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Post Milane who is born on July 4 1995 is currently 26 years old. He is a sensation in today’s world, Not only in the US but all over the world. He basically does singling, songwriting and rapping as his income sources. His full name is Austin Richard Post. And he is commonly known as Post Malone or Posty. He is born in Syracuse, Newyork, United States. He did his education at Grapevine High School. Now without any further delay let’s dive into the topic as our title says Post Malone Height and let’s get it covered in this article:

About Post Malone


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The Music he Loves to Do:

  • emo
  • heavy metal music
  • hip hop
  • Softer rock.

At the age of 16, He developed an interest in Guitar and he started to learn guitar and was commonly known as a Guitar hero.

Post Malone Height


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How tall is post malone? This Popular American rapper Released his personal details such as height on his Twitter handle and claimed his height at 6’2″. Post malone height in feet is 6’2″.

Other physical details available on the internet:

  • Height is 185 cms
  • Weight is 84 kgs
  • Eye color is blue
  • His hair color is dark brown.

Post Malone Lifestyle

As he is very fit and physically active.All thanks to his active and healthy lifestyle. He Does exercise 6 days a week and takes a break on Sunday. He likes to do cardio exercises like:

  • Stair climbing
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical.

Other exercises he loves to do is boxing, weight training, burpees, and sit-ups.



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Post Malone is commonly known as a rapper, singer, song producer, and songwriter. People wonder how old is post malone?  He is born on July 4 1995 is currently 26 years old. He has a deep love for emo and heavy metal music. At just the age of 16, He released his mixtape, his debut song White Iverson was the turning point in his career.Source

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