Raha Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity, Rashi And Sign

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“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. Well, ask parents and they’ll say, “Everything!” ‘Raha’ name meaning is auspicious and has multiple meanings in many languages, all of which have positive connotations. Let us take a look at the meanings, origin, pronunciation and popularity of the Raha name.


What Are The Origins Of ‘Raha’ Name?

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The name Raha has several origins that we shall elaborate on in the next section. Surprisingly, this word finds its roots in many different languages – Hindi, Sanskrit, Bangla, Arabic, Persian and Swahili.


What Does The ‘Raha’ Name Mean?

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In Hindi – Raha name is the Hindi word for “path,” “route,” or “course” and is also used to denote “happiness” and “bliss.”

The Sanskrit Meaning  – In Sanskrit, Raha is a name of a person belonging to the family of Prajapati who were considered the descendants of Lord Brahma.

The Bangla Meaning – Raha name means “peace” and “relief” in Bangla.

The Arabic Meaning – In Arabic, similar to Bangla, Raha means “comfort” or “ease.” Therefore, it represents a state of relaxation, tranquility, and well-being.

The Persian Meaning – In Persian, Raha name means “free” or “liberated.” Not surprisingly, conveys the idea of someone who is unbound, independent, and free from constraints or restrictions.

The Swahili Meaning –  Raha is the Swahili word that denotes “pleasure” or “joy.” It denotes a feeling of happiness, contentment, or delight.


What Are People Named Raha Like?

People with the name Raha are typically friendly, outgoing, and cheerful. Their charismatic personality enables them to connect with people effortlessly.

Now, this reinforces their leadership qualities and helps them strengthen their relationships with others.

Raha name means naturally calm and peaceful, and people named Raha love and care for their loved ones deeply. Additionally, it also channels artistic qualities in the person.

As per Vedic Astrology, the person with name Raha has a fiercely independent personality and are wise with money.

Moreover, they also harbor plenty of hobbies as staying active is their forte.

Consequently, these people enjoy spending their free time on creative activities such as arts, painting, writing poetry, singing, and much more. Fortunately, people named Raha are also very career-oriented and make it a top priority. 


How To Pronounce The Name ‘Raha’?

Evidently, Raha is a two-syllables cute and short feminine name which is pronounced as ‘Ra-HAA’ making ‘Raha’ name an easy to pronounce one! Rest assured, even spelling the name won’t be a problem for anyone.


Rashi Of ‘Raha’ Name As Per Vedic Astrology

The numerology of Raha name is 1 and it belongs to the Libra (Tula) sign according to Vedic Astrology. while being philanthropic, they also do not crave the limelight and have a pure, innocent heart.


Who Popularized The Name ‘Raha’?


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Raha baby name has become very popular in recent times, all thanks to Bollywood superstars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor!

Evidently, the stars naming their baby girl Raha inspired their fans to do so too and according to Google search data analysis, Raha name peaked in popularity from November to December of 2022.



Overall, the name Raha is often associated with positive qualities such as freedom, comfort, and happiness.

Raha name meaning and the good qualities associated with it make it a popular and meaningful name in various cultures. 

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