5 Ways To Learn About Animal Homes For Kids

Animal Homes

Animal And Their Home

Animal homes and us

The child is fascinated by watching animals. They love to learn about animals. It is our passion for making learning about animal homes fun. I used various pretend play animals, colorful books, and some visits to make this animal learning success with my children. Actual sightseeing and visual cards can prove magical to learn animal homes with the help of fun activities. Previously we have learned about Fun Ways To Learn About Animals And Their Babies.

Like, We humans have a place to live in. Similarly, Our loving animals have their animal homes. The place or the shelter where the animals or birds live is called animal homes. In this part of the writing, We will discuss easy ways to learn about animals and their home in a fun and interesting ways.

1. Pretend Play

 Pretend play is one of the best ways to learn and discover. They get real-life experience. I told my children to form a short story. This way, they learned to wear their thinking caps. My child used some beautiful props and toys to make a story. Imagination develops in kids when they create stories. Let them be free and try to get through the animal concept. My kids used their Toy bears to make a story on them. They gave the title Mama Bear and Baby Bear. You can watch the story and enjoy it. And let them pretend play by making the animal homes as the role play.

2. Name Of The Animals

First, let the kids learn about the name of the animals in a fun way. You can gradually introduce yourself using fun learning cute video.

3. Drawing The Animal Homes

Let the kids be let free. Put on their imagination caps. Let them know about animal homes with the help of fun learning videos and lessons. Let them draw beautiful animal homes as per their imagination by selecting their favorite animal.

4. Play Guess The Animal Homes Game


Play-based learning is one of the best forms of learning where real learning happens with full interest and enthusiasm. If You haven’t joined our Facebook group, Please be part of this wonderful team Love Is Play-Based Learning❤

Let them guess the name of the animal homes when you ask a question like:

  • The horse home name is?
  • The lion’s home name is?
  • The dog’s home name is?
  • The sheep’s home name is?

5. Animal Toys

Aquarium with best out of waste

You can pretend to play with the soft toy animals by making the home with the help of simple art and craft skills. Like I made a beautiful aquarium with my kids to make them learn about the fish’s lives in the aquarium.

Some Example of Animal Homes


1. Bee Beehive
2. Ant Ant-hill
3. Lion Den
4. Ape Logging, nest
5. Horse Stable
6. Mouse Hole
7. Bear Cave large forest
8. Chimpanzee Tree
9. Cow Shed
10. Buffalo barn

Happy Learning!

Animal Homes

So, These are the fun and easy ways to make your children learn about animals and their homes. In this way, With the help of play learning happens eventually without any stress or pressure on them. Please let me know in the comments below if you want us to come up with some specific lesson or topic for children.

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