8 Features Of Field Hockey Turf Shoes

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The best thing you have to consider on holding the hockey stick to enter the turf field is your shoes i.e. Field Hockey Turf Shoes. If you do not wear the shoes that give grip and protection, you may get injured or slip on the field.

Having high-quality field hockey turf shoes is essential to make precise movements on the field without any slippery and hurting moments. The general structures or parts of the hockey shoes are padded ankle collars, padded soles, and toe caps to protect the feet from external invading objects like balls, sticks, and slippery fields.

They also feature water-resistant covers to prevent the water enter into the inner layers and feet. They provide a firm grip on the field and save from ankle twisting or slipping.

It is always good to have high-quality a pair of field hockey turf shoes to have a grip, to play in free movements, and get protected from hard-hitting balls and sticks.

What are the things to consider on choosing the perfect pair of field hockey turf shoes?

8 Things To Consider Hockey Turf Shoes

  1. Good Grip-The grip is the foremost feature to consider in field hockey turf shoes. The artificial turf in the field is highly slippery to stand upright in fast movement. Only a good grip can save from slipping on the field. For gripping, manufacturers use plastic studs or cleats on the soles. Shoes with smaller studs or cleats are perfect for a shorter turf field, while playing on a large grass field you need to wear shoes with larger studs or cleats. You go with flat soles for indoor hockey.
  2. Waterproofing- Players probably have the chance to play on the wet field or wet grass. If the shoes are not water-proofed, the players might get wet feet and socks. It can make them uncomfortable and slow down their play performance. Shoes with the latest breathable waterproof material will remove moisture from the skin and the outer covers prevent the wet feet and soaked socks.
  3. Durable Materials- The next thing to consider while choosing field hockey turf shoes is the material quality and make. If it is not made with quality material and perfect structures, it may tear or damage. The quality materials used by the manufacturers are rubber, synthetic fabric, or leather. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can extend the shoe’s lifespan.

Other Things To Know

  1. Shoe Fit- Fit into the feet is the main thing to consider while picking the shoes for you. If it is too tight or too loose, it will not work perfectly in the field. It may sometimes come off your feet while playing or may hurt your toes and damage your nail beds. So, know your size and purchase the correct size.
  2. Field Type- Shoes are available based on the field the players play on. Artificial or synthetic turf is the common field type available in all international tournaments. Turf shoes are the best choice for a turf field; if you are playing on real grass field shoes with cleats are good.
  3. Weight- The weight of the shoe should always be lighter. It only makes it possible to be quick in the field without hurting the feet.
  4. Cushioning- The cushioned sole is an important feature that can reduce the pressure you apply on the field and save the knees and feet from strain.
  5. Pricing- Field hockey turf shoes are available in different styles and brands. The price also varies based on the makes and models. Choose your price and a shoe depending on your demand and requirement. You can select less-expensive at the beginning of the training or a new game.

6 Best Field Hockey Turf Shoes To Buy

  1. ASICS Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Shoes

This one is perfect for field hockey and lacrosse.

Material: Synthetic, leather, mesh, and rubber studs


  • good impact absorption
  • good grip
  1. Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12

A trusted brand founded in 1898.

Material: Synthetic and mesh upper


  • lightweight and more durable
  • provide more security to the feet
  1. Adidas X Speedflow.4 Turf Soccer Cleats

Adidas turf shoes field hockey. It is a simple and sturdy turf shoe that gives more comfort. It is perfect for field hockey games.


  • comes with multiple studs to provide excellent grip
  • features a pivot point
  1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Shoes

Field hockey turf shoes asics. This is the best option for women hockey players.


  • Lightweight and has excellent grip
  • Good water resistance
  • Comfortable gel cushioning
  1. Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe

This is well suitable for field hockey. It is an exceptional shoe from Under Armour for women.


  • Lightweight
  • Made for turf and dry grass
  • Great grip and traction
  1. Jazba Rattler Field Hockey Shoe

This super flexible turf shoe can dominate with its excellent features.


  • It is super flexible and water-resistant
  • High-abrasion studs for grip
  • Soft cushion

Turf shoes are available in different styles and prices, you choose the best that fits your size and matches your field.

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