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Janmashtami is one of the purest festivals ever. At the point when underhanded rose on the Earth, God has taken birth to reestablish harmony and layout uprightness. He has liberated the world from the grip of evil presences a few times, as our sacred writing and blessed books tell us. He has manifested on the Earth and demonstrated to the world, the timeless reality of his reality. This year, Janmashtami will be seen on 18 August. In this article, we will discuss 20 Facts On Janmashtami 2022 For Free!

Did you have any idea that the event of Krishna Janmashtami is seen as a National Holiday in Bangladesh? Truth be told, individuals commend the celebration of Janmashtami with much flourish across the world. Fasting, imploring, and commending the Lord’s introduction to the world at 12 PM: the celebration’s special, vivacious traditions have come to characterize the delight related to it. We bring to you 20 Facts On Janmashtami 2022 For Free which will leave you amazed. 

Top 20 Facts On Janmashtmi 2022


Here are the 20 Facts On Janmashtami 2022 For Free:

1. The Dungeon Got Opened

To safeguard Lord Krishna from Kansa, Vasudev was encouraged to take him to his companion Nanda. In this way, he put him in a little crate and rose up to see the guardians and watchmen nodding off, the entryways of the opening of the prison and subsequently making an exit plan for them to leave.

2.Vasudev Battle With Extreme Thunderstorms

As legends have it, Vasudev conveyed Lord Krishna to Nanda subsequent to outperforming an enormous tempest that shook stream Yamuna with Lord Krishna over his head on the bin. Further, the God of snakes safeguarded and protected Lord Krishna From the tempest and aided Vasudev on his way.

3. Nanda’s Daughter Was Brought Back

To stay quiet about the exchange of Lord Krishna, Vasudev brought back Nanda’s little girl with the goal that Kansa doesn’t question them. Similarly, as Kansa was going to kill her, another prediction struck the mists, and Nanda’s girl, who was a manifestation of Yogmaya and the fanciful force of Lord Vishnu, gave voice to the prescience advance notice Kansa that his deed will come bearing the crown of his passing and that he will be killed by Devki’s eighth conceived.

4. Janmashtami Makhan Mishri Prasad

Experiencing childhood in Vrindavan, Krishna adored Makhan Mishra, to such an extent, that he would likewise get found taking it from others’ homes. Subsequently, to satisfy Lord Makhan’s mishri is as yet filled in as the most famous prasad for Janmashtami.

5. Janmashtami Dahi Handi

The extremely well-known custom that is held by the nation on the occasion of Janmashtami, Dahi handi, is roused by Lord Krishna’s infamous demonstrations of taking Makhan from houses. The Makhan was at first put away on a level inside an earthen pot thus, Lord Krishna would jump on his companions and break the pot with a stone to eat the makhan inside it.

6. Janmashtami Sankalpa

Individuals likewise offer a custom put together quick called Sankalp with respect to the day of the Lord’s introduction to the world. The quick is broken after the Ashtami tithi closures and till then they just consume products of the soil else.

7. Krishna Abhishek

On the 12 PM of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna is given a shower with milk, ghee, and water which is additionally polished off as prasad, this cycle is known as abhishekam and is performed across sanctuaries and homes to satisfy God.

8. Krishna’s War Zone

In Eastern territories of Odisha, particularly in Puri, and West Bengal, particularly in Mayapur and Nabadwip, aficionados notice the day by fasting till 12 PM (till the birth season of Krishna), revering the Lord, presenting stanzas from the Bhagavad Gita (Krishna’s war zone conversation with Arjuna during the conflict of Mahabharata), singing reflection melodies and reciting of “Rabbit Krishna” and “Hari Bol”.

9. Janmashtami In Singapore

It isn’t just in India yet in addition in abroad that Janmashtami is praised. Singapore praises the celebration with much enthusiasm, truth be told.

Strict parades in the midst of “Rabbit Krishna” reciting are taken out at Serangoon Road, a road extended from Little India to Kallang. Dynamic festivals can likewise be seen at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Chander Road in the Little India locale.

10. Janmashtami In Canada

The Indian people group in Canada, particularly those dwelling in Toronto, coordinates different social projects at the Richmond Hill sanctuary to check the introduction of Krishna.

11. Janmashtami In Pakistan

Pakistani Hindus additionally praise the celebration at Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Karachi with bhajans and messages on Krishna.

12. Janmashtami In Kuala Lampur

However transcendently a Muslim country, Janmashtami is seen with much liveliness in Malaysia, particularly at the Lord Krishna sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur.

13. Janmashtami In France

Indians living in Paris and different pieces of France, enhance their homes and sanctuaries and when the clock strikes 12 PM, give symbols of Gopal (child Krishna) ceremonious shower with Ganga water which they particularly get from India. Then the symbols are placed on supports and swung, while conches are blown.

14. Janmashtami In Nepal

In Nepal, festivities are held at the renowned Krishna sanctuary situated at Patan Durbar Square where aficionados offer blossoms, “prasad” (food), and coins to the Lord.

15. Janmashtami In UK

In the UK, the cheer happens for two days. More than 60,000 individuals go to the Janmashtami festivities at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the UK’s central command of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Relevantly, the ranch-style home was given to the Hare-Krishna development by George Harrison, lead guitarist, musician, and vocalist of The Beatles.

16. America And Janmashtami

Janmashtami festivities are held in the US too, particularly in New York, Orlando, California, and Massachusetts.

17. Janmashtami Celebrated In Bangladesh?

Janmashtami is a National Holiday in Bangladesh. Beginning around 1902, a strict parade is taken out from Dhakeshwari National Temple situated in the capital city of Dhaka, which goes through Old Dhaka roads.

18. Krishna Has 108 Names

We as a whole have our monikers, now and then an excessive amount! In any case, Lord Krishna has an astounding 108 names. A portion of his names is Ghanshyam, Govind, Mohan, Hari, and Baanke Bihari. Vasudeva, Devakinandan, Shyam, and Devesh are some others. His various names reflect in every one of the songs and bhajans enthusiasts sing during the event of Janmashtami.

19. As Per Legends Krishna Has 16,108 Wives

The astounding number of realities don’t stop at the Lord’s name. Ruler Krishna clearly has 16,108 spouses. Thinking about how? Folklore has it that he safeguarded 16,100 ladies from the grip of Narakasura, a shrewd soul. Their families didn’t acknowledge them when they returned.

20. Janmasthami Panjiri Unique Bhog 

Most frequently, during Janmashtami, coriander panjiri is ready. Coriander powder, ghee, cut almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, and sugar candy are expected to make this prasad.

Final Thoughts

Peacock Feather

Krishna was brought into the world when the force of Satan. It was noticeable meant that the world was freed of the devils. According to present-day timings, the time from 12:00 to 4:00 am is accepted to be overwhelmed by devils. Janmasthami is a worldwide celebration of Lord Krishna. These were 20 Facts On Janmashtami 2022 For Free just for you.

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