Top 10 Best Animal Stories In Hindi (Free Videos Inside)

Animal Stories In Hindi

Delve into the enchanting world of animal stories in Hindi, where wisdom, morals, and entertainment seamlessly converge in timeless narratives. These stories have been passed on for generations! Scroll to read more!


1. सिंह और चूहा (The Lion and the Mouse) – Animal Stories In Hindi

In this classic tale, a tiny mouse accidentally awakens a sleeping lion. To avoid becoming a meal, the quick-thinking mouse promises to help the lion someday.

Later, when the lion is ensnared by hunters, the mouse returns the favor by gnawing the ropes, illustrating that even the smallest can be of great help.

2. उसका बाघ (The Thirsty Crow)

“The Thirsty Crow” (उसका बाघ): In this classic fable, a clever crow encounters a nearly empty pitcher of water in the scorching heat.

Unable to reach the water, it drops pebbles one by one into the pitcher until the water level rises, allowing the crow to quench its thirst. This timeless story teaches the importance of ingenuity and determination.

3. बग़ीचे का मूर्ग़ा (The Rooster in the Garden) – Animal Stories In Hindi

“The Rooster in the Garden” is a delightful Hindi story about a proud rooster who strays into a beautiful garden. He becomes enchanted by the lush surroundings and the peaceful life within the garden.

However, his arrogance and loud crowing disturb the garden’s residents. Eventually, the rooster learns humility and the importance of respecting others’ space, leading to a harmonious coexistence in the garden.

4. मेंढ़क और उसके दो दोस्त (The Frog and His Two Friends)

“The Frog and His Two Friends” is a fable about three friends: a frog, a mouse, and a sparrow. When a farmer captures the frog, the mouse and sparrow promise to rescue him.

However, the mouse’s tiny teeth and the sparrow’s weak beak fail to break the frog free. The frog realizes that true friends are those who can provide meaningful help, not just good intentions.

This story teaches children the importance of practical assistance and choosing friends wisely.

5. दोस्ती की क़ीमत (The Price of Friendship) – Animal Stories In Hindi

In the heartwarming tale ‘The Price of Friendship,’ a loyal dog and a proud lion develop an inseparable friendship. When danger befalls the lion, it’s the dog’s unwavering loyalty and selflessness that ultimately save the day.

This touching story underscores the true essence of friendship, where loyalty and sacrifice hold greater value than one’s outer appearance or status.

6. भालू और गरीब लड़का (The Bear and the Poor Boy)

In the heartwarming tale of “The Bear and the Poor Boy,” a destitute boy shares his meager meal with a hungry bear.

Touched by the boy’s kindness, the bear later helps him by providing food and protection.

This story beautifully illustrates the importance of compassion, and friendship, and how acts of kindness can lead to unexpected rewards, teaching children valuable life lessons.

7. खरगोश और कछुआ (The Hare and the Tortoise)

“The Hare and the Tortoise” is a classic fable where the swift but arrogant hare challenges the slow-moving tortoise to a race.

Overconfident, the hare takes a nap during the race, while the tortoise plods steadily ahead.

In a surprising turn, the tortoise wins the race, teaching a valuable lesson: “Slow and steady wins the race,” highlighting the importance of perseverance and humility over speed.

8. बंदर और दुश्मन की मित्रता (The Monkey and the Enemy’s Friendship)

In the tale of “The Monkey and the Enemy’s Friendship,” a clever monkey befriends a seemingly friendly crocodile. The monkey trusts the crocodile and rides on his back to reach a distant island of fruits.

However, when the crocodile reveals his sinister plan to betray the monkey, the clever primate outwits him, teaching a valuable lesson about trust and deception.

9. आलसी गधा (The Lazy Donkey) – Animal Stories In Hindi

In “आलसी गधा” (The Lazy Donkey), a donkey’s indolence leads his master to use clever tricks to make him work harder.

The donkey learns the value of diligence as his master cries wolf, promising more food.

Through humorous antics, this story illustrates that laziness has consequences and that hard work brings its own rewards.

10. लोमड़ी और कौआ (The Fox and the Crow) – Animal Stories In Hindi

In “लोमड़ी और कौआ” (The Fox and the Crow), a clever fox observes a crow holding a piece of cheese.

The fox employs flattery, praising the crow’s beautiful voice, to make the crow sing. Distracted by the fox’s compliments, the crow opens its beak, dropping the cheese, which the fox then snatches.

This classic fable teaches a valuable lesson about not being swayed by insincere praise.

Summary Of Animal Stories In Hindi!


In the world of Hindi literature, animal stories in Hindi serve as timeless treasures, imparting moral lessons, wisdom, and entertainment for all ages, fostering a deep connection to our rich cultural heritage.


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