6 Best April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

Best April fools pranks for boyfriend over text. What can be the best April fools pranks for boyfriend over text? Love it or disdain it, April Fools’ Day exists. They’ll presumably play elaborate tricks on this spring day that they’ve been anticipating for months. They might switch the sugar and salt in your kitchen, or conceal elastic bugs around your room since they know you hate bugs. To get in on the tomfoolery, you can pull off one of these April Fools’ tricks for your beau over text that will get him great.

To pull off an April Fools’ Day trick over text, first, sort out who your victim(s) will be and ensure they won’t make too much of it (because a separation text could positively turn out badly if you don’t do your best). Then, you’ll need to draft out reactions so you don’t offer yourself during the trick. Contemplate what this individual could answer your texts, and have your thoroughly examined reactions prepared to ensure your trick is seen through.

Consistently on April 1st, Fool’s Day is praised everywhere. This is the best day to do April fools pranks for boyfriend over text. On this day individuals numb-skull or imbecile their companions and family members with various kinds of messages and statements. Be that as it may, remember: tricks ought to be interesting, not brutal – and everybody ought to be chuckling along toward the end.

So here are the best April fools pranks for boyfriend over text:

1. Confuse Him With Fake GPS Text

At any point needed to gloat to your companions that you were on a fascinating island? Perhaps now’s the opportunity. However, with WhatsApp live area capability, you won’t have the option to do that as your genuine area will be shared. Be that as it may, with Fake GPS area you can. Isn’t this an incredible April Fool thought on WhatsApp? After you have introduced the application, follow these means:

Empower the Developer’s Options menu. Look down and select false area application and pick Fake GPS. Return to the FakeGPS application and select the false area and tap on the Play button which you will find at the lower part of the screen. That is all there is to it you should simply return to WhatsApp and tap on the connection button and select Location like you generally do

2. Send Nudes With A Twisting Text

Send him a shrewd message inquiring as to whether he might want to see a few provocative naked pictures. At the point when he says OK (which he clearly will…Hahahaha!), send him lots of lipstick concealed in sexy NUDE! This is one of the naughtiest April tricks for beaus over text.

You can make it dependent upon him by really sending some later! You can likewise pull this April fool tricks on companions too.

3. Online Shopping Text But Fake – April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

Assuming that your person dens about the amount you continue to shop on the web and each day there’s somebody at the doorstep to convey your package, you should attempt this sickening trick on him. If you have boxes saved from your last conveyance, it will take care of you, while possibly not simply assemble a few 20+ void boxes and pack them again very much like another bundle would look and furtively keep his eyes off and put those cases before your home outside, that too really promptly toward the beginning of the day. Presently you simply have to get his response when he moves out of home or when he returns from running.

4. Apartment Collapse Prank Text

Concoct some sort of pandemonium to occur at your place — like the roof collapsing — then, at that point, text your flatmate or huge other to tell them about it. We should check whether anybody wants to quickly head home.

5. Piercings Prank Text With Fake Twist

Get some phony piercings and send pictures to your loved ones. The reward for sending facial “piercings” to your grandmother.

6. Your Phone Glitch Prank Text – April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

Send them precisely the same instant message again and again with not a glaringly obvious reason. At the point when they answer, simply continue to send a similar message and afterward go quiet. They’ll be persuaded there’s something dubiously amiss with their telephone.

Final Thoughts On April Fools Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

The opportunity has arrived for you to play a definitive trick on your beau. It could be April Fools’ Day, however, how could he think of an innocuous text? The joke’s on him since you will trick him so hard he’ll be considering the way that you got it done!

Regardless of whether your accomplice succumbs to these April Fools’ Day jokes, you’re still probably going to share a chuckle over your endeavor. Best of luck, and cheerful tricking!

By the way, how did you like this April fools pranks for boyfriend over text recommendation by TinyDale? Do tell us by commenting, as well as if you have any advice for us, then definitely give it to us. Way to go all the beautiful prankster girlfriends around the globe. Go make him the best fool of all of them! Hope you liked this amazing article, do let us know your thoughts!

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