All About 14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results

14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results

Weight loss is a lot of our main goals in terms of fitness. But unfortunately, diets or diet plans on the market may not suitable for all or it may be hard for them to follow regularly. It may lead them to think about a liquid diet unconsciously means don’t know about the medical science behind but it made them think that it might help them to lose weight. What is the truth behind the liquid diet? The studies also show the positive result that following a low-calorie liquid diet or a very low liquid diet help in losing weight in long term. But for studies, the people are watched carefully and given necessary energy boosters or medicine while on low energy. But in reality, it is not possible. If you consume low calories foods like a liquid diet for long period it may cause adverse effects. So, these are all to be taken into consideration if you are following the liquid diet to reduce your belly fat. You should get advice from an expert and step into your diet plan with proper precautionary follow-ups. Here we will see about the 14-days liquid diet weight loss results.

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What Is A Liquid Diet?

14 day liquid diet weight loss plan: A Liquid diet is a restrictive eating plan that consists of liquid diet foods. Usually, liquid diet foods are low in calories than solid foods. The liquid diet means you may replace any one of the meals with liquid food or you may follow liquid diet meals for the whole day.

If you are taking a liquid diet means you are opting for low-calorie consumption than normal. We know that calorie intake for every individual varies on their age, height, weight, gender, genetics, and lifestyle. Here you will be consuming fewer calories to reduce your muscles. It may reduce to about 800 – 1200 calories. It may end up in calorie deficiency problems and can cause side effects. Discussing with your trainer is essential while you are opting for this liquid diet.

How Does It Work? – 14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results

14-Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results - tinydale

How does the liquid diet work? The foods you intake in Liquid Diet are in liquid form that is low in calories than other diet foods. If we consume fewer calories than normal the body starts burning fat stored in our body and ends in weight loss. Liquid diet foods may consist of fewer calories but they are highly nutritious. It helps the body function well as it has all nutrients required.

Juices, smoothies, shakes, soups, and broths are the common liquid diet foods. They are easily digestible, quickly absorbed, and smoothly excreted. It will not fight with the digestive system. The dietary fiber and water in the liquid diet foods give the feel full for longer.

For better results even after this diet, follow healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

Before going into detail we will look at types of liquid diets.

7 Types Of Liquid Diets

There are different types of liquid diets based on the liquid you drink and the pattern you follow.

  1. Clear Liquid Diet- The name itself clearly says that it contains foods that come in clear liquid forms like water and broth. It does not include any shakes and smoothies made from fruits and whole grains. It is the most popular liquid diet followed by people who wish to lose weight as quickly as possible. Some of the foods that can add to the clear liquid diet food list are water, fruit juices without the pulp, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, clear broths, strained vegetable juices, and beverages. These foods help in maintaining adequate hydration; they are easily digestible and provide enough energy to the body.
  2. Pancreatitis Clear Liquid Diet– People with severe pancreatitis pain are also recommended to follow a clear liquid diet. They should start with clear liquid foods such as soups without veggies, fruit juices without pulp, water, tea, soft drinks, coffee, and sports drinks. You should follow this diet until you get better from the symptoms, and later on, you can slowly return to a regular solid diet.
  3. Only Water- One can sustain for three to five days by only consuming water or herbal tea without sugar. It may help detox your body but it sometimes causes nausea and you may experience fatigue if you are not following it properly. It can follow only temporarily for a short time like three to five days.
  4. Meal Replacement Liquid Diet- If you are overweight you can try a meal replacement liquid diet in which you are replacing your meals with protein shakes and smoothies – the liquid diet to lose weight. This diet helps in reducing weight quickly without any external effort. By eliminating excess calories and fat intake you can reduce weight with this meal replacement liquid diet. It may also refer to as a liquid protein diet. Here weight loss happens with low-calorie intake and high protein.
  5. Alternate Day Fasting- Alternate Day Fasting means you follow solid food one day and the next day you will be on a liquid diet. It can be a clear liquid diet or a meal replacement liquid diet. It is more flexible and you may experience only fewer hunger pangs.
  6. Semi Liquid Diet- Semi-liquid diet is more suitable for people who find difficulty swallowing solid foods. The doctor may prescribe this to people who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery. The foods that can include in a semi-liquid diet are dairy beverages, broths, soups, creamy oatmeal, milk, cream, ice cream, dietary supplement, shakes, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and more. Keep in mind the nutrition facts of the semi-liquid diet, if not, it can affect your health.
  7. Full Liquid Diet- Unlike a clear liquid diet, where you drink only water, tea, and broth, in a full liquid diet, you can drink all liquid foods. A full liquid diet is more nutritious than a Clear liquid diet. You can consume liquid foods such as soups, juices, and smoothes. You can also take your favorite food in pureed form. A doctor may recommend this diet when someone who is preparing for a medical procedure, after or before surgery, those who have a problem with chewing, and to treat discomfort digestive tract. This diet has to follow only for short time. The maximum number of days you can be in is two weeks. The foods that can take in full liquid include pureed fruits and vegetables, milk, smoothies, ice cream, milkshakes, protein drinks, liquid oatmeal, and more.

