Top 40 Cool Tomboy Names (With Meanings)

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If you’re looking for some cool tomboy names for your child, we have got you covered! Here’s a list of tomboy names with meanings.


Tomboy Names For Girls

Tomboy names

  • Taylor – Meaning “tailor,” this name implies precision and skill.
  • Jordan – A unisex name meaning “to flow down” or “descend.”
  • Riley – Derived from “rye clearing,” it suggests strength and nature.
  • Peyton – Meaning “fighting-man’s estate,” it carries a strong and independent vibe.
  • Cameron – Of Scottish origin, it means “crooked nose” and has a unisex appeal.
  • Morgan – A name signifying “sea circle,” representing fluidity and mystery.
  • Avery – Meaning “ruler of the elves,” it’s both strong and whimsical.
  • Alexis – Derived from “defender of the people,” it denotes strength and protection.
  • Drew – Short for Andrew or Andrea, it’s simple and confident.
  • Blake – Meaning “dark-haired” or “pale,” it’s a name with versatile connotations.
  • Casey – A unisex name meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.”
  • Quinn – Of Irish origin, it means “descendant of Conn” and has an assertive sound.
  • Remy – Meaning “oarsman” or “remedy,” it suggests a proactive spirit.
  • Spencer – Signifying “steward” or “dispenser of goods,” it conveys responsibility.
  • Sawyer – Derived from an occupational surname for someone who sawed wood.
  • Elliot – Meaning “Jehovah is God,” it’s a name with strength and conviction.
  • Dakota – Named after the Native American Dakota tribe, it means “friendly” or “allies.”
  • Harper – Originally a surname for a harp player, it’s now a popular, unisex given name.
  • Reagan – Signifying “little ruler” or “noble,” it carries authority.
  • Averyn – A variation of Avery, adding a unique twist to a classic name.Source

Gender Neutral Tomboy Names

Tomboy names girls

  • Riley – Meaning “courageous” or “valiant.”
  • Jordan – Signifying “to flow down” or “descend.”
  • Avery – Derived from “ruler of the elves.”
  • Cameron – Of Scottish origin, meaning “crooked nose.”
  • Morgan – Signifying “sea circle.”
  • Quinn – Meaning “wise” or “counsel.”
  • Taylor – Implying “tailor,” signifying precision and skill.
  • Alexis – Derived from “defender of the people.”
  • Casey – Meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.”
  • Drew – Signifying “strong and manly.”
  • Jordan – Meaning “to flow down” or “descend.”
  • Reese – Derived from the Welsh name Rhys, meaning “enthusiasm.”
  • Harper – Originally a surname for a harp player, now a popular, gender-neutral name.
  • Sawyer – Derived from an occupational surname for someone who sawed wood.
  • Peyton – Meaning “fighting-man’s estate.”
  • Aubrey – Signifying “elf ruler.”
  • Elliott – Meaning “Jehovah is God.”
  • Remy – Signifying “oarsman” or “remedy.”
  • Dakota – Named after the Native American Dakota tribe, meaning “friendly” or “allies.”
  • Finley – Meaning “fair warrior” or “fair-haired hero.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Tomboy girls

What are Tomboy Names?

A tomboy name is a name that is often associated with qualities or characteristics traditionally considered more masculine or androgynous. However, it’s essential to remember that names don’t define who you are or your identity. 

How Can I Choose Tomboy Names?

Start by considering names that resonate with you personally. Think about names you’ve always liked or that have special meaning to you.

Should I Consider My Personality and Interests?

Yes, think about your personality and interests. If you’re a tomboy and proud of it, you might want a name that reflects your personality, such as Riley, Jordan, or Taylor.

Are There Any Cultural or Regional Considerations?

Cultural and regional factors can influence name choices. Some names may be more common in specific regions or cultures, so consider if you want a name that reflects your heritage or one that is more universal. Source

Is it Okay to Choose a Unisex Name?

Absolutely! Unisex names are great choices for tomboys, as they are not tied to gender stereotypes. Names like Alex, Casey, or Jamie work well.

How Do I Make Sure I Like My Chosen Name?

Try it out! Use the name in everyday situations with friends or online to see how it feels. If it resonates with you and you’re comfortable with it, it’s likely a good choice.

Can I Combine Names or Create a Unique Name?

Yes, you can be creative! You can combine names or modify them to create something unique that suits you. Just make sure it’s a name you like and feel connected to.

Should I Ask for Input from Friends and Family?

It can be helpful to get input from trusted friends or family members, but ultimately, the decision should be yours. Their feedback can provide valuable insights, but your comfort with the name matters most.

What If I Change My Mind Later?

Names are a personal choice, and it’s okay to change your name if you feel it no longer suits you. Many people go through a process of self-discovery and identity development, and your name can evolve with you.

Is There a List of Popular Tomboy Names?

There isn’t a definitive list of tomboy names, as preferences vary widely. However, you can find inspiration from lists of unisex names, strong-sounding names, or names of tomboy characters in literature and media.


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