50+ Best Names That Start With Jo With Meanings

Names that start with jo

Each new parent has the same goal in mind: to start giving their child the most perfect name. Your child’s name is their first introduction to the world and reflects who they are. Here we are with the amazing list of 50+ best names that start with Jo and with meanings for both girls and boys.

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Baby names that start with Jo include Joah, Joalin, Joanes, and Joans. Both the name and its meaning are beautiful because so many names beginning with Jo have a biblical origin. There is a wide range of beautiful and interesting significance hidden within other names.

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, a name that begins with “Jo” has a pleasing rhythm. Even though names beginning with jo have fallen out of favor over the past century, they haven’t lost any of their timeless appeals. We have compiled a list of modern and traditional names beginning with Jo for both boys and girls in case you are expecting.

Girl names that begin with JO

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Those in search of female names beginning with the letter jo have arrived at the right place. Do you have a baby on this list of popular names for the current generation, or did you go with something more unique? Proceed to the next section to learn some fascinating information. To begin, please define the term “jo.” The Hebrew origin of this name lends to its meaning of “persecuted one.” As this is an unusual option for a girl, you’ll have to see all the particulars.

Jo is also a common abbreviation for other names, such as the “persecution”-related Jobina. Joss is a longer form of the name that comes from the Germanic word jo, which means “joy.” Both the French name Jock and the ancient Greek name Jo are considered to be positive and upbeat choices. Even though the Hebrew name Jodha has fallen out of favor as a first name, it is still widely used.

Although the shorter form is more common, many different longer forms exist for this name. Joanne, Jocelyn, and Josephine are three of the most popular choices. God raises or God helps are the meanings of these names in their original Hebrew form. These names are derived from the Hindu deity Jodha and have Indian counterparts. As an example, the name Johana has a strong connotation.

Name Meanings
JOACHIM God prepare
JOB persecuted
JOBEN enjoy clean
JOCHEVED God is glor
JOEL strong-will
JOHAN German form
JOHANNE legend name
JOHFRIT a knight
JOHN, gift from G
JOKI surname mean
JOKIN God will es
JOMEI spread ligh

There are many wonderful options for boy names that begin with the letter jo

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Numerous popular names for boys begin with the letter jo, ranging from ancient Nordic and Hebrew names to more contemporary choices. Popular names include Jon (a shortened form of Jonathan), as established by Wikipedia. All of these names, including Joseph, Josia, and Joyanne, are widely used in the Anglophone and Anglophone-speaking communities. All of these names come from the Bible, and they’re all gender-neutral, which is a popular choice among parents. In addition to Joey-Madison and the Indian name Jobandeep, the Japanese name Joben and the American name Joey are also common first names.

You can’t go wrong with a well-known person’s name when looking for a traditional and gentle baby boy’s name that begins with the letter jo. Names beginning with jo can be traced back to a wide variety of cultures and languages. In Hebrew, the word jo means “love,” and the name is frequently given to newborn boys. Names of both Jewish and Christian origin, in addition to the more common ones, can be used for boys.

Name Meaning Gender
Joab People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths. Boy
Joachim Established by God, The one with a passionate soul and reserved nature will keep calm, strict, and ambitious throughout life. Boy
Joah The one with a passionate soul and reserved nature will keep calm, strict, and ambitious throughout life. Boy
Joakim They are sensitive and charming. They are curious, communicative, and adaptable. Boy
Joanis Joanis is a male name that means God is gracious. The name originates from the Hebrew name Yochanan. Boy
Joannes Joannes is a Latin version of the Hebrew name Yochanan which means God is gracious. It is a male name, mostly represented in the Christian religion. Boy


List of well-known people whose names start with “Jo”

Several well-known people have names that begin with Jo. Pick one of these Jo names for your unborn child, and perhaps some of their qualities will rub off on them.

Joe Biden
Image Credit
  • Short form of Joseph (Hebrew). The late Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, is one such well-known figure.
  • Many well-known people around the world share the surname Johnson, which has its roots in the English language. Johnson is one of the most common surnames and given names in the world. One of the most common surnames begins with the letter Jo.
  • Named after the Hebrew word for “dove” or “pigeon,” Jonah is of Hebrew origin. Jonah Hill, an actor on television, is one well-known person with this name.
  • The Greek name Jonas, which means “sign,” is quickly rising in popularity. The brothers who formed the band by that name.
  • So many families also choose the Hebrew name Jonathan for their children. Jonathan Stewart, or “Jon Stewart,” as he is more commonly known, is one of the most well-known people with this name.
Jonas Brothers
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Some Cute Question And Answer Round

Q. What names are Jo short for?

A. Jo is a gender-neutral name that is common for both boys and girls of American origin.

Q. Is Jo a rare name?

A. The name Jo is ranked #5722 overall.

Q. What is the female version of Jo?

The female version of Jo is Josephine. To learn in detail more about Josephine go and check it out here.

Q. What does Jo mean after a name?


A. After a name Jo generally means sweetheart or dear.

Q. Is Jo a Japanese name?

A. Meaning and Origin of Jo

Japanese(Jō): ‘castle’.

Q. Is it, Jo or Joe, for a boy?

A. Short names of Jo are Josephine and Joana and for the masculine version, it is Joe.

Q. How do you spell Jo?

A. A diminutive of the female given names Josephine, Joan, or Joanna. Often used in conjoined names such as Jo Ann or Mary Jo. A rare spelling variant of Joe, diminutive of the male given name Joseph. Source

Q. What is the name of Jo in English?

A. auntie {noun} on (also: onklinjo)

Q. What does Jo mean in the Bible?

Jo meaning in Bible is as follows:

  1. Jo. Origin/Usage Hebrew
  2. Pronunciation JO
  3. Meaning God is merciful.

Q. What is the plural of Jo?

A. Noun. jo (plural jos) Source

Q. Does Jo mean love?

A. Jo is the Scottish endearment that generally means the loved one, darling, sweetheart, or dear.

Q. What last name is Jo?

A. Jo (Korean: 조, sometimes written as Cho) is a Korean family name, traditionally a royal family name in Korea. As of 2000, there were 1,347,730 people by this surname in South Korea, about 1% of the total population. Source

Q. How do you spell Jo for a boy?

A. Pronunciation: Jo.

Final Thoughts On Names That Start With Jo

These were the best Names That Start With Jo. Whether you’re naming a boy or a girl, this list offers some of the best most on-trend choices available right now. The names may have a contemporary ring to them, but they actually have ancient religious and cultural roots.

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