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Riya name meaning

Riya Meaning And Significance. Riya is a lovely girl’s name or a Baby Name that comes from the Hindi language (Riya name origin). The meaning of Riya in Hindi is “Graceful, Singer, Beautiful, A Form of Ria, One who Sings, Dances.”

It is a name that indicates an individual’s leadership skills and the good influence of the personality’s name. Riya’s name meaning in Hindi may also be found on this website.

Riya, a Hindu girl, is highly well-known, and many celebrities and Bollywood characters are named after her.

Riya is a person who is interested in books. They also have excellent writing sense. They can pursue employment in industries linked to literature and writing, such as creative content makers, book authors, newspaper editors, and so on.

The meaning of Riya’s name is “Gaayak” in Roman. Riya is a Rashi Tula (Libra) and Chitra Nakshatra (stars) name.

The Real Meaning And Significance Of Riya

Riya meaning in hindi

Riya is a Hindu name (रिया) that translates to “singer” in Sanskrit. Also because the name is Hindu in origin, it is rarely used by English-speaking people in the Western world.

It is popular among Indian immigrants to the West, but it has yet to catch on with the wider public. Riya means affluent or from Hadria, jewel, goddess Lakshmi, elegant, and singer.

Riya is a baby girl name of Indian origin. People with the name Riya are mostly Hindus. Riya’s Rashi is Tula and her Nakshatra is Chitra. More information on the name Riya.





Rich or from Hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer, A female singer of great grace


Gender Girl (Mostly Indian)
Numerology 8
Religion Hindu
Rashi Tula (R, T)


Nakshatra Chitra (Pe, Po, Ra, Ri)
Syllables 2

Saturn rules the number 8. Their personality is introverted. They like to remove themselves from civilization and the mob. He is usually solemn in his actions. Their disposition is obstinate, diligent, and reflective. They frequently fail to achieve success in any endeavor the first time.

That’s why they have to perform the same thing again and over. In their lives, there is always a battle. But it always gets the better of him. They must deal with disappointment as a result of recurrent failures. Despite this, those born under the number 8 are practical. They achieve their objectives.

People that have the number 8 have struggled since childhood. As a result, their schooling is hampered greatly. They will fail if they do not accept the difficulties.

FAQ On The Name Riya

Q. What is Riya’s lucky number?
“8” is the fortunate number connected with the name Riya.

Q. What does the word Riya mean?
Riya means “Graceful; Singer; Beautiful; A Form of Ria; One who Sings; Dance.”

Q. What is the full name of Riya?
Riya is made up of four alphabets.

Q. What religion does Riya belong to?
Riya belongs to the Hindu faith.

Bonus Tips On Riya Baby Name In Different Languages

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  • Rīyāʾ (Arabic: الرياء) means showing off and pretending to do good actions, without having the real intention of doing it. It is mentioned five times in the Qur’an. Riya’ in worship means that one worships not for God, but intends to show off. (Source)
  • Riya name meaning in Bengali is সংস্কৃতে গায়ক
  • Riya meaning sanskrit is “Singer”
  • Riya meaning in Urdu
নাম Riya
লিঙ্গ মেয়ে
অর্থ সংস্কৃতে গায়ক.
আদি হিন্দি
ভাগ্যবান সংখ্যা 8?


Final Thoughts On Riya Meaning

Riya meaning in english

These were the Riya Name Meaning And Significance and we are sure now you know the meaning of Riya. People born on the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of They have a proclivity to amass riches in a variety of ways. He spends his money with great care. It always saves money on unneeded costs. They get wealthy as a result of their nature.

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