8 Best Pirate Songs of All Time!

Pirate party

Ready to set sail? We’ve collected 8 of the greatest pirate songs of all time. From classics like ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ to new favorites, there’s something for everyone!

Pirate songs

Want to join in a rousing sea shanty? Check out our top 8 pirate songs and start singing along! With some classic songs plus modern additions, this is one voyage you won’t want to miss.

Add some swashbuckling fun to your day with the 8 best pirate songs ever created! Our list includes unforgettable classics and awesome new tunes that will transport you back to the seven seas.

ship in the sea

Ahoy Matey! Are you ready to set sail and sing some sea shanties? Get your pirate hat on and dive into our collection of the top 5 greatest pirate songs of all time. From timeless classics like ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ to more modern songs, you’re sure to find something that will have you singing and swashbuckling!


“A-Rovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon” – Capt. Basil B. Frankfurter

“A-Rovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon” is a deep sea folk song by Capt. Basil B. Frankfurter, and it’s sure to get your feet tapping aboard your pirate ship! This Caribbean inspired tune tells the story of a captain that spends his Sundays roving around in search of buried treasure. The upbeat melody with its catchy chorus will have you dreaming of sunny skies and swaying palms in no time!


“Sea Shanty” – Stan Rogers (Pirate Songs)

Stan Rogers’ “Sea Shanty” will take you back to the days of old-fashioned pirate sailing, when crew members sang traditional sea shanties to keep spirits high and pass the time as they sailed for weeks on end. With its jaunty rhythm and refreshingly honest lyrics, this song is sure to get your feet stomping and hands clapping. Whether you another salty dog or just a land-lubber, this classic piratical tune is sure to become one of your favorites.


“Dead Man’s Chest” – King Louie & The Lawbreakers

Ooey, gooey and full of grog, this song will have you singing along with the crew as you search for treasure. With a catchy yet classic sound grounded in classic blues rhythms and adorned with good-time sing-alongs, “Dead Man’s Chest” is sure to soundtrack your next voyage. Whether searching for trouble or treasure, no pirate worth their salt should set sail without this track as part of their playlist!


“The Cambria” – Marianne Faithfull (Pirate Songs)

As she infuses her signature heartache and nostalgia into this traditional Irish-pub shanty, Marianne Faithfull explores the poignancy of a bygone era with “The Cambria.” The story starts off in good spirits with a cheery freshness that would make even the most weathered sailor feel keenly alive. But as the song goes on, Faithfull’s heartfelt tales of loss and longing fill each creaking line — reminding us to seek solace in connection even during times of distress.


“Whiskey in the Jar” – Thin Lizzy

“Whiskey in the Jar” by Thin Lizzy is a classic pirate song filled with raucous energy. The catchy chorus follows the story of an Irish bandit who is caught stealing whiskey from an English tavern and forced to face the consequences. Even after being warned of capture, our jolly outlaw doesn’t give up — making this folk tune a foot-stomping tribute to overcoming adversity.


Other Popular Pirate Songs Among Kids

ship in the sea

Silly Pirate Song

Silly Pirate Song by Jack Hartmann is an educational song for kids that covers sequencing, following a growing pattern, comprehension, and story recall. All these skills are very important developmental skills for young children.

Pirate Song By Blippi

Arr!! Ahoy matey, ready to set sail! Blippi sings about pirates in this fun cartoon music video. Pirates can be scary but they’re pretty funny too! Watch Blippi’s adventures with pirates in this educational song.

Cool Pirates Images With Some Interesting Information


What is the famous pirate song?

Top 10 Pirate Songs
  1. 1. ” 15 Men On A Dead Man’s Chest” – traditional.
  2. 2. ” The Gruesome Death Of Edward Teach” – Scissorfight. …
  3. 3. ” Professor Booty” – Beastie Boys. …
  4. 4. ” Jolly Roger” – Roger McGuinn. …
  5. 5. ” Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me” – traditional. …
Shanties are songs that were sung by sailors and pirates as they sailed the seven seas, intended to keep the men both entertained and motivated during their long spells at sea. The word shanty is sometimes spelled “chanty” as it is derived from the French word “chanter,” which means to sing. (source)
What are some real pirate shanties?
Sea Shanties for Pirates
  • Shantyman: Come to all ye young fellows that follow the sea.
  • All crew: To me, way hey, blow the man down.
  • Shantyman: Now please pay attention and listen to me.
  • All Crew: Give me some time to blow the man down.

What does pirate music sound like?

Pirate music is often based on folk-style melodies which are heavily swung, with lots of dotted notes.

Ahoy, Me Hearties! All Hand Hoy! Everyone get on deck! Pay attention and check this out!
Pronounced also as “Yarrr!” and “Arg!”, the word “Arrr!” is traditionally said by pirates when responding “yes” or when expressing excitement. Source
Sea shanties
Ahoy – A pirate greeting or a way to get someone’s attention, similar to “Hello” or “hey!”. Arrr, Arrgh, Yarr, Gar – Pirates slang used to emphasize a point. Avast – Pirate speak for pay attention.
Video game piracy is illegal.
  • Rapscallion. …
  • Galley Slave. …
  • We’ll rip and burn yer jolly roger! …
  • Scabby sea bass. …
  • Dance with Jack Ketch. …
  • Dead men tell no tales. …
  • Hands off me booty! …

old Pirates

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