100 Most Popular Amish Baby Names for Boys and Girls!

Amish Names

If you’re looking for Amish names for your child, we have quite the collection for you! Scroll to read about Amish culture and their naming traditions. Also, learn the meaning of some cool Amish names!


Amish Culture

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The Amish culture is a traditional Christian community known for simplicity, humility, and separation from modern technology. They live rural, agrarian lives, value self-sufficiency, and prioritize family, community, and faith.

With distinct dresses and horse-drawn buggies, they maintain strong communal bonds, relying on mutual support. Worship services, plain clothing, and limited electricity underline their commitment to a humble, uncomplicated way of life. Source


Amish Naming Traditions

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Amish naming follows a pattern of simplicity, often based on biblical or historical figures. Surnames remain consistent, while given names reflect the community’s values.

Middle names aren’t typical, and names are commonly chosen by parents or church leaders.

This naming tradition reinforces their cultural identity and religious heritage, emphasizing the connection to their roots and the importance of community values.


Amish Names For Boys

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  • Abram – Meaning “exalted father,” symbolizing leadership and faith.
  • Caleb – Signifying “devotion” or “loyalty” to God and community.
  • Eli – Representing “ascension” and spiritual growth.
  • Jacob – Meaning “supplanter,” reflecting resilience and determination.
  • Samuel – Symbolizing “heard by God,” highlighting divine connection.
  • Ezra – Meaning “help” or “helper,” embodying support for others.
  • Isaac – Signifying “laughter,” emphasizing joy and positivity.
  • Levi – Representing “attached” or “joined,” symbolizing unity.
  • Micah – Meaning “who is like God,” underscoring humility and reverence.
  • Nathan – Signifying “gift from God,” appreciating blessings.
  • Tobias – Reflecting “God is good,” expressing gratitude.
  • Silas – Meaning “woodland” or “forest,” valuing nature’s simplicity.
  • Gideon – Symbolizing “mighty warrior,” embodying strength and courage.
  • Jonas – Signifying “dove,” representing peace and gentleness.
  • Simon – Meaning “hearing” or “listening,” highlighting attentiveness.
  • Malachi – Reflecting “messenger of God,” carrying divine messages.
  • Jeremiah – Signifying “appointed by God,” recognizing purpose.
  • Eliam – Meaning “God’s people,” focusing on community ties.
  • Josiah – Symbolizing “God supports,” emphasizing divine guidance.
  • Amos – Representing “burden-bearer,” embodying responsibility.
  • Reuben – Meaning “behold, a son,” appreciating family bonds.
  • Ephraim – Signifying “fruitful,” celebrating growth and prosperity.
  • Uriah – Reflecting “God is my light,” seeking spiritual enlightenment.
  • Simon – Meaning “obedient” or “listening,” valuing submission to God.
  • Abel – Signifying “breath” or “vapor,” acknowledging life’s fleeting nature.
  • Job – Representing “persecuted,” embodying endurance through challenges.
  • Zechariah – Meaning “remembered by God,” underscoring divine presence.
  • Matthias – Signifying “gift of God,” recognizing blessings.
  • Judah – Reflecting “praised,” expressing gratitude and humility.
  • Caleb – Meaning “devotion” or “faithfulness,” emphasizing loyalty to God and community.


Amish Names For Girls

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  • Hannah – Meaning “grace” or “favor,” symbolizing God’s blessings.
  • Rebecca – Signifying “captivating” or “to bind,” embodying charm.
  • Sarah – Reflecting “princess” or “noblewoman,” highlighting dignity.
  • Esther – Meaning “star,” representing beauty and radiance.
  • Miriam – Signifying “wished-for child,” expressing joy and desire.
  • Leah – Representing “weary” or “delicate,” emphasizing strength.
  • Rachel – Meaning “ewe” or “lamb,” symbolizing gentleness.
  • Naomi – Signifying “pleasantness” or “delight,” embracing positivity.
  • Abigail – Reflecting “my father’s joy,” embodying happiness.
  • Ruth – Meaning “compassionate friend,” valuing relationships.
  • Lydia – Signifying “beautiful one” or “noble,” highlighting grace.
  • Priscilla – Representing “ancient” or “venerable,” emphasizing wisdom.
  • Tabitha – Meaning “gazelle,” symbolizing grace and agility.
  • Phoebe – Signifying “bright” or “radiant,” embodying light.
  • Susannah – Reflecting “lily,” representing purity and innocence.
  • Esther – Meaning “star,” symbolizing guidance and luminosity.
  • Mary – Signifying “bitter” or “beloved,” embracing both challenges and love.
  • Martha – Representing “lady” or “mistress,” valuing responsibility.
  • Rebekah – Meaning “to tie” or “to bind,” symbolizing unity.
  • Judith – Signifying “praised,” emphasizing gratitude and reverence.
  • Eunice – Reflecting “good victory,” embodying positive outcomes.
  • Prudence – Signifying “wise” or “thoughtful,” valuing discernment.
  • Charity – Representing “love” and kindness, embodying compassion.
  • Mercy – Meaning “compassion” or “forgiveness,” symbolizing grace.
  • Eliza – Signifying “pledged to God,” highlighting dedication.
  • Susanna – Reflecting “lily,” representing purity and beauty.
  • Joanna – Meaning “God is gracious,” acknowledging divine favor.
  • Hope – Signifying “expectation” and optimism, embodying faith.
  • Lydia – Representing “beauty” or “noble,” valuing inner grace and strength.


Gender Neutral Amish Names

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  • Jordan – Meaning “flowing down,” symbolizing vitality and life.
  • Morgan – Signifying “sea circle,” embodying unity and wholeness.
  • Avery – Reflecting “ruler of the elves,” connecting with nature.
  • Casey – Meaning “vigilant” or “watchful,” emphasizing awareness.
  • Riley – Signifying “courageous” or “valiant,” embodying bravery.
  • Ellis – Representing “benevolent” or “kind,” valuing compassion.
  • Taylor – Meaning “tailor” or “to cut,” emphasizing craftsmanship.
  • Quinn – Signifying “wise” or “counsel,” highlighting intellect.
  • Dakota – Reflecting “friend” or “ally,” valuing relationships.
  • Rowan – Signifying “little red one,” connecting with nature’s beauty.
  • Skylar – Reflecting “scholar” or “learned one,” valuing knowledge.
  • Avery – Meaning “ruler of the elves,” symbolizing leadership.
  • Dakota – Signifying “friendly one” or “ally,” emphasizing camaraderie.
  • Morgan – Meaning “circling sea” or “great brightness,” valuing fluidity.



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Hope you enjoyed going through the list of Amish names! There is a lot more to the culture of these lovely people but that’s an article for another day! source

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