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Check Out Kajol And Ajay’s Way Of Parenting Their Kids


Being a celeb mom, Kajol is one of our favorite moms to ask out about parenting tips. She has 2 kids, a daughter named Nysa Devgan and a son named Yug Devgan. Both the kids are well raised, which automatically makes Kajol the set example of being a great mom.


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Parenting Tips By Kajol

According to recent interviews, Kajol has revealed five amazing parenting tips that are really useful for all moms.

Telling Kids About The Importance of Hygiene

When it comes to health and hygiene, Kajol has really left nothing behind. She has taught her kids very well about health and hygiene and the importance of staying hygienic. Kajol firmly believes that regular hand washing is the best way to avoid diseases and infections and has accordingly taught her kids to wash hands very frequently. It is necessary to keep hands clean in a pandemic and use hand sanitizers to stay safe and secure.

Avoiding Aerated Drinks

Kajol also revealed that no member of her family consumes aerated drinks. For her and her kids, it’s a strict No! She really wants her children to pick up healthy and good eating habits. This is how she encourages her children to eat healthy food and not junk.

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits By Kajol

Kajol believes in encouraging healthy habits and immunity boosters in her kids, but she also knows that a rigid plan or routine never works on kids. She has encouraged healthy yet flexible eating habits in her kids, keeping that very fact in mind. She said that she makes her kids have healthy food regularly in a week, and then on weekends, they order whatever they want, like the weekend is a cheat day.

Helping Children Become Honest And Kind

Kajol has always inculcated the spirit of speaking the truth in her kids. She believes that honesty is what makes a relationship between a mother and her kids strong. Both her kids are pretty honest with her. Being kids, the little white lies are obvious, and Kajol understands it, yet encourages honesty in her children. She understands the feeling of anger, tantrums, and anxiety of her children wisely and addresses them.

Kajol Teaching The Importance And Power Of Love

Kajol believes that love is always there in the little things that the kids do. Also, she has said that she is the stricter parent, yet her kids love her, and it shows in the little things they do. She said that her son hugs her tightly at night, and her daughter keeps an eye on her and gives her space whenever she needs it!

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