Top 10 Unknown Facts About Anna Mani!

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Today on 23rd august 2022we are celebrating the 104th birth anniversary of Anna Mani. On this particular day, we will learn about 10 unknown facts about India’s physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani.

10 Unknown Facts About Anna Mani

  1. She is one of the national icons who worked extensively in the country for women’s empowerment.
  2. on August 23, 1918, She was born in a family of Syrian-Christians in Peerumade village of Kerala.
  3. Her skills helped India to work on weather forecasts and renewable energy.
  4. Let us dive into her childhood, When she was a child she refused the diamond earrings and instead opted for Encyclopedia Brittanica.
  5. In 1950 She created a network of solar radiation monitoring stations.
  6. In 1987, She became the Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).
  7. She was a big supporter of Gandhi Ji and always wore the khadi saree.
  8. Prestigious Presidency College,  Chennai she did her graduation from.
  9. She studied Spectroscopy under Sir CV Raman.
  10. She was the one who gave almost 100 weather instruments to India.

Final Thoughts

Remembering Anna Mani is our pleasure and we should always follow in such inspirational people’s footsteps!

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