4 Interesting Animal That Starts With I

Animal That Starts With I

These animals start with the letter ‘i’ and they’re not just cute – they’re also very useful! There are many different types of animals that start with the letter I, but these ten are some of the most interesting ones. Read on to see why they’re so special! These animal that starts with i because they’re intelligent.

1. The Iguanodon –

Animal That Starts With i

The Iguanodons were one of the largest land animals ever to walk the earth. They lived during the late Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago). Their name comes from the Latin word iguana meaning lizard. They were herbivores and had large heads, short legs, and small bodies.

2. The Ichthyosaur – Animal That Starts With i

The ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles that lived during the Cretaceous Period (145–65 million years ago). They were aquatic creatures that swam through the seas. They had fins along their backs and tails, and flippers on their front feet. They also had two rows of teeth on each side of their mouth.

3. The Iguana

The iguana is an animal native to Central America. It has a lizard-like body and a tail that is longer than its head. Scales cover its skin, and it has four toes on each foot. It has a very strong sense of smell and taste, and it uses its tongue to catch insects.

4. The Ibis – Animals That Starts With i

The ibis is a bird native to Africa. It has a long neck and legs, and it has two wings that fold up when it’s not flying. It has a large bill and eats seeds, fruits, and berries.


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