Top 10 Independence Day Speech For Kids (In 2023)

Independence day speech

The celebration of an Independence Day Speech is very important.

It means a lot to someone who wants to voice his opinions about the nation.

India gained its independence on August 15, 1947, ending over 200 years of British control in the region.

It is a day of great pride as we remember the millions of our independence warriors who gave their lives for their country.

And, their unwavering tenacity and patriotism, pushed the British empire to withdraw ultimately.

The easy and entertaining independence day speeches included here are perfect for kids.

Speech On The Significance Of Independence Day

Kid holding Indian flag

  • On this day of national observance, I extend a warm greeting to every one of you.
  • Today, we commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the country’s independence.
  • The happiest time in India’s history occurred at that time.
  • After over two centuries of uprisings and struggles against British rule, it finally arrived.
  • The day serves as a reminder of our countrymen’s bravery and sacrifices.
  • It also makes us think of all the people who carried the independence struggle’s flame.
  • Let’s remember our nation’s independence by celebrating to honor the unwavering spirit of our political allies and freedom warriors.
  • We currently benefit from the fruits of freedom as a result of them.

A Speech Marking Independence Day

Independence day!

  • It marks the day that, following many years of arduous battle led by India’s heroic freedom warriors, we finally achieved independence from British domination.
  • On August 15th of each year, we commemorate our independence.
  • This is being done in remembrance of India’s first day of freedom.
  • Additionally, it is a time to honor all the great leaders who gave their lives to secure India’s freedom.
  • On August 15, 1947, the British relinquished control of India.
  • On August 15, 1947, when India gained her independence, the long years of struggle finally paid off.

Easy To Learn Independence Day Speech

Indian flag

  • As is well known, we attained freedom on this momentous day in 1947.
  • All due to the political pioneers and freedom warriors of that era.
  • A free and unified India was what they had in mind. To realize their ambition, they also battled valiantly against British invaders.
  • On August 15, 1947, their ambition was at last fulfilled. However, the nation paid a high price for it.
  • India was burning due to communal violence while half of it was celebrating its freedom.
  • Our political leaders and liberation warriors could not have predicted this.
  • They imagined an India that was peaceful on all levels—communal, religious, and cultural.

An Address Commemorating Independence Day

Indian flag Innovative

  • Today we are gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Independence Day on the 15th of August.
  • We celebrate this day with lots of enthusiasm and joy every year.
  • This is because our country got freedom on this day in 1947 from British rule.
  • Today we are free to do anything because of the great Indian leaders who struggled hard for many years to get freedom.
  • This day is of great importance to all Indian citizens as it allows us to remember all those freedom fighters.
  • Salute to all the patrons who had sacrificed their lives just for giving us a beautiful and peaceful life.

Quick Independence Day Talk

Independence day drawing 1

  • Being here and organizing this energizing day on the occasion of the Declaration of Independence makes me feel fortunate to be in the presence of you.
  • As Indians, we are conscious of how significant Independence Day is.
  • Since we have effectively regained our liberty from British oppression, we ought to experience the highest pride.
  • A national holiday has been designated in India as a result of this day’s significance to all Indians throughout history.
  • This is for everyone’s participation in a pleasant and festive Independence of August celebration.

Importance Of Independence Day Speech

Independence day

  • We have gathered today to celebrate India’s 76th Independence Day. Respected principal, educators, judges, and my beloved friends.
  • Feelings of thanksgiving, pride, and resolve overflow in our hearts.
  • We pay respect to the courageous individuals who gave their life on this historic day.
  • For the freedom that we value today, they bravely battled.
  • I would want to use this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has worked to advance the hopes and goals of millions of Indians by fostering stability, prosperity, and progress inside our country.
  • Embrace this moment of pride for our country as we forge ahead in unison and resolve towards a more affluent and enlightened India.

A Proclamation Honouring Independence Day

Independence day drawing 1

  • Everyone is cordially welcomed! We are all coming together to commemorate our nation’s independence today.
  • On August 15, 1947, the British left our nation free. To achieve it, many freedom warriors sacrificed their lives.
  • Thus, we must start this day by thanking them for their efforts and sending up prayers for them.
  • We must always respect our freedom and work hard to keep it.
  • Since gaining our freedom, our country has made great strides.
  • We have advanced in practically every area of life. But the issues that our country is dealing with are quite varied.
  • To keep what we have accomplished, we must work hard every day.
  • To combat the issues, we must simultaneously stand as a team.

Brief Independence Day Speech

Independence day drawing 2

  • We have gathered here today to commemorate the 77th anniversary of our Indian, Bharat, and Hindustan independence.
  • Respected principal, educators, judges, and my dear friends.
  • Our hearts are full of pride and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the courageous men and women who fought for our freedom on this momentous anniversary.
  • The 76th anniversary of our country’s independence from British colonial authority is on August 15, 2023.
  • British governed our country for nearly 200 years.
  • Our ancestors struggled for decades, and on August 15, 1947, India gained its independence.
  • The time has come for us to make a commitment to Mother India and to remain devoted to her.

Sample Independence Day Speech for Kids

  • We’re here right now to commemorate our country’s independence.
  • We must commit to our mother nation’s growth and advancement right away on this day.
  • One of the freedom fighters who battled with British authorities while upholding the values of truth and non-violence was Gandhiji.
  • He envisioned creating a country where people might live in harmony.
  • After the British withdrew, India’s population could finally live in peace and happiness.
  • We made advancements in practically every discipline. India rose to become one of the top locations for academic pursuits.
  • The Indian population advanced in many spheres of life, not only schooling.
  • We must respect these advancements and successes and work to keep them going forever.

Independence Day Speech Model

Independence day drawing

  • Today, as we gather to honor India’s 77th Independence Day, my heart is filled with joy and the echo of Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s statement, “Freedom is my birthright, and I shall have it!”
  •  Many castes, creeds, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds have come together to make the great country that we are today.
  • In homage to our liberation heroes, we resolve to move our country forward by supporting the ideas of democracy, equality, and justice, as well as unity in diversity.
  • Let us celebrate the nation’s freedom today, but let us also recognize our responsibility to India’s future.



On this day, let us celebrate togetherness in diversity.

Let us commit to working together to make India a powerhouse in the next years.

The four sample speeches listed above are ones that parents may assist their children prepare.

Independence Day and Republic Day are two such instances where children may demonstrate their oratory abilities.

As a result, parents must encourage their children to take advantage of these chances to improve their knowledge and speaking abilities.

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