30+ Best Mint Names for Boy And Girls In 2023

Mint names for boys and girls

Are you looking for a name for your kid that means “Mint” or Mint Names? When you say “Mint,” it automatically makes you think about the herb and its distinct smell that gives you a fresh feeling and energy. Mint also means a place and money that manufactures coins or money. It has been around since 269 BC when there was a Roman empire.

History Of The Word Mint


As per Greek mythology, the origin of the word “Mint” comes from the Latin word “Mentha,” which takes us back to the word “Minthe.” Minthe was a young woman beloved to Hades, a Greek god who ruled the underworld. Minthe was a nymph, a spirit in the young women’s form. Nymphs mostly live in rivers and woods, and according to the mythology, she was the daughter of Cocytus, who was a river god.

Later, Minthe became the mistress of Hades. Persephone was the wife of Hades, who was jealous of her, and she turned Minthe into a garden mint. Some tales say Hades himself turned Minthe into a fragrant plant when Persephone tore her into several pieces.

So, you can see different stories behind the name “Mint.” To common people, it is an aromatic plant that gives a feeling of freshness.

Mint is popular in many countries for its distinct flavor and smell that never lets you feel tired. People consume mint in chocolates, ice creams, toothpaste, chewing gum, room fresheners, mouthwashes, breath mints, and much more. It is a healthy plant with amazing benefits, which you can also eat with vegetables while cooking. So, the “Mint” word has a rich history, and it is a symbol of freshness and health.

If you are looking for the best name that means “Mint” if translated, you must read the list below.

List of Minty names for your Boy

Baby boy

Mint has different names worldwide, and if you are looking for a word that suits your kid and means Mint, then you can look at the list below.

  1. Ananux – Ananux is an Armenian word that means “Mint” in English. It is a good male name.
  2. Aminta or Eminta – Aminta came from Amynta after the famous poet John Dryden used it as a gesture of showing variations of masculinity for a female character in one of his works.
  3. Araminta – Aminta gave birth to the Araminta name, which William Congreve used for his comedy character combining Arabella and Arminta.
  4. Minta – Minta word directly has its root from the Arminta. Some people wanted to keep things simple during the 19th and 20th centuries. The name was a good choice for many people.
  5. Hakka – Hakka means “peppermint” in Japanese. If you like Japanese names, you can choose this name for your boy.
  6. Minttu –Minttu is a great, joyous name that is quite a popular Finnish name. It also means mint in the language spoken in Finland.
  7. Mynte – Mynte is a Danish name that is quite popular in Sweden and Mynta.
  8. Minze – To name your baby boy that sounds strong, Minze is a great German name. It means mint when translated.
  9. Coleus – In Ancient Greek, the word Coleus meant “mint.” This name may be good for your boy as it has become quite popular.

List of Minty names for your Girl (Mint Names Girls)

Baby girl

  1. Minty or Mintie – After Minta, people came up with other variations for naming their kids in the 19th century. Although Mintie may have faded with time, Minty is still relevant in the 21st century as a great name for your baby girl.
  2. Minthe – If you want to keep things original to Greek mythology, this name will be the best choice for your baby girl.
  3. Menta – Menta in Italian and in some parts of Hungary means Mint. Many people who live in these countries prefer this name for their kids.
  4. Minto – Minto is a unisex name that works for your boy and a girl. It is a Japanese name that translates to “Mint.”
  5. Pudina or Pudeena – Pudina (spelled Pudeena) is a Hindi, Bengali, and Sindhi word that translates to “Mint.” Pudeena is also the word for “peppermint” to those who know these languages. It will be a good name for a girl, but only a few people use it for their babies.
  6. Mynta – Mynte in Swedish is often called Mynta. Although Mynte is famous in Sweden, this is also one popular word valid for “Mint.”
  7. Mėta – People in Lithuania know the mint plant as Mėta. It is also a good option if you search for a unique name.
  8. Pepper – Pepper is a popular short name for Peppermint. This name will be more suitable for girls than boys. You must have heard this name in Marvel’s famous Iron Man movies.
  9. Saranae – To the people of Thailand, the Saranae word means “mint.” It is also the same word as “peppermint.” The word is feminine, and there are some traces of the name in the entertainment of Thailand.
  10. Bòhé – Bòhé is a Mandarin word that means “mint.” It is most popular with pop stars and other famous names.
  11. Mētra – Mētra is a Latvian name for mint. You can use this name for your children.
  12. Miehe – Miehe is a popular Chinese word that means mint. It also refers to someone as smarter, more intelligent, and more optimistic.
  13. Moniteau – In Korea, Minteu means “mint tea.” It is a famous feminine word that many Koreans like. It will also work as a name for your little girl.
  14. Shako – American Indian people use Shako to refer to girls. It also means “mint” if translated into the American Indian language.
  15. Peperita – Peperita is a popular Latin name that means “Peppermint.” It sounds good when spoken and can be a good fit for your baby girl.

Names of Mint Green

Baby boy and bay girl sitting on grass

  1.  Celadon – This name appears masculine and is the best fit for your boy. It is a color in the color chart that is popular for Mint Green.
  2. Aquamarina – It is a Spanish name that may be good for a girl. It is a transparent gemstone color that is light blue or greenish blue.
  3. Cyan – It is an English word that means greenish blue, and it is also alternatively used for mint green color. It may be good for both boys and girls.

Names that are relevant to Mint or Herb

  1.  Bhustrin – It is a Sanskrit word that means lemongrass. Usually, this is a good name for a boy.
  2. Basil – Basil is a masculine word that is more suitable for boys than girls. It comes from Greek and refers to the mint family only.
  3. Chloe – In Greek, Chloe means “herb,” which is relevant to the mint family. It also means “green sprouts.”
  4. Iksura – It is a famous word from Hindi, meaning “fragrant herb.” It is a beautiful name but not commonly used.
  5. Rosemary – Rosemary is a Hebrew and Latin word that is famous for female. It combines Rose and Mary, and the word Rosemary is also from the herb family.
  6. Timian – Timian means “thyme in Norwegian. It is mostly suitable for boys.
  7. Vasyl – It is a male name in Ukrainian, meaning “basil.” It sounds good when spoken and will be suitable for your boy.

Quick Question And Answer Session On Mint Names

Q. What are some mint names?

Some of the common Mint names are:

  • Basil Mint.
  • Pennyroyal.
  • Calamint.
  • Field or Corn Mint.
  • Catmint.

Q. What are other names for mint green?

The synonyms of mint green or other names are verdant and leafy or grassy.

Q. What is the name Mint short for?

A. English word name or diminutive of Araminta, English from Greek and Latin “mint; defender; yielding to prayer” Source

Q. What is another name for mint color?

gender-neutral name i.e. Cyan (English) which means greenish-blue and the variant of this is Mint green.

Q. Is mint a girls name?

A. Yes it is twice as commonly to find a girl’s name compared to a boy’s name.

Q. What is the sweet mint called?

A. The sweet mint is called Spearmint.

Q. What is a mint leaf called?

A. The mint leaf is called Mentha.

Q. What mood is mint green?

A. As the color green is related to nature it signifies emotional harmony, endurance, and stability.

Q. Who named baby mint?

A. The Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret Angel revealed that her new baby girl’s name is Mint.

Q. What in nature is mint green?

Blues and greens based on the color of the mint plant i.e. Mentha genusare the mint colors.

Conclusion On Mint Names

Baby names

Mint is a herb that is a symbol of freshness and unique taste. If you are looking for the best name for your child that gives your child and yourself a feeling of freshness and health, then you can choose from the above-listed names for your boy or girl. The word that you choose can be unique and logical.

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