Talula Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity ( 5 Facts Inside)

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Keeping in mind this type of curiosity parents face, we will discuss one famous name: Talula. We shall see various aspects of Talula name meaning, origin, popularity, and much more. Keep reading the article till the end to get unique and interesting facts about the name – Talula.

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For every new parent, the first happiness when they come to know they are having a baby. The next comes when they learn various pregnancy-related facts and experience them slowly.

Then comes the baby shower, parties, and much more. Overall, welcoming a new family member is a joyous moment for every person in the family. Parents have to undergo various changes in their lives and make many decisions when there is an arrival of a new person in a family.

One such big decision is keeping the name of the baby. Selecting the name is a fascinating moment for both mother and father deciding what name they should call their baby. Sometimes, the mother has a different name, and the father might have other names in their mind.

Also, if there is a boy, what name should they be, and if it is a girl, which name? What if there are twins? Many such questions arise in the parents’ minds. In this search, every parent wants their baby’s name to be the best, which has a good meaning too.

Talula Name Meaning And Details

Name Talula
Meaning Leaping Water

Flowing water

Abundant women

Bubbling Spring

Origin Native American / Irish
Suitable for Female gender / Girls and women
Other variants Tallulah



Nickname Tali, Tala and Lula
Character name 6
Popularity 3996
Religion Christianity
Favourite or lucky color Shades of Gray and blue
Lucky day Thursday
The profession you might be interested Engineer, Businessman, Farmer, Scientist, Builder, Educator, Manufacturer, professor, or a store owner

Talula Name Meaning Numerology And Characteristics

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Let’s explore the meaning more deeply; what does each character of the name Talula suggest? You will be amazed to know this. We shall also see Numerology for Talula further in this article.

Letter in the name What it stands for Some more on its meaning Index Letter Position
T Time / Talent Your approach towards life is fast; get it slow sometimes

Your nature in a relationship is assertive and aggressive.

0 4
A Approachable/ Advantages you got many You love to be yourself, a born leader, ambitious and love to be free in your own world. 1 1
L Look/ perspective / Listen to your heart You think more than actually doing and experiencing. Try to do more. 2 3
U Unique / Uncanny There may be ups and downs in your life where your losses might be more than your gains. But you will also face no gain, no loss situations. 3 6
L Lofty / life You see life from your own perspective and try to see it from other’s perspectives too. 4 3
A Acquaintance/ Unselfish You are very kind, loving and always a giver by nature. 5 1

The Numerology for the name Talula is 9, and it is considered the highest in the numerology field. The people having the number 9 are very kind, and selfless and love everyone around them. They are always caring and prioritize other than themselves.

Their major role in life might be doing something great not only for a few groups of people but for the whole of humanity. These people will not wait for someone else to come and step forward; instead, they will be the first to take a stand for any good cause.

Interesting Facts About The Name Talula

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Interesting facts about the name Talula:

  • Do you know Tori Amos sang a famous song named Talula in 1996? The song is about the girl Talula; Tori sang this because he didn’t want to lose her.
  • The Contestant from the “Big Brother Brazil” show named Talula Pascli is a successful model today.
  • The Famous actor Patrick Dempsey, born in 1966, worked in the great TV show – “Grey’s Anatomy” and named his daughter Talula Fyfe Dempsey.

So, we hope you understand what Talula means, and if you like the name, you may consider keeping it for your daughter. If you have any other name suggestions related to this or want to know the baby boy’s name, drop a comment. Happy parenting!

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