10 Simple Ways To Introduce Teaching Time Lesson Plans With Free Video Tutorial

Introduce Concept Of Time For Kindergarten

Time can be defined in math as the ongoing continuation of events from past to present to future. Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and so on. I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning! Kindergartners are always fascinated by time. How to understand? How they can read time? What is the time right now? What do 10 minutes really mean? And so on…There are ample questions that go on in their curious minds. Here, I have come up with the Top 5 ways to introduce teaching time lesson plans to kindergarten kids. So. Let us get started with the fun lesson :

It’s not easy to explain time concepts to children. But if you know what they like, you can easily teach them about time. Kids love learning new things. They also enjoy being taught by their parents or teachers. So, why not try teaching them something fun? Teaching time concepts to children is an important step towards building a strong foundation for their education. Learning time concepts from a young age helps children develop a sense of responsibility and discipline.

1. Art And Craft Activity To Introduce Teaching Time Lesson Plans

A.Analog Clock

time clock

Making an analog clock with the minimum materials available at home. It will give a chance to develop fine and gross motor skills and it will deeply involve Tactile sensory experience. I am sure kids will engage themselves deep in this creative activity. You can simply let them imagine and let them be creative and it will be easy and fun to introduce the concept of time to kindergarten kids.

Material Required:

  • Cardboard sheet or empty cereal box cut into a circle.
  • Alternatively, take a paper plate
  • Bottle caps
  • Glue
  • Safety scissors
  • Permanent marker/Whitner.

Steps Involved To Make Handmade Paper Clock To Introduce Concept Of Time To Kindergarten Kids:

For details and the steps involved in making the paper clock introduce the concept of time to kindergarten kids, You can get every detailed bit in the video below. Follow the steps and your handmade analog clock is ready.

B.Handmade Wrist Watch

We have made a cute tiny wristwatch for kids. We have used minimum materials available at home to do this craft with kids to introduce the concept of time for kindergarten kids. For details please have a look at the video below to catch up on all the tiny bits.

2. Use Of Handmade Clock In Pretend Play

Play is the best way when learning



































happens. You can use the handmade clock to pretend play and hang it on the wall or on your toys to make a wall where you can show and tell time while playing.

3. Hands-on Activities To Introduce Teaching Time Lesson Plans

  • The best way to learn is to have hands-on experience with the clock.
  • In this way, kids learn best when they get their hands on their handmade clock.
  • Let them adjust the time. Let them be free to move the hour and minute hand.
  • Recognition helps a lot. Kids can closely observe every detail of the real clock.
  • Let them observe how the minute and the hour hand moves?

4. Using Skip Counting Technique

As skip counting is introduced to kindergartners. Let them recall the skip counting of 5 to 60. When they proceed let them understand When it begins with 5 ..10..15.. and so on. It starts from 12 which is considered as 0. When we proceed, we have to observe the long hand which is the blue color in our handmade clock. When it goes to 5 minutes it will move from 12 to 1. And you can go on till 60. How To Teach the Double Numbers Or Doubling In Kids?

5. Time Game


Playing games and learning in that form is always fun and engaging for kids. You can start with a wonderful game known as the “Time Game”:

  • Any number of players can play.
  • Each player will get a turn.
  • One player will showcase the time.
  • All others will guess, and the one who guesses it right will get a point.
  • The one with the maximum number of points wins the game.

Alternatively, You can get turned by turn. Everyone will get a turn. When it is your turn the other player will tell you to show the time on the clock.For example show 10:20 on the clock. The game goes on like this.

5. Simple Activity

 Start with a simple activity. It might be as easy as asking children what time it is. Then, ask them what time it will be when they wake up tomorrow morning. This helps them understand the concept of time passing.

6. Introducing Passage Of Time

Next, teach them about the passage of time using a clock. You can use a regular clock or one that has hands that move. Ask them questions such as “What time does the hand go past 12 o’clock?” or “How much time passes between each number on the clock?”

7. Show And Tell

Finally, show them how to tell time. Have them count backward from 20 by 2s. Or, have them count forward from 60 by 3s.

8. Explain The Basics Of Time And Then Let Them Play

Start by explaining what the time is. Tell children how time works and then let them play. You might say, “Time goes fast when we do lots of things at once. It slows down when we take breaks.” Or, “When I was little, my mom would tell me to go outside and play until dinner was ready.”

Summary Of Time Lesson Plan

If you teach kids about time using games, they will learn more quickly than if you simply explain concepts. Games help children understand concepts better because they engage their attention and stimulate their brains. Hope you enjoyed reading the introduction to the concept of time and making an amazing DIY paper clock. The teacher should repeat as needed. This means that you should repeat the same lesson multiple times until the child understands what you are trying to teach him/her.

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