70+ Hanuman Names For Baby Boy (With Meanings)

Hanuman names

The legendary figure of Hanuman, known for his unwavering devotion, strength, and courage, has inspired generations with his incredible tales. Naming your baby boy after Hanuman can be a profound choice, imbuing him with qualities of resilience and dedication. In this article, we’ll explore a collection of Hanuman names for baby boys, each with its unique significance and connection to this revered deity. Source


About Lord Hanuman 

lord Hanuman ji

Lord Hanuman, a revered figure in Hinduism, is a symbol of devotion, strength, and unwavering loyalty.

Known for his role in the epic Ramayana, he’s depicted as a monkey-faced deity with immense power and devotion to Lord Rama. His selfless service, agility, and boundless love for his lord inspire millions.

Hanuman exemplifies the virtues of courage, humility, and faith in the Hindu pantheon. Source


Hanuman Names For Baby Boy

List of Hanuman Names For Baby Boy:

  • Anjaneya: Son of Anjana.
  • Pavanputra: Son of the wind.
  • Maruti: Another name for Hanuman.
  • Bajrangbali: Another name for Hanuman, meaning “one with a strong body.”
  • Mahabali: Signifying “the mighty one.”
  • Kesari Nandan: Son of Kesari (Hanuman’s father).
  • Sankat Mochan: The remover of difficulties.
  • Ramdoot: Messenger of Lord Rama.
  • Pavan Kumar: Son of the wind.
  • Rudra Veer: The brave one, a devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Ashok Vatika Vihari: One who visited the Ashok Vatika during Lord Rama’s exile.
  • Anjani Putra: Son of Anjana.
  • Sita Shoka Nivarana: Remover of Sita’s sorrow.
  • Yogiraj: Supreme yogi.
  • Vanara Raja: King of the monkeys.
  • Bhaktimanas: Devotee of Lord Rama.


Common Hanuman Names For Boys

lord Hanuman names for boys

  • Mangal Murti: Auspicious form.
  • Chiranjeevi: The immortal one.
  • Baladhvaja: One with a strong flag.
  • Hanumant: Another name for Hanuman.
  • Veer Hanuman: The brave Hanuman.
  • Jai Kapeesh: Hail, the Lord of monkeys.
  • Shanta Karam: The one with a peaceful form.
  • Sankata Mochana: The liberator from troubles.
  • Lankadhipati: Lord of Lanka.
  • Rameshwar: Lord of Lord Rama.
  • Vajrang: Strong as a diamond.
  • Anjani Garbh Sambhut: Born from Anjana’s womb.
  • Atihi: A guest, as he was a guest in Ashok Vatika.
  • Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahi Aave: Protector from ghosts and evil spirits.
  • Rudraansh: A portion of Lord Shiva.
  • Shri Raghava Priya: Beloved of Lord Rama.
  • Veerank: A brave and strong person.
  • Sarva Karya Sidhi: Granter of success in all endeavors.
  • Sarvottam: The supreme one.
  • Kanchana Bodhana: The one who uplifted the golden mountain.
  • Prahlada Varada: The bestower of boons to Prahlada.
  • Ananta Gunagarvit: Possessing infinite virtues.
  • Adbhut: Marvelous and extraordinary.
  • Ramachandra Preetyartham: Devoted to Lord Rama.
  • Vayu Putra: Son of the wind god.
  • Pavan Tanaya: Son of the wind.
  • Chiranjeevini: Bestower of immortality.


Rare Hanuman Names For Baby Boys

List of Rare Hanuman Names For Baby Boy:

  • Sankat Haran: Remover of difficulties.
  • Kesarinandan: Son of Kesari.
  • Yashaskaram: The bestower of fame.
  • Pavana Suta: Son of the wind god.
  • Bhakta Hanuman: Devotee of Lord Rama.
  • Veer Teja: Radiant bravery.
  • Yugantaraya Kritaya: Who crossed the ocean to reach Lanka.
  • Pavana Nandana: Son of the wind god.
  • Rama Priya: Beloved of Lord Rama.
  • Veerapradata: The giver of courage.
  • Sarva Roga Vinashak: The healer of all ailments.
  • Ram Bhakta: Devotee of Lord Rama.
  • Atulit: Incomparable.
  • Bajrang: Signifying strength.
  • Shree Hanumantha: Another name for Hanuman.
  • Bhaya Vardhana: Dispeller of fear.
  • Vajrakaya: Having a body as strong as a diamond.
  • Anjaneya Varada: The bestower of blessings.
  • Shubh Dayaka: Bringer of auspiciousness.
  • Pavitram: The pure one.
  • Bala Danda Vidarhana: The one who broke Lord Rama’s staff.
  • Punya Shloka: Of sacred verses.
  • Lanka Dahana: The burner of Lanka.
  • Sarva Tirtha Mayam: Embodiment of all pilgrimage sites.
  • Veeranjaneya: Another name for the brave Hanuman.
  • Prabhu Premi: Beloved of the Lord.
  • Rama Duta: Messenger of Lord Rama.
  • Raghupati Priya: The beloved of Lord Rama.
  • Sarva Kalyana Pradayaka: The bestower of all auspiciousness.
  • Manojavaya: Swift as the mind.
  • Sarva Yudha Kala Parakrama: Skillful in all forms of combat.
  • Dhira: The courageous one.
  • Mani Kanthh: One with a gem-like throat.
  • Veerabhadra: A fierce warrior.
  • Sita Shoka Nashana: The destroyer of Sita’s sorrow.
  • Pramod: Signifying joy and happiness.
  • Bhoota Bhavana: The creator of all beings.



These names inspired by Lord Hanuman carry deep spiritual and cultural significance, making them meaningful choices for baby boys. Hopefully, you found this list useful!

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