5 Strategies For Parents For how to tell if a child is lying

Top 5 Strategies When Child Is Lying To You

It always hurts us when our children start lying to us. Whatever can be the reason behind it. But it is panicky for every parent to deal with the reason when a child is lying and how to overcome it? and how to tell if a child is lying. I am sure you are part of our amazing page Tinydale to stay tuned with the latest posts and videos.

Why Children Lie?

Child Is Lying

We all wonder why our kids lie or start telling lies. Some of the common reasons are:

  • They lie to fulfill their desires. For example, a kid wants a toy If their parents are not convinced to buy it for him. He will try to find out alternative and tell lie to fulfill his want.
  • To simply avoid the troubles. Like, They did something wrong and are scared. They will think our parents will scold us if I told the truth. So to avoid the consequence and behavior issues they simply tell the lie.
  • Another reason could be if parents are assigning some work like clearing the mess and their kid is not interested in he will start making excuses and can lie even to not want to do the task given.
  • These are some of the common reasons behind the kid’s lies. There can be some advanced reasons which parents have to dig to get a clear picture.

Top 5 Strategies For Parents To Follow how to tell if a child is lying:

What if I say I came up with some simple strategies to help parents when their kids are lying. Here, we will discuss the top 5 strategies for parents to deal with when their child is lying to them:

1. Stay Calm When Your Child Is Lying!

Calm to deal anxiety

Yes! you heard it right. It is the key to dealing with a lying child. You should stay calm and composed. Tackle the behavior problems in children in a calm and composed manner. As when you are frustrated with the habit of a child lying there are chances your child can lie again just to hide and escape the anger.

2. Go In Detail about When a Child Is Lying

As a parent, you should go into every detail to find out why your child is lying? What is the reason behind this situation? The best way to overcome this hurdle is to go in deep and understand why your child is lying to you? If your child accepts that he is lying better to confront him in a calm and composed manner to extract the reason behind this from your child.

3. Earn Trust When Child Is Lying

Sense Of Touch

You as a parent try to become their friends first. Let them be comfortable with you. Once they become comfortable so they will build trust. You as a parent would develop a soothing bond with your kids. Once they build the trust when they trust you. Do they instantly spill whatever is going on in their mind? And their Anxiety and stress are released. And it is easy for you to make out whenever your child is lying.

4. Lying Is Wrong: Not Acceptable – how to tell if a child is lying?

No for everything

Parents should be firm when it comes to acceptance. You should not lose to accept the wrong deeds at any cost. Whenever your child makes a mistake. you can calmly and lovingly make them understand it’s ok mistakes happen not just with you but with us as well. It is always better to fill your child’s day with love and warmth. But if you committed a mistake make sure you accept it instead of lying or covering it up. Try to make them understand it’s all ok to make mistakes. But try to learn from the mistake and accept it.

5. Praise The Honesty

Praise to deal with anxiety

Praising is one of the magical things which works in the journey of parenting a long way.it is tried and tested thing. I am a big supporter and always praise my children for small things in day-to-day deeds. Always appreciate the love for sharing whenever your kids do it with their friends. Whenever your child did a mistake and he accepts it. It is our duty as a parent to appreciate and praise the deed of honesty exhibited by our child. In this way, next time he will open up about his thoughts and we will definitely grow our bond forever and ever!

Happy Parenting!

So, here I came up with some wonderful easy tips to deal with your children when they are lying. I hope it works. Please let me know in the comment box below! I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning!

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