These Are Top 10 Tips On How To Teach Baby To Roll Over

How To Teach Baby To Roll Over

Rollover is a milestone in baby development. It is the first milestone of the infant in his development. Roll over from back to belly is the first stage of development from where he starts to learn all physical movements and reach busy playing mode. How can teach this first stage of physical movement? As soon as the baby turns 3 months old a common question starts triggering every parent’s mind when does baby roll over or how to teach infant to roll over? This roll-over physical activity helps in strengthening the muscles. We are here at Tinydale with all of you guys to discuss and elaborate on the top 10 easy tips on how to teach baby to roll over.

1. Assist In Rolling Over

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You can start to assist your baby after 2 weeks old in rolling over. By doing so their body learns to move and different muscles are involved in this movement. Roll them by using your hands gently. Keep an eye on the baby as her hands may get caught under their body.

2. Toy Placement

Soft toys

You can use a toy to get the baby engaged and try to make the baby look around the toy in your hand. It helps naturally to roll over their head. By making their attention to the toys in hand we can make their rollover.

3. Tummy Time – How To Teach Baby To Roll Over

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Tummy time strengthens their neck, trunk, and arms. Initially, set the tummy timing for 5 minutes and gradually increase as the baby gets older.

4. Positioning


Train the baby in different positions; this will help in strengthening different muscle groups. Training in different positions can help the baby from frustration.

5. Toys

It can make the get engaged. Toys that make sounds are more engaging and can grab the attention of the baby. Make the baby reach for the toys this will make help them to kick their legs and move forward.

6. Roll While Picking Up – How To Teach Baby To Roll Over

I Love You Baby!

When you pick up your baby, don’t just pick them straight up, you can allow them to roll over and then you pick them.

7. Don’t Overuse Baby Equipment

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Baby equipment like baby bouncers, swings, and jumpers are helpful in encouraging learning movement. But don’t overuse them allow your baby to play on the floor.

8. Use A Blanket

Baby sleeping

If your baby is new to rolling over, you can use a blanket. Allow the baby to lie down on the blanket and you gently lift the blanket up on one side and repeat on another side. It makes the baby move from front and back.

9. Give Praise

By giving praise for every single movement she makes you can encourage the baby to show off her new talent in rolling and master it. You can offer lots of clapping, smiles, and squeals as a sign of praise.

10. Lend a Hand – How To Teach Baby To Roll Over

First touch

When your baby trying to roll over and struggling to flip over. Lend your hand and support the baby to achieve the rolling over first physical movement. Following the tips given, you can guide your baby to roll over.

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