10 Captivating Krishna Stories For Kids (With Moral Values)

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One approach to teach your children about Indian mythology, dharma, culture, and customs is by telling them Lord Krishna stories for kids.

By using stories, parents may improve their connections with their children.

They can do so by teaching them values in a fun and interesting way.

There are several tales that parents may tell their kids.

Every home tells the tales of Lord Krishna because both children and adults admire him in all of his manifestations.

Children will learn valuable life lessons from the Lord Krishna stories.

These childhood tales of Lord Krishna are sure to delight your children!


10 Best Krishna Stories For Kids!

Hindu deity Lord Vishnu made nine different Earthly appearances.

Of them, Krishna is one. Krishna’s adventures as a youngster are still warmly recalled now.

Here are several kid-friendly short Krishna tales.

1. Krishna Stories For Kids : Birth

This time, Lord Vishnu chose to be born as a human infant in order to wipe out oppressive rulers from the face of the planet.

Kamsa of Mathura was one such despot monarch.

Ugrasen, the kind-hearted ruler of Mathura, had two children: Kamsa and Devaki.

But Kamsa was an unjust ruler, unlike his father.

The eighth son of Devaki will kill Kamsa to overthrow his authority, according to a prophetic prophecy.

Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva before killing each of their children one by one with his own hands.

He therefore slaughtered seven of Devaki’s children.

Bright light flooded the jail as Lord Krishna was born.

Vasudeva was told by a holy voice to visit his friend Nand in Gokul and swap his son for Nand’s daughter.

Vasudeva crossed the Yamuna with Shesha Nag’s assistance and abducted the Yashoda and Nand family’s daughter, leaving Krishna by their side.

Yet Kamsa made an attempt to murder the kid.

Yashoda and Nand, on the other hand, rejoiced at the birth of their son Krishna.

On this occasion, we celebrate Janmashtami

Moral: Death is unavoidable. Escaping death is useless.

2. Krishna Stories For Kids: Foster Home

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The guards in charge of Devaki and Vasudeva’s cell fell into a deep sleep as soon as Krishna was born, and the locks fell open.

Vasudeva put Krishna in a wicker basket and headed for Gokul.

He saw that the Yamuna River was flooded when he got there because of the heavy rain.

He had to preserve Krishna’s life, nevertheless.

Vasudeva began to cross the river without worrying about his safety.

Adishesha, the serpent of Lord Vishnu, shielded infant Krishna from the rain as the waters subsided with each of his steps.

When Krishna arrived at Nanda’s home, he saw that Yashoda, Nanda’s wife, had just given birth to a baby girl.

He took up the infant carefully and put Krishna in her place.

Then he brought the child back to the jail. Because the prophesy had named Devaki’s eighth son,

Vasudeva and Devaki had prayed that Kamsa would save the infant girl.

Kamsa wasn’t bothered, though. He took the baby from their hands and threw it against the wall.

The infant miraculously changed into Goddess Durga, who revealed to Kamsa that Devaki’s eighth son was still alive and would be locating him shortly.

Moral: If you have the will, you can achieve anything.

3. How Did Krishna Kill Arishtasura?

Another demon that Kamsa used to assassinate Krishna was Arishtasura.

With the knowledge that Krishna would arrive to save them, the demon in the shape of a bull moved to Gokul and began assaulting the locals and their homes.

When Krishna arrived, they squared off. Krishna slew the bull demon by grabbing its horns after a bloody battle.

The demon’s soul then manifested and began to tell its tale.

Brihaspati once had Arishtasura as one of his students. Varatantu was his name.

But one day, as he was seated with his feet towards him, he infuriated his guru.

Brihaspati then cursed him, turning him into a bull.

Brihaspati offered comfort after apologizing by saying that Arishtasura would find salvation at the hands of Lord Vishnu.

Moral: Never disrespect your guru or instructor.

4. Krishna And Putana

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Kamsa really wanted to kill Krishna, so he summoned the terrifying monster Putana.

He instructed her to murder all the infants born in the preceding ten days by assuming the appearance of a stunning young woman.

Putana easily agreed, seeing this as a chance to instill terror in people’s hearts.

Putana arrived in Krishna’s community.

The demoness recognized Yashoda’s infant as the one she needed to kill when she overheard everyone talking about it.

She forced Krishna to lick on her poisoned nipples while distracting Yashoda.

He was unaffected by the toxin, but Putana passed away.

Moral: Never purposefully harm a person or an animal. It will cost a fortune in the end.


5. Inside Lord Krishna’s Mouth

Little Krishna once had some playtime with his brother Balarama and several pals.

