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Top 10 Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

problems faced by women entrepreneurs

We often use the phrase women empowerment everywhere when we talk about women. But the reality is women have not reached a position to enter all corners where the men are. When will women get empowered, whether it will be an ongoing process? This is the special day to write about women. Entrepreneurship is the only way that women can explore anything in the world. But the situation is not well favor to support the women to dream big. Yes, still some problems exist for the women to do business of their interest. Despite the problems, few women succeed in their business and leading front. But the percentage is low. What are the problems are there? Why can’t get success in their business? Let us see the problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

1. Poor Funding Support

For any business to start, funding is essential to initiate. Investors are not ready to fund the business run by women. Even banks and financial institutions show less interest in women-led business. Their fear factor is the less return or not much profitable. The investors have a lack of confidence in women-run startups.

It is challenging to run a business by women in India when comparing other countries. They do even not have property or assets in their name to apply for loans in private banks. Family members also will not come forward to hear their words and do financial support. If only women investors grow in numbers, it may become easy for women to get financial support.

2. Lack Of Professional Support

For a business to run successfully, it requires contacts and professional support. For women entrepreneurs developing networks is difficult in the business ecosystem. Since the ecosystem is male-dominated, the women find it difficult to develop their network and business contacts. It stops them growing from further in their business. You are in the place to develop the confidence to break the barrier and become fearless to ask the support.

3. Balancing Business And Family Life – Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Women have more responsibilities to take care her family members. She has the job of mother at home. Children are more than anything else for them. The whole family may depend on her for all things around in the home. This may hinder them from concentrating on their business. Young mothers will have more family priorities than anything else.

The family and business commitments may get conflict and stop them from moving further.

4. Limited Mobility

Limited mobility is one of the basic problems of women holding them back to succeed in their business. Women cannot travel alone or stay outside for business purposes. Still, women’s safety is a hot topic. So they require the support of men in mobility.

5. Cornering As Women Friendly

Despite the problems in starting the business, the women cannot jump into any business they like. Most of the business sectors are male-friendly. Like manufacturing, construction, industries, and more are profitable businesses, but it is often considered as male-centric businesses. Women are not allowed to take lead in these sectors. They employ in only supporting role in those sectors. Society will always force women to work in women-friendly sectors like education, apparel, beauty care, and others.  It limits their opportunities and capabilities to extend further.

6. Coping With Fear Of Failure – Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Failure is the true reason that hinders women in starting the business. It can easily stop you from dreaming big. Insecurity and self-doubt are the two factors that would make women stand behind men. Try to learn from the failure instead run away. It should not stop you from exploring yourself.

7. Social Construct

We are in a society where women are restricted to taking the lead role as they are not fit for the position. Although the situation is changing, still there is a need to fight to break negative stereotypes about women in business.

8. Missing Role Models

There is a lack of role models for women to encourage them to face the problems when fighting for. There are only a few women mentors and coaches to guide the entire women’s society. More leaders and mentors should come out from the crowd. More literature and articles should come out to feed them the knowledge to face the challenges both personal and professional.

9. Lack Of Education

To become a successful entrepreneur in this modern world education is very important. To balance the lack of business exposure, the equal professional experience gained in the relevant industry can help them to run the business. Today we can see more educated women than earlier, but the situation is not up to the mark. Education is a basic qualification required to run a business in this digital era.

10. Low-risk Bearing Ability – Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

This is one of the foremost problems of women entrepreneurs. Naturally, the women are low-risk takers, but only breaking the stereotypes can enable them to reach their peak. Women are highly dependent on every aspect of their life. Business is not easy as we think if we are not ready to take the risk.

To want to be successful entrepreneurs, you should learn to bear the risk on the way to reaching the entrepreneur’s milestone.


To empower the women society, encouraging entrepreneurship in them can play an important role. It is the responsibility of everyone in society to support women both professionally and personally. As part of your responsibility, you should be ready to face any problems coming front. Learn and develop skills to become successful entrepreneurs. Problems faced by women entrepreneurs are many not limited to the list above.

We at Tinydale wish all the beautiful women a very happy and prosperous Happy International Women’s Day. Do celebrate It to the fullest and enjoy, have fun, Love, and spread the love and your super infectious charm all around. Do not forget to share your stories with us on mytinyda[email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform.

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