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thanksgiving activities for preschoolers

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday that is celebrated by people mostly in Canada and USA. On this religious day, people express their gratitude (thanks) to God and also commemorate a harvest festival. Thanksgiving is also special for your toddler because you can spend most of your time developing your toddler and have fun while doing it. Many parents and teachers ask what are some thanksgiving activities? Here we are at Tinydale again to bring you the list of Top 10 Thanksgiving Activities For Kids. These activities you can even try as thanksgiving activities for toddlers.

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On Thanksgiving, people do a lot of fun activities for and with their toddlers and kids. They let them learn something while enjoying simple tasks.

1.  Game of Gratitude Names – Thanksgiving Activities 

In this game, you need to name anything that you are grateful for. It can be a person, an incident, a memory, lucky things, it can be your vehicle, it can be a place for that you are grateful to. It is a simple game yet it engages and keeps the fun of Thanksgiving. Not only this game is good for toddlers and young kids, but adults also can join the game.

2.  Gratitude Alphabet

This is the best example of thanksgiving learning activities for preschoolers. This is yet another game that keeps the Thanksgiving theme and spirit among kids. In this game, you have to name the object starting from A to Z and express your gratitude towards that object starting with the Alphabet. The little ones can keep guessing and can come up with many names they are grateful to. So keep them guessing to find out about their most grateful thing. This activity can even thanksgiving language arts activities for preschoolers.


3.  Drawing & Coloring – Thanksgiving Activities 

This is the best example of thanksgiving art activities for preschoolers. In this activity, young ones can create many drawings expressing gratitude. It will allow them to use their imagination to come up with some creative ideas that contribute to the whole Thanksgiving feeling. They can draw their family members, their friends, their favorite toys, or anything that they have in mind. You can let your kid draw and color turkey as well.

4.  DIY Activities

The young children can make structures made of objects nearby them like cards, matchsticks, toothpicks, cardboard, or similar items available nearby. They can create those structures that they find worth appreciating, and they can express their gratitude towards those structures.

This is the best example of thanksgiving gross motor activities for preschoolers. They can also prepare or create some objects with daily our requirements like festoons made from leaves, pen holders from the can, photo frames from cardboard, paper flowers, flower pot, decorative object, etc. You need to guide your kid when he is stuck though. This activity helps them to use their imagination and the surrounding things to come up with something amazing like a turkey of Thanksgiving.

5.  Share Jokes

Young ones love jokes and amusement. You can tell some Thanksgiving jokes available on the internet or you can refer to a book.

6.  Clay work – Thanksgiving Activities 

Clay modeling is one of the best activities to do on Thanksgiving because it helps the toddler to harmonize his mind, eyes, and hands. The toddler is ultimately giving a shape to his imagination so whatever imagery he uses for references, he will use his eyes and hands and finally give a beautiful shape. Clay modeling improves skills like attention to detail, communication and social skills, learning from mistakes, and most of all commitment.

 7.  Play Thanksgiving Bingo

Your young ones can occupy themselves with Thanksgiving Bingo. This game is played mostly when the turkey is being cooked. All you have to do is match the picture you are drawing with the picture on your card. Remember to remind your kids that they are grateful when filling the empty space! This game helps your kids who are still learning to speak. Thanksgiving Bingo cards help build vocabulary in the minds of the kids and create a historical reference for them for development.

8.  Feed Turkey

This is the best activity for thanksgiving food activities for preschool. You need to create a turkey out of color paper and draw eyes and mouth or make a DIY turkey from the things available around you. This will involve thanksgiving cutting activities for preschoolers. Make sure to keep the mouth of the turkey open. You can cut the mouth of the turkey to the size of the hands of the kid so that he can feed the turkey. There are small pebbles, buttons, or leaves that your toddler can feed to this turkey.

9.  Finding for Turkey

You can play this game with your kid in your backyard. All you need to do is put a drawing or toy or DIY turkey to the destination. Then you can put hints for your kid to follow. It is like a treasure hunt for turkey. You can put hints on the door with arrows or let him or her find out about it.

10.  Sensory Bin – Thanksgiving Activities 

This is the best example of thanksgiving science activities for preschoolers. A sensory bin is useful for toddlers to identify and sense objects. It develops their senses and understanding of different objects. A sensory bin is quite helpful in hunting for specific letters. The toddler can find the letters to spell out his name or the name of any object. There are other activities like Rice Bin, Pouring Station, Pom Pouring, Construction Play, Dino Bin, Bean Pool, Scoop and Pour, etc. Your toddler can use objects like tongs, jars, construction trucks, funnels, etc. These objects are useful for your little kid to enjoy the activities with fun. You can observe your kid do the fun stuff or hint at them if they do something wrong.

So, all of these activities help your youngins one way or another. Remember, Thanksgiving is the time when people come together and give thanks to each other and eat delicious food. It is the time when all of them enjoy a turkey feast and talk and have fun. It is a religious as well as a secular holiday that brings people of different ages and tastes together and keeps the Thanksgiving spirit alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be coming up with thanksgiving activities for preschoolers printables in the coming posts exclusively at Tinydale. For now, just sit back and enjoy this amazing list of thanksgiving activities for preschoolers free. And, I am sure these activities will definitely help how to teach thanksgiving to preschoolers.

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