Top 10 Things Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase. It comes with wholes loads of excitement,  and nervousness. It sometimes is planned or comes up as a surprise. But I assure you it gives women the best gift of life. Here, in this part  we will discuss the list of top 10 things you should avoid during pregnancy:

Hot Showers Avoid During Pregnancy

Warm shower to tighten belly

There is no doubt the warm saunas, steam, and showers are very relaxing and soothing during pregnancy. It really gives a big relief naturally from body pains and aches. In this case, you can avoid taking painkillers. But make sure the water used during or the steam is warm or mild, it is better to avoid hot showers during pregnancy.

As hot showers increase the body temperature. The temperature raised sometimes increases the risk of birth defects such as neural tube defects in the first trimester and sometimes can cause dehydration in the later stage of pregnancy in the second and third trimester.

OTC Medicines To Avoid During Pregnancy


Pregnant women should avoid Over counter medications during pregnancy. As it can cause harm to the growing fetus. Let’s have a look at the Fetus growth and development in:

Its always better to consult your gynecologist or healthcare provider to discuss the medicines which are safe to take and which to avoid during pregnancy.

Prolonged Sitting To Avoid During Pregnancy

Prolonged sitting i.e. sitting for too long like 6 hours or more leads to hurting the health of the mother and their growing fetus. Experts warn to avoid long sitting during pregnancy. As extensive and continuous sitting leads to weight gain and chances of diabetes and other complications post-pregnancy.

Use Of Cosmetics

Makeup tip

As in the market, there are loads of ranges and varieties of cosmetics that are readily available for general use with no regulations and bindings. It can contain chemicals or toxins which women should avoid during pregnancy. It is always advisable to have a thorough study and explore the product you are thinking to go for. Organic, Vegan and Natural products are always in trend which are cruelty-free and harmless for your soft and delicate skin even during pregnancy.

High Heels To Avoid During  Pregnancy

Wearing high heels during pregnancy is not a good idea at all. As your weight increases during pregnancy, it tends to change the center of gravity which causes and affects your walk. As your body weight as well as shape changes. Women also experience pain and aches which causes them to loosen ligaments during pregnancy. It causes joint instability and muscle strain.

Physical Activities With Falling Risk

Physical exercise for teenager

Yes, you heard it correctly. The physical activities which involve the risk of falls you should avoid the pregnancy. During pregnancy center of gravity shifts as the weight is concentrated on the belly(Quick And Easy Tips To Tighten And Tone Lose Belly After Delivery). Even a minor fall or hurt can hurt your belly and eventually baby can be at a risk.

No To Stretching Excercise

Stretching exercises can be risky. During pregnancy, the relaxin hormone is released which leads to softening of ligaments which softens and widens the cervix to prepare for the baby’s birth at a later stage. If you do stretching exercises or you overstretch there are chances of tearing or strain on those ligaments which can cause pain and discomfort further.

Avoid Dieting

Mothers food

Dieting can be really troublesome and should be avoided during pregnancy. As when you diet there are chances you have a diet that is low on particular vitamins, minerals, carbs, or folic acid. It is very essential to have a healthy and balanced diet throughout your pregnancy.

Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy


An expecting mother faces plenty of dos and don’ts when it involves food and drinks. She has got to change her lifestyle and diet for the betterment of her baby. Keeping this in mind, coffee lovers would be wondering if coffee is safe to consume during pregnancy? Are you able to drink coffee during the primary trimester of pregnancy? If it’s safe, then what quantity should it be consumed? Is there any alternative to coffee? What are the consequences of coffee on pregnancy? Here is that the answer to all or any of your questions.

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking During Pregnancy

precautions with alcohol

  • Alcohol can be harmful during pregnancy, As when a pregnant woman consumes alcohol it crosses the placenta and can affect the fetus growing inside her belly. It can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

quit Smoking

  • Cigarette contains dangerous chemicals such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar which are very harmful to your health and lungs in a general sense. Smoking cigarettes can be dangerous for your as well as fetus’s health and can lead to complications.

Happy Pregnancy!

Stay Happy

I really wish you all the ladies a very happy, healthy, and safe pregnancy! Keep in mind to follow the following things to be avoided during pregnancy to have a beautiful pregnancy journey and a baby! Please keep sharing your views in the comment box below!

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