10 Easy Ways To Teach A Little Turtle Poem To Grade 1 Kids!

A little turtle poem

A Little Turtle poem is a delightful poem and a whimsical way to introduce young children to the concept of a turtle’s slow and steady pace, as well as its unique ability to carry its shell (its “house”) wherever it goes. Let’s break down the poem and its themes.


A Little Turtle Poem Lyrics

I am a little turtle

I crawl so slow,

And I carry my house

Wherever I go.

When I get tired

I put in my head,

My legs and my tail

And I go to bed.


Summary Of A Little Turtle

A little turtle poem lyrics

This delightful poem tells the story of a little turtle and its unique characteristics. The turtle, being slow and steady, is the main character. It cleverly carries its home, its shell, everywhere it ventures, emphasizing its comfort and safety.

When tired, the turtle retreats into its shell, symbolizing a cozy bedtime. This poem teaches kids about turtles, their slow-paced lifestyle, and their ability to retreat to their shells for rest.

It also imparts a valuable lesson about embracing one’s own pace and finding comfort in familiar places when needed, making it a charming and educational poem for young readers. Source

Difficult Word Meanings In A Little Turtle Poem

Here are 10 words from the poem “A Little Turtle” along with their meanings:

  • Crawl: To move forward slowly on hands and knees or with the body close to the ground.
  • Carry: To hold or support the weight of something and transport it from one place to another.
  • Wherever: In or to whatever place or situation.
  • Tired: In need of rest or sleep due to physical or mental fatigue.
  • Legs: The limbs of an animal, such as a turtle, used for walking or moving.
  • Tail: The elongated, flexible appendage at the rear of an animal, often used for balance or propulsion.
  • Bed: A piece of furniture for sleeping or resting.

Understanding these words can enhance a child’s comprehension of the poem and expand their vocabulary. Source


10 Ways To Teach A Little Turtle Poem

How to teach

Teaching the poem “A Little Turtle” to grade 1 kids can be a fun and engaging experience. Here are 10 creative ways to make the learning process enjoyable and effective:

  • Read Aloud: Begin by reading the poem aloud to the students. Use expressive tones and gestures to capture their attention and make the poem come to life.
  • Visual Aids: Use images or drawings of turtles to help kids visualize the turtle in the poem. Show pictures of real turtles and their shells.
  • Turtle Crafts: Organize a craft activity where students can create their own paper plate turtles with shells. This hands-on activity reinforces the poem’s theme.
  • Role Play: Encourage students to act out the poem. Assign roles such as the turtle, legs, tail, and head, and let them perform the poem for their classmates.
  • Rhyming Words: Identify and discuss the rhyming words in the poem, like “slow” and “go.” Have students come up with more rhyming words related to turtles.
  • Shell Exploration: Bring in real or replica turtle shells (if possible) and let students touch and examine them. Discuss the purpose and importance of a turtle’s shell.
  • Writing Activity: Have students write their own short poems about animals, using the structure of the “A Little Turtle” poem as a template. They can choose any animal they like.
  • Nature Walk: If possible, take the students on a nature walk and look for real turtles in a pond or park. Observing these animals in their natural habitat can be a memorable experience.
  • Turtle Songs: Sing songs related to turtles, or create simple songs together using the poem’s content. This adds a musical element to the lesson.
  • Storytelling: Encourage students to create their own short stories or narratives inspired by the turtle’s adventures in the poem. This fosters creativity and comprehension.



Summary Tinydale

Overall, this A Little Turtle poem is an excellent choice for kids because it combines engaging imagery, simple language, and a touch of whimsy to educate them about a unique aspect of the animal kingdom, all while being fun to read or listen to. 

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