50+ Best Honey Names For Baby Boy And Girl (With Meanings)

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Do you like honey names? When given as a gift, honey represents sweetness and tenderness. Additionally, it is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and safety. Honey’s supposed lucky properties led to its reverence in ancient cultures.

You may be searching for a name for your child that embodies some of these characteristics. In a nutshell, a name that refers to honey. If so, you’ve come to the right place. For all the different ways honey can be interpreted, I’ve compiled a list of names.

Honey’s been linked to comfort and warmth for centuries. Honey has a pleasant flavor and provides health benefits. These days, honey is not only a tasty sweetener but a remedy for a number of ailments and a boost to one’s energy levels.

You can’t do better than to give your child a name that captures the essence of these qualities. Take a look at our suggested names and see if any of them seem right for the new life you’re about to welcome into the world.


Baby Girl Names That Mean Honey


  • The French word for “warm honey color” is amber, which is also the name of a popular gemstone. The name is also shared by a precious stone of the same name.
  • Asalbonu: The name Asalbonu has its roots in Asia, specifically among the Uzbeks. Honey lady is the literal translation.
  • Asalgua: Similar to the previous entry, this is the name of a young Uzbek woman. Honey rose or honey flower is the literal translation of this term.
  • Asali: Named after the Swahili word for honey, Asali is a popular choice for girls. Typically given to females, the name is considered feminine.
  • Asaloy: It is from the Uzbek language, and it means “honeymoon.” This lovely girl’s name is Nadira. The baby you have on your honeymoon should be named Asaloy.
  • The Turkish name Bala Bala is a female given name that means “honey” in the language.
  • The Russian word for “this is honey” is Balbu Balbu.
  • Balganym: The unusual Balganym means “honey madame” in Kazakh, where it originates.
  • Darva: The literal translation of Darva is “like a honeybee.” It’s a classic Slavic name for a girl.
  • Divsha: A biblical Hebrew name, Divsha has ancient roots. The word divsha, which literally means “honey,” is often used to refer to people who are kind and generous.
  • This name has the same meaning whether it is spelled Divshah, Dyvsha, or Dyvshah.
  • Originally from Japan, the sweet name Haniko means “honey, honeybee” and is a lovely choice for a girl.
  • British Honey Honey is a female’s given name. As a form of the Old English word for nectar, this is a feminine name.
  • It’s a short form of the name “Honora,” and the sweetness of honey is a common metaphor for the name’s meaning.
  • Iraci: Meaning “mother of honey” or “queen bee,” this unusual name is truly remarkable. You can trace its origins back to Brazil.
  • The Tupi people of Brazil have given their unusual language a unique female given name: Irasema. Honey-sweet lips are what it literally translates to.
  • Koyinsola: The African (Yoruba) origin of the name Koyinsola. The full name, Oluwakanyinsola, means “the Lord has added honey to my wealth,” with honey representing sweetness or joy.
  • The beautiful Indian name Madhu Madhu can be given to a girl. As sweet as honey is the literal translation.
  • Madhul, Madhula, Madhulika, Madhulia, and Madhulea are all spelling variations of the same name.
  • The Greek name Melina Malina is a female given name. The word “meli,” meaning “honey,” serves as its etymological ancestor.
  • Even though Melina was a popular name in the 18th century, it has since fallen out of favor.
  • The Greeks gave the world the lovely feminine name Melissa. In this context, it refers to a honeybee.
  • According to Greek mythology, this nymph hid the infant god Zeus from his own father.
  • In exchange for milk (from Amalthea) and honey, Zeus turned Melissa into a honeybee.
  • The Melissa plant, a herbaceous plant native to Eurasia, earns the nickname “honeybee” due to its profusion of sweet nectar.
  • A common female given name with Latin and English roots is Melinda. Names with the meaning “beautiful honey” were common in the last century. Between 1967 and 1980, Melinda was a top ten most popular name, but today it is less common.
  • Melita: Greek mythology is where the name Melita first appeared. Melita literally means “honey-sweet” in Spanish. It is commonly considered a feminine form of the male name Mellitus and a shortened form of the Spanish name Carmelita.


Baby Boy Names with the Meaning “Honey”

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  • Jarah: The Hebrew name Jarah is given to male children. The Hebrew word for honey, or God gives sweetness. The name Jarah has a significant meaning in Arabic.
  • The Japanese given name Kanro is also commonly used as a male given name. The word means “honeydew” in English. A famous bearer is the Japanese actor Kanro Morita.
  • Madhav: The Indian surname Madhav has been used to create a male given name since ancient times. Honey-like sweetness is the literal translation of this phrase. The Hindu deity Krishna is frequently linked to Madhav.
  • Madhur: The name Madhur has its roots in India. The name Madhur has a sweet connotation in Sanskrit.
  • Madhy and Madhuri are two other spelling variations of this name.
  • Madhuk: Honeybee-like is the meaning of yet another Indian given name.
  • Maru: The Amharic word “Maru” translates to “the honey,” making it a popular choice for a baby boy in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian marathoner Maru Daba is a household name.
  • Niaki: From the Soninke language spoken in Mali, Gambia, Mauritius, and Senegal, a handsome name. In this context, it refers to a honeybee.


Honey-Meaning Nicknames for Both Genders

honey names are

  • Adedoyin: Meaning “the crown has become honey” or “the crown is now sweet,” this is a Yoruba name from Nigeria.
  • Hachimitsu: The Japanese given name Hachimitsu can either refer to honey or honeybees. It can be used by anyone regardless of their gender.
  • Madhu: The name Madhu Madhu has its roots in the ancient Indo-European language family and the Hindu religion. The name means “honey” or “nectar,” two words that connote sweetness, in other languages. There are several etymologically distinct forms of this name.
  • Oyinloye: The name Oyinloye has its roots in Africa. Among the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria, this name is used interchangeably between sexes. ‘Oyinloye’ translates to ‘Royalty is sweet like honey. Both first and last names can share this royal connotation.
  • Petek: A lovely Turkish name that can be used by either sex. Honeycomb is the literal translation of this word.
  • Taral: The Indian name Taral has the meaning of “honey bee.” Taral can be used for either a boy or a girl.
  • Tzuf: Honey or nectar is the meaning of this unique non-binary name from contemporary Hebrew.



Feel the power

If you want a name for your baby that means honey or sweet, these are some of the best honey names options to consider. We hope that among these names you found one that perfectly captures your hopes and dreams for your new little one.

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