What Are You Looking For In Relationship? Find Out

What Are You Looking For In Relationship

What qualities do you seek in a partner? What attributes would you like your mate to possess? Or basically, what are you looking for in a relationship? Before you start a new relationship, you should ask yourself these questions.

Even though these questions appear to be simple and innocuous, I’m sure they would surprise most of us. That is precisely why so many relationships nowadays fail.

Our social lives are being negatively impacted by online dating, social media, and virtual living. It’s simply messed up our priorities, and we’ve all lost sight of what a good relationship should be like.

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sustain a long-term relationship since individuals are losing touch with their actual lives, and we’ve lost what our priorities should be in a love relationship.

What Are You Looking For In Relationship?

What would you say if someone asked you right now, “What are you looking for in a relationship?”

Please don’t use the words “real love” or “chemistry” because they’re so overused. If, on the other hand, you have no response to this question, you should have a serious and in-depth talk with yourself right now.

If you have a possible companion, having a response to this issue is very vital. If you don’t answer this question, your potential relationship will almost certainly fail.

I’m sure we’re all looking for the proper individual with whom we can be ourselves. We all want to discover our soulmate, someone who will accept us for who we are and stick by us through thick and thin.

However, before we even begin seeking that special someone, we must first define what a soulmate means to us. You need to figure out and clarify what you’re seeking in a partner.

It’s critical to define it since failing to do so on time might lead to you spending the rest of your life in a terrible relationship with the wrong person.

Many individuals feel that this isn’t essential since they believe that when they meet their soulmate, they will know immediately. That kind of thinking is a significant deal-breaker when it comes to establishing a good and committed relationship.

7 Essential Things To Look For In Relationship

Most ‘today’s relationships’ fail, I’m convinced because people don’t know what they want in a romantic relationship. Those things vary from person to person; nonetheless, the following are the most significant qualities and values to seek for in a partner:

1.  What Are You Looking For In Relationship?-  Emotional Maturity

Emotional Maturity
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You need a relationship in which both you and your spouse aren’t scared to express their feelings honestly. You’ll need a spouse that can regulate and manage their own emotions.

If you want to have a committed relationship, you need to know who you are on both sides. Both spouses should be supportive and sympathetic in equal measure.


2.  Being Treated With Respect

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This is something that all of us should search for in a love relationship. Allowing people to insult you merely demonstrates that you don’t respect yourself.

A partnership that lacks mutual respect is also certain to fail. Your significant other must recognize and appreciate the fact that you have different needs, interests, and viewpoints on some aspects of life.


3.  Regular Communication

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This is also critical for a happy and healthy relationship. When anything in the relationship is upsetting both parties, they must be honest, straight, and forthright.

If your spouse is the sort that struggles to communicate, you should strive to make them feel more at ease with you and encourage them to open up to you.


4.  What Are You Looking For In Relationship?- Honesty

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Unfortunately, the majority of them utilize such dating services to publish phony photos and information about themselves to look more compatible with their possible spouse. Many people lie about their personalities on their dating profiles, and this is the truth.

Those dating apps and all of that virtual life make it impossible for individuals to be honest with themselves, which is the root of so many failed relationships nowadays. That’s also why such kinds of relationships are more likely to be short-lived.


5.  Reliability

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We all need someone we can depend on, no matter how difficult we are. We require the sort of connection in which we can always count on our significant other.

Life is a difficult road to go. We’ll all have our ups and downs, and all we need is someone with whom we can share them.

To be clear, we don’t need someone else to complete ourselves since we’re already complete on our own.


6.  Understanding

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We all want to be seen and heard, let’s face it. Because it makes us feel liked, respected, and significant, we want to be understood by our loved ones.

When you have someone who understands you, it is the most amazing sensation. Someone who understands even your silence… A person who is capable of comprehending even the most intricate aspects of your heart and soul. It’s the most relaxing sensation I’ve ever had.

7.  What Are You Looking For In Relationship?-Empathy

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If a possible spouse already lacks empathy for you and some of your issues, it’s a huge red sign that they don’t see your relationship progressing in the direction you do. The fact is that they are most likely not serious about you.

If you want to keep your relationship strong, you must be sensitive to one another. Both parties should make an effort to comprehend and relate to one another.



Relationships decisions are the most important decision for one’s life. Not your job, not your business, not the money, your relations matter the most. So you must be clear about what you are expecting from a relationship because expectations cause a successful and miserable relationship. Now you know the 7 most essential things to look for in a relationship, do not expect everything from a single person.

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