How Can I Treat Bed Bug Bites On Baby?

Bed Bug Bites On Baby

Bed bugs may bite anyone in the family. Bed bug bites are not a serious concern for adults and even for babies as they can treat easily. But babies cannot bear that adults can. So if you find any bed bug bites on the baby, what do you have to do? Treat them with necessary first aid and take them to a child specialist for further treatment. Here you will get all information on Bed Bug Bites On Baby.

What Are Bedbugs?

What do bed bug bites look like? Bedbugs are the common tiny insects that exist in human life. They survive on the blood of humans and other animals. They live in a warm, dry place such as a mattress, bed, old furniture, carpet, cracks of walls and floors, and other belongings. These wingless insects hang on humans or other animals and they move along with them to other places and start breeding and trouble the humans there.

The good thing is that bedbugs do not cause any harmful health conditions or contagious diseases. They just bite humans or other animals to feed them. Their bites are the problems here. It causes pain, itching, soreness or can cause any allergic reaction.  It is harmless and it can happen to anyone in the family.

If the little one or baby is also in the family, then this article is for you. The baby may not scream about the bite but cry about the symptoms it causes.  Reading further will help you on how to take care of your baby when the bed bug bites your baby.

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How Can Identify The Bed Bug Bites On Baby? – Symptoms Of Bug Bites

When this harmless bug bites, you cannot expect an immediate response from your baby. It may not hurt your baby. But after sometimes, you can see your baby screaming, rubbing their arms or legs against other parts of the body or something around.  A Bed bug can bite a baby anywhere on his body, most commonly you can notice bed bug bites on the baby’s neck, face, hands, arms, legs, and shoulders. These areas are most probably kept open during sleep. How can identify the bed bug bites on the baby?

Symptoms are;

  1. You can find dark red and swollen spots on the affected area.
  2. Bug bites may appear in lines and cluster patterns.
  3. You can notice the baby crying with itching and burning senses.
  4. You can see the bleeding on bug bites on scratching them.
  5. A Baby may not go to sleep or wake up due to irritation the bug bites cause.
  6. A Baby may suffer from fever
  7. It can also cause breathing difficulty. Anything you find serious like breathing difficulty, severe fever, or other serious symptoms, take your baby to an immediate medical check-up.
  8. Small red bumps surrounded by blisters

Since bug bites are not a harmful condition, they can be treated or healed on their own with simple medication. If you find any serious health condition visit your doctor immediately and take the necessary treatment.

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites On Baby?

Bed bug bite treatments: If you notice bed bug bites on the baby’s skin, immediately check the baby’s mattress, bed sheets, bed frames, and surroundings for the signs of any bed bugs there. Once you confirm the presence of bed bugs, you take the necessary medication that will prescribe for bug bites. You can apply mild antiseptic topical lotion to provide relief to your baby.

Corticosteroid ointments and creams are the popular medications for itching caused by bed bug bites.

Antibiotics may require if the baby develops a bacterial infection due to scratching the bed bug bites.

Before applying any ointments or creams, wash the bites gently with warm, soapy water. Make sure the baby is not scratching the bug bites with his nail. It can lead to infections.

After washing the bites, you can apply any anti-itch creams or lotions approved by the healthcare provider.  Then take your baby to the childcare clinic and take the necessary medication.

6 Tips To Prevent Bed Bug Bites on Baby

How to cure bed bug bites on babies? Mostly, bugs are possible to exist in a home if the furniture, mattresses, and other belongings are kept unclean. Sometimes traveling can carry the bugs from hotels, restaurants, vehicles, and others.

  1. On returning from travel make sure the clothes and other belongings of the baby are bug-free.
  2. Store the clothing and other things in vacuum-sealed bags
  3. Keep your baby’s bedroom, bed, and mattress clean and declutter to make it bug-free.
  4.  Wash all the baby clothes in hot, soapy water after returning from traveling.
  5. Seal the items that used for travel in a plastic bag
  6. Make sure that any old furniture you bring from outside is bedbugs-free


Bed bugs are tiny insects that bite on human skin to feed them. We will not discuss this topic seriously if it is about adults as their bites will not cause serious health conditions. But we are talking about the little one who cannot tell the mild pain caused by bug bites. Fortunately, bedbug bites will not cause any harm even to babies.

It causes only mild symptoms that can be treatable with topical medication. If it causes any serious symptoms like breathing trouble don’t hesitate to visit the doctor immediately. Follow the preventive guidelines to avoid such bug bites.

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