3 Amazing Facts On When Can Babies Drink Water

babies drink water

As soon as the newborn is born, Parents are keen to learn about what they can feed their babies and what needs to be avoided. Nowadays many classes are conducted for new parents to understand their infants, their food habits, sleeping pattern, and so on. Still one of the common questions arises when can babies drink water? For this question we have come up here on Tinydale with 3 common facts on when can babies drink water. Without any further delay let us begin with the facts one by one to let all the new parents know their answers:

3 Amazing Facts On Babies Drink Water

Let us begin with the facts one by one:

  1. Babies under 6 months of age do not need water. Only mothers’ milk is a requirement that fulfills all their nutritional needs. Still if in case their pediatrician allows for water under any circumstances parents need to give water with proper care.
  2. When your tiny one is around 6 months you can start offering a small amount of little cooled pre-boiled water. Remember parents you should not substitute water intake with their milk feeds and needs.
  3. But after 12 months their main drink should be water and cow milk or mothers milk.


I am sure now you are very well aware of the 3 facts you have to consider when can babies drink water. For the parents who have passed this age with their little ones do let us in know in the comment box below when you are introduced. and how was your experience we always love to welcome discussions on board? I am sure you are part of our amazing group “Baby World” to stay tuned with our latest videos and posts.

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