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A baby’s cough is a cause of worry for every parent. When to seek medical attention, and when not to, this is the question that occurs to parents. A baby’s cough can mean several things. Sometimes, It is not possible to reach the doctor immediately. In this blog, let’s discuss home remedies for cough in babies. At the end of the article, We will try to figure out the Top 5 Indian Home Remedies For Cough For Kids.

Sometimes it’s just the small things like a food item that gets stuck in your throat that might cause a cough, and it’s likely to go away after drinking water. It is undoubtedly a matter of concern if any other object gets stuck in your throat. Let’s start by discussing the types of coughs likely to occur in children.

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Two Main Types Of Cough In Children

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A little Phlegmy or Wet Cough – When your child’s cough starts to sound mucousy, it is a phlegmy cough. They often occur as signs of the common cold and lead to a running nose and a loud cough. It’s better to see medical attention if the cough is phlegmy and wet.

Dry Cough – This kind of cough occurs due to sore throat and irritation in your respiratory tract. The cough sounds whiny. Dry coughs commonly occur in children after a cold or flu. It is a matter of worry if it lingers for several weeks, then it needs proper medical attention.

Kind Of Cough Needs Immediate Attention

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Not all kinds of cough mean severe harm to a baby’s health, but sometimes coughs are the first signs to indicate extreme medical conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, or bronchiolitis.

Whooping Cough – The whooping sound in a baby’s cough is the only way to identify it as whooping cough. It is caused due to bacterial infection, and it’s the subject that needs immediate medical attention. This cough can be life-threatening for babies, and the only way to avoid it is to make sure that the baby is immunized.

Asthma It generally occurs in children above the age of 2 years and has a history of asthma running in the family. So a cough that sounds wheezing can be an indication of the onset of asthma. It is better not to fret so quickly and try to understand the kind of cough and then consult the doctor.

Pneumonic Cough – It is wet and phlegmy with the symptoms of the common cold. Not all wet coughs indicate pneumonia. It is very likely the kind of cough that brings out everything the baby ate in shades of yellow and green. This, too, requires immediate medical care.

Bronchiolitis Cough – Constriction of the airways leads to bronchiolitis cough. Constriction occurs by many environmental factors such as dust. The cases of bronchiolitis in babies under age 1 occur due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This virus causes a simple cold in kids older than three, but it can linger in the lungs of infants and can be potentially life-threatening, needing substantial medical assistance.

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Top 5 Indian Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

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Ayurveda is effective and safe because Ayurvedic remedies barely have any side effects. So for a baby, Ayurvedic natural home remedies for cough should be preferable.

  1. Ginger helps in soothing dry cough and has inflammatory properties that help in comforting the nasal passage.
  2. Basil tea might be the best in giving relief to the dry throat and pain that a dry cough cause.
  3. Mulethi (licorice) also helps to treat respiratory problems.
  4. Fluids can help in cough and cold as it keeps your baby hydrated, and simultaneously, warm fruit juices and water can work wonders if allowed and safe for your baby.
  5. A salt-water gargle is an ancient and easy remedy. Please take the consent of your doctor before trying this remedy.

Cough isn’t always a matter of grave worry. So it’s crucial to decode your baby’s cough. Then take action accordingly rather than ringing the doctor every time your baby coughs!

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. It is always advised to take the help of a medical professional if you have any health concerns. This is just for informational purposes only. Please check allergy and sensitivity to any ingredients.

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