Check Out List Of Top 10 Things Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase. It comes with wholes loads of excitement,  and nervousness. It sometimes is planned or comes up as a surprise. But I assure you it gives women the best gift of life. Here, in this part  we will discuss the list of top 10 things you should avoid during pregnancy:

Hot Showers Avoid During Pregnancy

Warm shower to tighten belly

There is no doubt the warm saunas, steam, and showers are very relaxing and soothing during pregnancy. It really gives a big relief naturally from body pains and aches. In this case, you can avoid taking painkillers. But make sure the water used during or the steam is warm or mild, it is better to avoid hot showers during pregnancy.

As hot showers increase the body temperature. The temperature raised sometimes increases the risk of birth defects such as neural tube defects in the first trimester and sometimes can cause dehydration in the later stage of pregnancy in the second and third trimester.

OTC Medicines To Avoid During Pregnancy


Pregnant women should avoid Over counter medications during pregnancy. As it can cause harm to the growing fetus. Let’s have a look at the Fetus growth and development in:

Its always better to consult your gynecologist or healthcare provider to discuss the medicines which are safe to take and which to avoid during pregnancy.

Prolonged Sitting To Avoid During Pregnancy

Prolonged sitting i.e. sitting for too long like 6 hours or more leads to hurting the health of the mother and their growing fetus. Experts warn to avoid long sitting during pregnancy. As extensive and continuous sitting leads to weight gain and chances of diabetes and other complications post-pregnancy.

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