A Complete Guide To Choose Right Newborn Shoes

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If you’re a parent, you might be too quick to buy your child a pair of newborn shoes. But you’ll also be eager to know when your baby can start wearing shoes and what sort of shoes you should get for them.

Baby feet

If you’ve been looking for an answer, you won’t need to any longer; you’ll find it here. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of when is the best time to purchase your baby’s first pair of newborn shoes, as well as the other frequently asked questions.


When to Purchase Newborn Shoes

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The question then becomes, at what age can infants begin wearing shoes? If this is something that has been bothering you, we recommend waiting until your child is mobile enough to walk outside before making any decisions.

Let your infant learn to walk barefoot. This is because a child’s development of balance and coordination can benefit from going barefoot.


When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

Baby wearing shoes

Many parents question whether or not their infants need to wear shoes while they are exploring their world on foot. To put it mildly, it’s not something we’d recommend for newborns.

It’s best to let your baby explore the world barefoot, but if your baby’s feet get cold or hurt easily, you can always put shoes on them.

A soft sole, comfortable upper, good air circulation, and pliability are all desirable in a pair of shoes for a toddler just starting out on their feet.


Babies’ Ankles Get Stronger From Shoes?

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Babies’ ankles are already quite strong and sturdy, so there’s no reason to give them shoes for support. Shoes, however, are fantastic for shielding your infant’s feet from harm, whether that harm is from the elements or from other people.

But this doesn’t mean you give him shoes the moment he starts walking around the house; after all, you wouldn’t force him to wear mittens whenever he went for a crawl, either.

When learning to walk, infants and toddlers need to feel the ground beneath their feet.


How to Choose the Right newborn shoes

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Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for the perfect pair of toddler kicks:

  • If your baby is just learning to walk, you shouldn’t make him wear shoes right away. It’s important for him to be able to sense the ground beneath his feet so he can maintain his balance.
  • If you want to know if your baby is ready to start walking, look for these signs (this may happen somewhere from 7 to 18 months of age). As soon as you observe that your baby is able to move around without assistance, you can switch them into walking shoes.
  • The proper footwear for your infant should offer plenty of arch and toe support. Baby shoes should have a non-skid sole, be lightweight, and not restrict foot movement.
  • Find a pair that hugs your feet closely, especially in the arch and heel. Shoes should fit snugly but not tightly. You should get a pair that allows your child’s toes a little bit of wiggle room once they are worn in.
  • Baby feet need to be able to breathe, so it’s best to steer clear of synthetic materials when shopping for shoes. Consider purchasing a pair of high-quality mesh or leather shoes instead.
  • In the same vein, you ought to pay attention to congruence. Shoes should be snug but comfortable fit.
    Babies grow rapidly and may outgrow their clothes much sooner than you expect. As a result, you can determine when it’s time to upgrade your baby’s clothing size.
  • Pick the right Velcro or other closures for your infant’s shoes. Straps, Velcro, and Laces are all options for fastening.

Finally, choose a shoe for your baby based on how comfortable it is rather than how cute it is.
When your baby has mastered independent walking and you want to take him or her for a walk outside, hard-soled shoes are a good option.


Final Thoughts On Newborn shoes

Price is another factor to think about. In as little as two or three months, a baby can outgrow a pair of newborn shoes. This is why it’s a good idea to start with just one pair of shoes that is both inexpensive and simple to replace.

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