Some people were scaling trees to gather fruit. Krishna was too little to attempt a tree climb.

He began consuming dirt and muck from the ground as a result.

Others became alarmed and complained to Yashoda.

Little Krishna was eating dirt, so Yashoda hurried after him and inquired.

In terror, he gave a nod. He opened his mouth when Yashoda told him to.

Yashoda was surprised to learn that her Krishna was actually the entire cosmos.

She could see all of the natural features, both alive and inanimate, as well as the hills, rivers, and planets that orbited the Earth.

She was taken aback but quickly knew that her son Kanha was not an average youngster.

Moral: Each person has a connection to God.

6. Krishna Stories For Kids: Love For Butter

Krishna cherished butter. He began taking butter from his neighbors’ and his own home as he got older.

Krishna couldn’t get to the butter, so Yashoda hung it up. Other gopis gradually did the same.

It wasn’t easy for Krishna and his buddies to quit.

They came up with a fix for this.

Krishna made his companions construct a human pyramid the following time they broke into a residence to steal butter.

The butter pot was broken when he reached the top.

The gopis were furious and disappointed, but the buddies enjoyed it!

Moral: Instead of focusing on the issue, consider the solution.


7. Krishna And Kaliya

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Kaliya was a poisonous serpent with 10 heads.

Kaliya made the decision to reside close to Vrindavan since Garuda was given the sage’s curse to perish there.

He began settling with his family near the Yamuna River’s banks.

However, the Yamuna River’s water began becoming dark and deadly as a result of Kaliya’s venom.

Along the Yamuna River’s banks, Krishna and his buddies were playing with a ball one day.

Kaliya was advised by Krishna to move away from the Yamuna, but she disobeyed.

On the other hand, Krishna scaled Kaliya’s head and began dancing while energizing the cosmos through his legs.

Moral: Always make an effort to promote peace.


8. Krishna And Keshi

The heavenly sage Narada warned Kamsa that Krishna was still alive and would slay him after defeating the demon Arishtasura.

Furious, Kamsa called the demon Keshi and gave him orders to murder the boy.

Keshi transformed into a terrified horse and began terrorizing the people of Vrindavan.

Krishna saw that the demon was putting up a struggle. He then challenged the horse.

The horse charged towards the small boy when it saw him.

However, Krishna managed to grab one of the horse’s legs and throw it 100 yards away.

Keshi charged towards Krishna with his mouth open after he came to.

The horse’s teeth fell out as the Lord shoved his left arm into the animal’s mouth.

He then pumped up his arm and killed Keshi.

Moral: Address Your Fears.


9. Lord Krishna Challenges Lord Indira


Every year, the residents of Vrindavan would worship Indra dev to express their gratitude for the rain.

At Nand’s home, where the villagers were chatting about the celebration, Krishna proposed that they worship Govardhan Hill rather than Indra.

This was because it is because of Govardhan Hill that they receive rain every year.

Rain fell over Vrindavan as a result of the monsoon clouds’ inability to cross the enormous Govardhan peak.

They consented to worship Govardhan Hill after hearing Krishna’s argument.

In his pride, he called upon all the clouds to deluge Vrindavan with heavy rain and flooding.

For help, each and every villager came to Krishna.

Krishna advised them to assemble in front of Govardhan Hill.

He instructed everyone to seek cover behind the hill while holding the whole Govardhan hill in one hand’s little finger.

Following that, Indra Dev came to Krishna and apologized for pitting himself against the all-powerful Lord Vishnu.

Moral: Embrace your strength with humility. Be courteous and modest at all times.

10. Krishna Kills Kamsa

Kamsa had been attempting in vain to assassinate Krishna.

So he came up with a new scheme.

He invited Krishna and Balarama to the wrestling event at Mathura by sending a message through his servant Akura.

They both decided to go to the gathering.

The brothers faced up against two of Kamsa’s most powerful wrestlers when he arrived.

Accepting the challenge, Krishna and Balarama easily vanquished their opponents.

The lads were to be killed by Kamsa’s warriors when he lost his cool.

As soon as Krishna heard this, he sprang into the audience, threw Kamsa’s crown off, and then pulled him by the hair into the wrestling arena.

The asura challenged Krishna to a wrestling match in an effort to show off his might.

Kamsa was killed by a single-hand strike by Krishna.

The Lord restored Ugrasena to the kingdom and freed his biological parents, Devaki and Vasudeva.

Moral: In the final analysis, integrity and goodness always prevail.


Final Thoughts!

These are some intriguing Lord Krishna stories for kids that may be told to them at any moment.

Give your child a book to read instead of a smartphone so they may play and learn as we did when we were kids.

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