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25 Reasons Why i love you

Love is described as the magical feeling that any person gets when falling in love with the person they like. We are in the days of the second week of February it is a special time to express the feeling to your loved how you love them and why can’t take it is the chance to express the feeling in words. You can impress and expose your feelings with heart-touching words and phrases. We have collected a list of magical words that can help express your love to your partner. You may be having hundreds of reasons to love them but only can words tell how deep you are in love. You may have many reasons; We are listing the 25 reasons why I love you that can also be the reasons of yours. You can change the words and can express your feelings in your words. Let us see collected reasons.

Top 25 reasons why I love you

  1. I love you because you love me the way or the person I am.
  2. I love you because you are a kind of carefree and playful character at all times even life at its worst time.
  3. The sense of humor and the way laugh makes me enjoy and leave me stress-free at difficult times.
  4. I love you because you are bold enough to face any problems that come on life and it is supportive to lead life peacefully.
  5. Your talkative nature and adventurous spirit make me admire you and love you so much.
  6. I love you because you’re a caring and helping mind towards the needy. Then why not with your childishness and playful to create fun moments.
  7. Your dedication and determination towards anything you care about are not missing you loving you.
  8. You brighten my day with your smile is brighter than the sunlight I can say.
  9. I love the shyness that is rarely seen naturally in you and melt my heart. It is to contrast to your bold nature which is also not missed me to impress.
  10. I enjoy the rhythm of the heartbeat when you are near me. I love you when you are present near me.
  11. You are my whole world and you are more about anything else.
  12. You made my hours awesome when I am thinking about you. It makes the clock run fast why can’t make it slow I felt.
  13. You make me smile with your lovely words and smile why not I love you.
  14. Your texts on waking up and going to sleep give me completeness of the day, then why not l loves you.
  15. You are not a materialist you are separate from the crowd I had seen.
  16. I love you because you are more beautiful inside than outside.
  17. We have common thoughts that can make our bond strong. I love you because you can understand what I am.
  18. You are giving me motivation when I am feeling down. I love you because you are a good motivator.
  19. Your positive attitude towards life despite the problems. l love you because you are spreading positive energy around.
  20. Your childish smile makes me laugh. I love you because I like your smile.
  21. How the maturity and the response you are. I admire and love you for what you are.
  22. I like the coin-dropping smile for no reason.
  23. The way your modern and lateral thinking. I Love you as a woman as Bharthi saw.
  24. The words are not enough to describe you and there is no need for a reason to love you.

Reasons may vary but you can impress your loved one with your soul-making words. Feel the love and love of the person.

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