80 Best Flower Names For Boys 2023 (With Meanings)

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Flowers are a source of positivity and inspiration for many. Moreover, there are plenty of beautiful flower names for boys that you absolutely need to know about! source

Hence, here is a list of the popular as well as rare flower names for boys and babies! Let us jump straight into the list of names and explore their beautiful meanings. source


Popular Flower Names For Boys


  • Aster: Meaning “star,” this name has Greek origins and is associated with the star-like shape of the aster flower.
  • Basil: Derived from the Greek word “basileus,” meaning “king,” basil is a fragrant herb and also a floral name option.
  • Linden: Of German origin, linden refers to the linden tree known for its heart-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers.
  • Rowan: With Gaelic origins, rowan refers to the rowan tree and its clusters of red berries.
  • Sage: Derived from the Latin word “sapiens,” meaning “wise,” sage is both a name and a fragrant herb.
  • Briar: A nature-inspired name of English origin, briar refers to thorny bushes often found in the wild.
  • Indigo: This name is associated with the deep blue-purple color and the indigo dye obtained from certain plants.
  • Lavender: A fragrant herb and a color, lavender has Latin origins and signifies calmness and relaxation.


Best Flower Names For Sons

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  • Hawthorn: Named after the hawthorn tree, this name has English origins and is associated with the symbolism of hope and protection.
  • Cedar: With Hebrew origins, cedar refers to the strong and aromatic tree known for its durable wood.
  • Ash: A name with multiple origins, ash refers to the ash tree and symbolizes strength and growth.
  • Lupin: Derived from the Latin word “lupinus,” meaning “wolf,” lupin is a flower name often associated with wild landscapes.
  • Sorrel: Of French origin, sorrel refers to a plant with sour-tasting leaves often used in salads.
  • Columbine: This flower name has Latin origins and signifies love, making it a poetic option.
  • Sorrel: This name is of French origin and is also the name of a herb with tangy leaves.
  • Yarrow: Derived from Old English, yarrow is a name associated with a flowering plant known for its medicinal properties.


Rare Flower Names For Boys

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  • Amaranthus: Originating from Greek, it means “unfading” and refers to the amaranth flower, symbolizing immortality.
  • Zephyr: Derived from the Greek god of the west wind, Zephyrus, this name evokes a gentle breeze carrying the scent of flowers.
  • Azalea: A rare flower name, Azalea is of Greek origin and symbolizes passion and femininity.
  • Lotus: Associated with purity and enlightenment in various cultures, Lotus originates from both Greek and Egyptian mythology.
  • Orchid: A delicate and exotic flower, Orchid originates from the Greek word “orkhis” and symbolizes beauty and rarity.
  • Hawthorn: Derived from the flowering shrub, Hawthorn has Old English origins and signifies hope and healing.
  • Alder: The Alder tree has catkins that resemble flowers. The name is of Old English origin and represents strength and protection.
  • Cypress: Named after the coniferous tree, Cypress comes from Old English and Greek origins, symbolizing strength and endurance.


Greek Names 

  • Krokus: Named after the saffron crocus flower, this name symbolizes vitality and cheerfulness.
  • Hyacinthos: Inspired by the hyacinth flower, this name signifies sport, play, and growth.
  • Leontios: Meaning “lion-like,” this name conveys strength and bravery, similar to the Lion’s Ear flower.
  • Anthos: Simply meaning “flower” in Greek, Anthos is a subtle and charming name.
  • Eranthis: Named after the winter aconite flower, this name is a symbol of rejuvenation and early spring.
  • Floros: Meaning “blossom” or “flower,” this name is a direct reference to nature’s beauty.
  • Narcissus: Inspired by the mythological figure Narcissus and the daffodil flower, this name represents self-love and rebirth.
  • Zephyros: Named after the Greek god of the west wind, Zephyr, this name signifies a gentle breeze and fresh air.
  • Petran: This name, meaning “rock” or “stone,” can symbolize the enduring strength found in nature.
  • Asterion: Inspired by the aster flower, this name signifies star-like qualities and love.
  • Linos: Named after the Greek god of music and song, Linus, this name symbolizes creativity and harmony.
  • Thallis: Meaning “green shoots” or “young plants,” Thallis conveys growth and renewal.
  • Chrysanthos: Derived from “chrysanthemum,” this name signifies golden flowers and happiness.
  • Kalanthis: Inspired by the Greek word for “calendula,” this name represents joy and warmth.
  • Xanthis: This name, meaning “yellow” or “golden,” can symbolize brightness and positivity.
  • Heliades: Named after the daughters of the sun god Helios, this name signifies radiance and beauty.



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Hopefully, this list of flower names for boys along with their meanings was useful to you!

There is a popular misconception that flower names are only for girls. However, as you can see, Flower names for boys are equally melodious and appealing!

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