  • Bee
  • Bella-boo
  • Belladonna
  • Isla
  • Sable
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Lala
  • Bella bear
  • BeaChavela
  • Miss I.
  • Elle
  • Sella
  • Bells
  • Sabela
  • Isabelly
  • Chalala
  • Billie
  • Bellzie
  • Sabel

Clever Nicknames for Isabella

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  • Billie
  • Sable 
  • Sabel 
  • Sabela 
  • Isla 
  • Sella 
  • Zella
  • Bea

Adorable Nicknames For Isabella

  • Lil-B
  • Izzo
  • Bella Bella
  • Elsie-Belsie
  • Isababe
  • Jelly Belly
  • Izzybella
  • Issy Wizzy
  • Isabelita
  • Izzie
  • Missy Bella
  • Belize
  • Beller
  • Lola
  • Issie
  • Sabelle
  • Mozzarella Bella
  • Sabell
  • Belly

Popular Nicknames for Isabella

  • Belita 
  • Bell
  • Bella 
  • Belle 
  • Isa 
  • Issy
  • Ella 
  • Ib
  • Nib
  • Nibby

Cool Nicknames for Isabella


  • Isabelita
  • Izzie 
  • Izzy 
  • Izzo 
  • Sabell
  • Sabelle 
  • Miss Bella
  • Lil-B 
  • Belize
  • Zabella

Funny Nicknames for Isabella

  • Belly
  • HissyBella
  • SissyBella
  • Dizzybella
  • Sillybella
  • Wizardbella
  • Bella Bella
  • Beller

Final Thoughts On nicknames for isabella

These were the nicknames for isabella. Isabella, bursting at the seams with grace and charm, is perfect for any young lady who aspires to become an independent, fashionable adult. Isabella’s modern nicknames honor the classic name’s religious connotations without compromising on style. The popularity of the name Isabella peaked in the 1920s and peaked and peaked again in the 1940s.

How did you find this magnificent article on nicknames for isabella? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to offer suggestions for other names that fit the bill for nicknames for isabella. What was your experience like when you encountered nicknames for isabella? Do let us know in the review box below!

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