10 Ways For Kids To Learn About My First Day At School!

My first day at school

My first day of school is a memorable occasion in everyone’s life, and it is full of pleasant memories that we will cherish always.

Writing an English essay about my first day of school can help students develop their writing and analytical abilities.

It will also help them recall the happenings on that day.

Students will enjoy thinking about enjoyable recollections while learning to form meaningful phrases.

This will create an excellent composition, making this essay for classrooms great for them.


My First Day At School Paragraph

Welcome Tinydale

Everybody remembers their first day of school.

My father once took me to a public elementary school in Ghatakhan.

Because I was going to school, I was ecstatic. We talked to the principal.

He was a gentleman and really pleasant. I responded to most of the inquiries that he posed to me.

He then gave me permission to enter and led me to the classroom.

I was frightened to walk into my classroom and see all the unfamiliar people.

But I eventually got over my phobia. I had three lessons that day. My first day of school was wonderful.


10 Lines On My First Day At School

Welcome back to school

10 Lines as well as my first day-at-school essay 250 words.

  • I went to my school for the first time when I was five years old.
  • I clearly recall my very first day of school.
  • I awoke early since I was so eager to start at my new school.
  • I changed into my new school outfit after taking a bath and eating breakfast.
  • My parents captured my first day of school on video to preserve the moment.
  • I went to school with my parents on the first day.
  • I met the other kids through my class instructor.
  • I went to the canteen with my classmates at break time.
  • I divided my lunch with the other kids.
  • With my classmates, I played on the playground.


Very Short Essay On My First Day At School

School profile

This essay can also work as a my first day at school paragraph if you compile this in a paragraph format.

I will always find it enjoyable to think back on my very first day of school.

It was a really unique experience.

I was abruptly thrust into a brand-new environment outside of my own home — My Preschool.

It seemed quite packed and busy.

I still recall sobbing on my first day, therefore I have extremely hazy memories of the morning.

I received my favorite chocolate ice cream from my parents, who also consoled me.

My attitude immediately improved as I walked inside the classroom.

Small seats, bright toys, and swings could be seen around the classroom.

After a short while, the teacher arrived. She was so nice.

After an hour, we divided into groups and engaged in a variety of enjoyable games and activities.

The day was just great.


Comprehensive Essay

My first day at school template tinydale

Bonus: This you can use as the template for My First Day At School Template.

This essay can also be used as my first day at school essay 150 words.

The idea of school as a learning temple is common.

I was five years old when my parents enrolled me in a neighbourhood school.

My first day of school is still vivid in my recollection.

There were six storeys. My school had thirty different classes.

The Principal had his or her own room. He was a really rigid individual.

During our thirty minute break, we played in the school’s compound.

A sizable field was located behind the school. We were not, however, permitted to get there.

My parents took me to the principal’s office one day to request my admission to the school.

I was dreading seeing the principal’s thick white beard.

He questioned me briefly about my name, age, and a few other things. I trembled as I responded.

He then handed me a tiny package of candy and urged me to share them with my friends.

Since it was my first day, I sobbed my way to school.

I had a terrible time leaving my folks. I walked inside the room and took a seat on the first bench.

My teacher walked into the room. She gave out a good vibe. She was quite kind to me.

I initially had some trepidation in the unfamiliar environment.

Children gave me startled looks while grinning.

I received my first instruction in English alphabets and maths digits on that day.

As if they were seeing some odd creature, some of them crowded around me.

They started making fun of me and laughing at me. I was quite sad.

However, a few kids were upset about the problems the other kids in the class had caused me.

Some people came forward to back me. For me, this was something entirely new.

Two o’clock in the afternoon saw the ringing of the last bell. The kids were all ecstatic.

Even I rejoiced that the first day had come to an end.

I ran back to my house after gathering my suitcase and water bottle.



Kids may develop their research, persuading, and analytical abilities by using this essay.

Writing essays helps you develop your writing abilities, show off your intelligence, and learn about a variety of topics.

It also helps to sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills and enhance your communication abilities.

The majority of the youngsters remember their first day with nostalgia.

These essay-writing exercises let children explore their inner feelings while also teaching them the basics of writing and essay structure.

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