20+ Hindu Vedic Names To Learn About ( With Meaning)

Hindu Vedic Names

Almost every element of human existence in India is inextricably linked to religion. The Hindu Vedic Names of a child is also included in this category.

Indians assign their kids names that encourage them to a moral life. Naturally, naming infants with celestial names is the most common practice in Hinduism.

It is often thought that by calling out the kid, you are saying the name of a God and so receiving spiritual benefit.


History Of Hindu Vedic Name

Hindu Temple

Our most significant asset is our Vedic legacy, and our name is the most visible symbol of our affinity with that past.

A culture’s preservation and improvement require a consistent and deliberate effort, much as agriculture requires ongoing attention to water, fertilization, and weeding.

A fertile field becomes a weedy area when it is neglected. Similarly, a lack of attention leads to the decline of a rich culture.

The entire creation is one family, according to Vedic culture, and every event finishes with the plea, “May every being be happy.”

The demise of this history would be devastating not only to India but to humanity as a whole.

We must keep in mind that our given names are the most apparent manifestation of the importance we set on our ancestry.

It is time for creating a conscious effort to preserve and cultivate our valuable legacy, beginning with the names we give our children.


Significance Of Hindu Vedic Names

What is the significance of a Hindu Vedic Name? Anyone may be curious. Names are our distinguishing windows to the rest of the world.

In other words, our initials are our company’s trademark or emblem. A person’s name, according to all Vedic Holy Scriptures, is likely to impact much of his demeanor, character, spirituality, and progress.

The vibrations produced by repeatedly calling a person’s name impact both the individual making the call and the individual who called.

If a person’s name is associated with divinity, the named person’s behavioral pattern is far superior to what one may expect.

Invoking heavenly vibrations and creating positive energy by pronouncing such names with a loving heart.

That is why, in time immemorial, parents would name their children after one of the Gods’ names or energies.

A child’s first word is his or her name. If it is a divine name, it brings all good fortune. The phonetic vibrations raise the level of relationship between the caller and the called one!

As a result, the name given to a person is extremely important.

Each name has a meaning that stems from the most legitimate Vedic faith, Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

Traditionally, in Vedic times, the identities given to infants were always tied to the strongest personality of Godhead – Lord Krishna – and His forces.

Even today, in many regions of the Indian subcontinent, it is a custom to give spiritual names to infants, because a name is for life and affects much of a child’s character and growth.

In such a case, today we will tell you about some stunning names chosen from the Vedas and Puranas. If you are seeking names linked to Hindu Vedic Names for Baby for your child, this list is a must-see.


Unusual Hindu Vedic Names

  1. Anjali: Anjali means “prayer with palms.”
  2. Avantika: Avantika translates as “light of lamps.” It is usually reserved for females.
  3. Anuradha: Anuradha translates as “in love with.” It is usually reserved for females.
  4. Arjun: Arjun means “hero.” It is commonly used for boys.
  5. Anandini: Anandini is the feminine variant of the name Anand, which means “good luck and happiness.” It is usually reserved for females. Ananda or Anando is the manly form or honorific (used while addressing a guy).
  6. Pranav: The Sanskrit word for the syllable is pra ava, derived from the root nu, which means “to shout, sound, praise,” with verbal pra-nu- meaning “to make a buzzing or droning sound.”
  7. Dhananjay: Dhananjay means “one who conquers wealth” and is used for boys.
  8. Manasi : Manasi means “mind.” It is a derivative of the Sanskrit word manas (mind). In Hindu texts, this word for mind also has several other meanings, such as thought, idea, concept, imagination, memory, and intellect. The name can be created by mixing the sounds of Ma and Na, as in Manali or Manisha.
  9. Vihaan: Vihaan means ‘beginning of a new era of light is started to grow.’ in Sanskrit.
  10. Adya: “Adya” means original power from which all five senses and all five elements originated Read more about Adya.
  11. Adhitya: Adhitya means “sun” and is used for boys.
  12. Arunima: Arunima means “the radiant one” and is used for girls.
  13. Govinda: Govinda means “one who protects people” and is used for boys
  14. Ganges: Ganges flows from the holy river Ganga and is associated with devotees and God. It is typically used for girls.
  15. Aarna: The meaning of Aarna is “wave, ocean” in Sanskrit. Aarna is also the name of Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the king of the milky ocean.
  16. Tanweer: Tanweer means “one who has been trusted. It is typically used for boys
  17. Mukunda: Mukunda means “one who pleases others” and is used for boys.
  18. Sanvi: The meaning of Sanvi is “Knowledge Pursuit” in Sanskrit. Another name for Goddess Laxmi/Durgan.
  19. Anika: Anika in Sanskrit means graceful, brilliant, or sweet-faced. Anika is the name of Goddess Durga.
  20. Durganand: Durganand means divine bliss and is used for boys.



Hindu pooja

There are many amazing names originating from Vedic and Hindu civilizations when it concerns Indian names.

Unlike in other cultures, it is simple to locate baby names that are both distinctive and have a lengthy history.

As a result, Sanskrit baby names are ideal for anybody seeking something unique and significant.

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