10 Realities Of Hanima Name For Free


Hello Fellas! Hope you are having an amazing day! Here we have come up with some really interesting realities about another Girl’s Name. Here is a big cheers to all the Hanima out there! Do you wonder what Hanima means? We are here today at Tinydale to celebrate Hanima Day With everyone!  So, If your name is Hanima or in known or your friends or even if new parents are planning to keep their Lil baby girl’s name as ‘Hanima. Here we are at Tinydale to have 15 realities about Hanima uncovered for free in 2022!

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Before any further delay let us just write away start with the list of top 10 realities about this name:

10 Fun Facts Of This Beautiful Name

  1. Indian Name.
  2. This name is common in Sikhism, Islam, and Hinduism.
  3. The meaning has a beautiful meaning which is associated with “wave”.
  4. It is a feminine name.
  5. This name is pronounced as  “ha-nee-muh.”
  6. It is a Girl’s name.
  7. Hanimah, Haneama, Haneamaah, Hanyma, and Hanymah are some of the commonly known spelling of this beautiful name.
  8. It has three syllables
  9. The name has 6 letters.
  10. The name is cute to pronouce.
  11. Some of the nicknames associated are Han, Hann, Ni, Ma, Nima, Hana.

Final Thoughts On Hanima!

So if you are planning for this beautiful name with a melodious sound you can go ahead and have this name all yours for your lil girl. What people with this name are proud of their personality and achievements it is a hidden meaning? If your Name is Hanima don’t sit back just reach out to us to get your name added to this list as soon as possible.Till then Happy Hanima Day!

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