14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results

Those who wish to lose weight quickly can opt for this liquid diet plan. But if you are in a long time in this diet, it may result in calorie deficiencies and other side effects. If you are planning for limited days it works better. 2 weeks or 14 days are ideal for these people.

If you follow this low-calorie 14-days liquid diet you can see better results in weight loss. To maintain this for a long time, do regular exercises and follow a healthy diet.

This liquid diet allows you to replace some of your meals or all meals with liquid foods. This low-calorie liquid diet helps in burning stored fat and results in losing weight faster. There are some advantages to following this 14-days liquid diet.

Advantages Of Liquid Diets

  1. Quick Results- You can see the weight loss result in a short time. You can develop muscle with proper exercise.
  2. Can Restart Healthy Eating- After reaching your weight loss goal, you can continue your healthy eating. Avoiding junk and processed foods helps you keep healthy forever.
  3. Cheap And Easy- Most liquid diets are very cheap and do not consume any cooking time. They are easy to get and prepare. Source 
  4. Begin Healthy Eating- You may wish to cut certain foods from your diet. For that, you must detox yourself. You can do it with a liquid diet. After detoxing, you can restart your healthy eating.

Disadvantages Of Liquid Diets

  1. You May Gain Weight Again- When you move from a liquid diet to your regular solid diet, you may gain weight. The weight loss is temporary with a liquid diet.
  2. Insufficient Protein To Develop Your Muscle- When you are on a liquid diet your muscle mass becomes weak due to a lack of protein and loss of weight. Your weight loss occurs due to the loss of lean muscle mass during your liquid diet. While returning to a normal diet, your body burns only fewer calories which can lead to weight gain.
  3. Hunger Pangs- Liquids will not make you feel full like solid foods. You cannot hide your hunger. If you practice eating regularly, you may become overeating once you return to your regular diet.
  4. Eating Disorders- You may become a victim of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating if you are on a restrictive diet to some extent. These conditions may badly affect women and they should not follow any new diet without consulting a doctor.
  5. Liquid Diets Are Not For Everyone- It may be challenging for a few people to follow the liquid diet. It is not a good diet plan for pregnant women, children, adolescents, and those who are underweight.

Liquid Diets Side Effects

  1. Dehydration- If you are on an only water diet for a few days, it may cause you to lose body liquids and lead to dehydration. Some of the mild symptoms include headaches, bad breath, and fatigue. Too much liquid loss can develop problems like muscle cramps or kidney problems.
  2. Lack Of Nutrients-You may not get all the essential vitamins and minerals from the liquid diet. You can take supplements to balance nutrient needs.
  3. Constipation- Lack of fiber in the diet can cause constipation.
  4. Risk Of Gallstones- A very low calories diet like a plain water diet can increase the risk of gallstones.

Beware Always Consult Your Doctor Before Starting!

You can get quick results in a 14-days liquid diet if you are strict with the diet and exercises. At the same time, it can create nutrient deficiencies. It is better to consult with your doctor before starting this diet. After completing this diet program, you can regain your weight. So follow proper diet even after this diet to maintain healthy body ever. If you come across the best liquid diet for weight loss do let us know in the comment section below!

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