11-Week-Old Baby Development And Milestones

Congratulations parents! Hurray!! Your baby has reached a new milestone it is a time for celebration for you and your baby. If your baby is 11-week-old, you can see a lot of development and milestones from talking to walking, from growth to memory, from grabbing to moving, and more. Here you will see what you can see in an 11-week-old baby.


11-Week-Old Baby Development

An 11-week-old baby may be completing 3 months of life. One of the American pediatricians referred this 11-week-old to as a baby in the fourth trimester.

You can see more development in their eating and sleeping routines. Your baby may put weight. He will be comfortable with the cot and can shift from the crib. “For helpful guidance on ensuring a comfortable sleep environment for your 11-week-old baby, explore insights from Nested Bean regarding the benefits of a sleep sack vs. sleep swaddle.”

His limbs become strong enough, and his face looks chubby. During tummy time, he may use his arms to push himself up. Still, his hand-eye coordination is in development, he will try to reach out and grasp the things.

He can listen sharply to the sound and observe the surroundings. He can identify his mother from her voice and respond to her voice.


11-week-old Baby Development

Baby grabs objects nearby

Your 11-week-old baby will start to use his arms to lift his body. It is the time to watch his crawling. Place toys near him to encourage this movement.

A baby may try to grab the objects in his sight. You may wonder if you found anything in his which is kept nearby. It is good to keep toxic or unsanitary things away from your eyesight or crib.


11 Week Old Baby Feeding Schedule

baby vomits

11 week old feeding schedule – Your baby may feel hungry all time after the 3-month-old. He may cry for the next feeding just after completing the previous one.

Your baby may be mother-fed or bottle-fed, whenever they feel hungry, feed them. After a long sleep, the baby may wake up hungry. Sometimes your baby may be taking bigger meals. Avoid giving solid foods at this age.

It is too early for the baby’s digestive system to work with solids. Share your thoughts with us on cluster feeding 11 weeks.


11 week old baby sleep schedule

Baby sleeping

Many new parents ask how long should an 11 week old sleep? You can identify the 11-week-old baby’s tiredness through his yawning and red eyes. It is the time to sleep. As soon as you find these signals, you have to make him sleep.

An 11-week-baby can sleep without a swaddle. He might learn to roll. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a nighttime pacifier for up to one year of age. It can protect the baby from occurring SIDS.

You can use white noise that can keep your baby soothed. It also helps to stop using a pacifier. Your baby might know the difference between the day and night at his age. It might help him to sleep more at night.



You can stimulate your baby to make him happy and excited. You can tickle your baby to excite him. He also reacts to overstimulation. He may turn her head away and stick his fist in his mouth.




You can notice a lot of changes in your baby’s noises, grunts, and smiles. He will understand the peek-a-boo game and respond through his smile.

You can improve the baby’s memory and learning skills by allowing him to listen to music or can say rhymes. His response to the sounds will be cute. All his behavior will slightly change here.



baby won't sleep in bassinet

Your 11-week-old baby may use his cry as a tool to convey his feelings or anything he wants.

He will be strong in his demands. His crying volume and intensity may change widely at this age. You can identify his needs if you observe your baby’s pattern of behavior closely.

Some babies may calm down quickly, some may not. They will cry continuously for no reason.


Safety Care Tips To Support His Development

Caring baby is the main task of every mother. All others are next until your baby grows well.

  • His appetite will be more, so give him enough food to satisfy.
  • Encourage nighttime sleep more than daytime. Keep all lights off at night.
  • Introduce a lot of colors and sounds that can help in the development
  • You can play peek-a-boo to improve the capability of recognizing a person.
  • You can support his rolling over by pushing him in the right direction. You can use the soft blanket to lie down your baby. You can make sounds to encourage his rollover.
  • Your baby might get gas while gulping too much air with the mother’s milk. It is good to burp a baby halfway through feeding and after he has done.
  • A nursing mother can cut down on gas-producing foods such as broccoli and cauliflower.
  • You can also use antigas drops or gripe water. But consult a doctor before giving it to a baby.



Summary Tinydale

You can observe more changes in his physical activity and communication at this age.

If your child shows any delay in their development, please visit your doctor and inform him about it. Please feel free to share tiny milestones and the growth and development of your little bundle of joy.

Stay tuned with us on Tinydale for upcoming months full of a cute baby’s growth and development with love and warmth!

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